PCR Webinar Designing Profiles

By Emma Martin,2014-12-24 15:23
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PCR Webinar Designing Profiles

    PCR Profiles Training Part 1: Designing Profiles

    Monday, January 29, 2007 3:00 PM 4:00 PM EST

This is the first of a two-part series providing instruction on Profiles. Participants gain the

    knowledge needed to create definable questionnaires that will impact their organization‟s

    ability to effectively collect and manage usable candidate data. This session is recommended for PCR Admins only.

    Session Topics

    About Profiles ................................................................ 2

    Adding the Profile ........................................................... 3

    Entering / Editing Questions ............................................ 4

    Formatting Profiles with HTML & CSS................................ 6

    Automation Plans for Profiles ........................................... 8

    Downloading / Uploading a Profile .................................. 10

    Importing Questions from Other Profiles ......................... 11

    Integrating Profiles with Web Extensions......................... 11

    Defining Hiring Profiles .................................................. 12

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About Profiles

    Candidate profiles are definable questionnaires. Below are examples of how our clients use Profiles:

    ; Our clients who use PCRecruiter's Candidate Web Extensions can use Profiles to collect detailed

    candidate information, either during registration or when applying to a specific position.

    ; Our agency clients usually have specific questions they ask their candidates. They use Profiles as

    forms to guide the qualification conversation and capture information, or they send the profile to

    the candidate to request information.

    ; Profiles can be used to capture additional information about companies or positions. However,

    these types of forms must be completed by the user and cannot be emailed out of PCRecruiter. Profiles are a powerful tool to help you capture information. Below is a list of additional features of Profiles:

    ; Profiles can be attached to Name records and completed by an internal user, emailed to a person

    to collect information, or completed in the Candidate Web Extensions.

    ; A link to a profile can be included in an email or Form Letter. This provides the ability for

    candidates to submit their information as defined by you, plus submit their resume or other

    attachments in one form. After the recipient saves the form, the data is immediately submitted to

    your database. The resume they upload is stored in the 'Resume' area of their Name record. The

    Profile and other files they upload are stored in 'Attachments'. Profiles can also be configured to

    send an email to a specific email address or the user who sent the profile to alert them that the

    Profile was submitted.

    ; Profiles can be attached to Company and Position records and completed by an internal user to

    store information about the record.

    ; Answers can be linked to pre-defined and custom PCRecruiter fields. This provides the ability to

    update the record to which the profile is associated as the profile is saved to the database. The record can be added to a Rollup based on the entry or selection of a pre-defined answer. For example, if your questions asks the person to select their job function from a list of options, the can be added to the Rollup you have created to group these types of individuals.

    ; Profiles can contain predefined answer selections in a variety of formats.

    ; Multiple-choice answers can be scored to evaluate candidates.

    ; When submitting a candidate for a position, you can include their profile as part of the Interview


    ; Profiles can require fields to be completed before the Profile can be saved to ensure that you are

    collecting complete information.

    ; The profile answers are stored as freeform text and are keyword searchable when using the

    Keyword or Advanced search.

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    Adding the Profile

    Note: You must have System access to create a Profile.

    1. Click System on the main toolbar.

    2. Click the Open button corresponding to Console: Data Locations/System Setup/Utilities.

    3. Click Candidate Profile Setup. A list of existing profiles for your database is displayed. 4. Click Add to create a new profile. You will be presented with the following options:

    o Profile Name Enter the name for this profile as it will appear in dropdown menus

    throughout the program and at the top of the form.

    o Description Enter a brief description of the profile. Many clients use description to

    explain the form's purpose to internal users.

    o Default Select if this profile is the default profile to be used for this data location in

    web extensions.

    o Response Activity Type Select an activity type to be logged when candidates fill out

    this profile.

    o Default Email Profile Select if you want a link to this profile to be included in ALL

    outgoing emails.

    o Create New Choose whether this profile is to be filled out once and left open for

    editing, or whether the user can fill out the same profile again with new answers.

    o Notify By Email List Enter a list of email addresses, separated by commas, to be

    notified when this profile has been completed

    o Notify Sender Username If this box is checked, the user emailing this profile will

    receive notification that the profile has been completed.

    o Include XML Attachment in Email - Profiles are stored as XML data in the database.

    You can choose to have the person who receives the email notification about the profile

    completion also receive the profile as an XML attachment. This can be useful if you plan

    to import the data into another system which can interpret XML data.

    o Post XML to URL If a third-party service or special script has been set up to receive

    XML data from PCRecruiter, the URL would be entered here. In most cases this will be

    left blank.

    o Post on Save and Delete - If you are posting the XML to a URL, you can set the

    system to update that URL it every time the profile is saved or if it's been deleted.

    o Knockout Autoplan - If an automation plan should be triggered if the candidate selects

    one answer considered to be a knockout factor, the Automation Plan to trigger is

    selected using this dropdown.

    o Success Autoplan - If an automation plan should be triggered if the candidate does not

    select any "knockout" answers, the Automation Plan to trigger is selected using this


    o Allow Update - When a profile is saved, the profile is stored in the 'Attachments' area

    of the record. If it's in 'Single' mode, this means you can never add new questions or

    new multiple-choice answers to that person's profile. When you check allow update, the

    system compares the profile in the person's record against the profile definition as set up

    under the System. If there are new questions or new answer options, they are added. If

    questions have been moved or removed, they are moved or removed. However, please

    note that the match-up is based on the Question itself. If you re-word the question, the

    system treats it as a new one, not an update to the existing one. Furthermore, if you

    have identical questions, the 'update' function will cause the same answer to appear for

    all of them.

    5. Click Save. You will be presented with the following options:

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o Download Profile / Upload Profile You may download the current profile‟s question

    layout as a .txt file which can then be uploaded again to create duplicate or slightly

    altered profile forms. You may also download the profile layouts for backup purposes. o Enter/Edit Questions Used to define the profile questions.

    o Import Questions - Used to copy questions into this profile from other profiles in the


    o HTML Layout If you have HTML editing software or a web designer, you can have a

    great deal of control over the positioning and layout of your profiles. By default, profiles

    will appear as a two-column table with questions on the left and their corresponding

    answers on the right. By building an HTML form from scratch, you may lay them out in

    any way you please.

    Entering / Editing Questions

    1. Add a Profile as instructed in "Adding and Configuring a Profile".

    2. Once the profile is named, configured and saved, click the Enter/Edit Questions link.

    3. Configure each question. The Enter/Edit screen contains the following options: o Select Defaults to (New Question) but you can use this dropdown to choose a

    question to review and edit.

    o Question Enter the text of the question here.

    o Answers Enter the pre-defined answer choices here, one per line. If the question uses

    a textbox or single line answer type (see below), you may leave this space blank.

    ; CODING ANSWERS: You may choose to “code” answers for later searching by

    preceding the answer with a single word code of your choice and !!, as shown


    CODE!!Answer (e.g. ISCERT!!Yes, I am certified)

    In the case of the above example, rather than searching for the phrase

    I+am+certified, you would merely search for ISCERT. This can dramatically

    improve the speed and effectiveness of Profile searches.

    ; ROLLUP LINKING: In addition, you may use codes to place candidates on specific

    rollup lists based on their answers. By placing the rollup identification before the

    answer within brackets, you may link that answer to a rollup. For example:


    In this example, if the candidate were to choose “Management” as their answer

    from multiple choices, they would be automatically placed on the „ADMIN.0001‟

    rollup list when the profile is saved. The identification codes for individual rollups

    can be found in the Rollup Lists area of the System Tab.

    ; SECTIONING ANSWERS: If you are dealing with a list of multiple choice answers

    that are very long, or you want to insert HTML code into your answer area in any

    way, you will need to do so in the following manner:


    For example, if your question is “Where did you hear about us?” your answer

    block might look like this:

    Main Sequence Technologies

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    Business Associate



    Company Site

    o Desired Answer Select a „desired answer‟ to this question that will activate the „Rollup Trigger‟ (see below). Or, select a 'knockout answer' to this question that will activate the

    Knockout Automation Plan.

    o Answer Type select the type of answer you require:

    ; Single Line - a field-size box to enter text. Single Line must be selected when

    linking to answer to a data field.

    ; Textbox (small, medium, large) - box to enter text

    ; Multiple Choice (Radio) Clickable circles for single item selection

    ; Multiple Choice (Radio List) same as above, but with each circle on a new line

    ; Multiple Choice (Dropdown) A pull-down list for single item selection

    ; Multiple Select (List) A list of answers that may be ctrl-clicked for multiple item


    ; Multiple Select (Checkbox) a group of checkboxes for multiple item selection

    ; Multiple Select (Checkbox List) same as above, but with each box on a new


    ; File Upload - Provides a browse button to upload a document that is stored in

    the 'Attachments' area of a record when the profile is saved.

    ; Resume Upload - Provides a browse button to upload a document that is stored

    in the 'Resume' area of a Name record when the profile is saved.

    ; Date Edit Asc/Desc - Creates a month / day / year date selection tool which

    stores as xx/xx/xxx format. The 'ASC'ending option includes years into the future,

    and the 'DESC'ending option includes years in the past.

    ; US Phone Edit - Creates a 3-box phone input that stores in (xxx) xxx-xxxx Ext.

    xxx format. The 'w/Ext' option will display a separate "Ext." option for business

    phone extensions. If you are using the 'Link to Field' option to tie into a phone

    field in the database, the phone input format will become a standard text box

    once there is data in the field.

    ; Electronic Signature - Creates a box in which individual can use their mouse or

    similar device to sign their name in the box provided.

    ; Caption Used for creating headings and breaks in the form that will have no

    associated answer area.

    ; Hidden Data Field - Allows for entering searchable keywords into the Answer box

    that will not be visible when the form is viewed.

    o Required/Not Required Set this question to be required for submission. If your answer type is „dropdown‟, include the words “please select” in your first dropdown option to signify an unanswered question.

    o Rollup Trigger when the candidate provides the „Desired Answer‟ as specified earlier, they will be attached to the rollup list chosen here. If you want each answer option to

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    add the record to a different Rollup, follow the "Rollup Linking" instructions under

    "Answers" above.

    o Link to Field You may use this field to put the answer entered into a field on the

    linked record. This is useful for information that would be difficult to locate in a keyword

    search, or that you would prefer quick access to from the record or details area. It is

    important to note that when the person receives the form, text already populating the

    field displays when the form is opened. If text is replaced or other option selected, the

    record will be updated with the new information once the profile is saved. Also pay

    special attention to linking to company data as the candidate will be updating the

    company record to which they are associated.

    o Move Before # - Enter the number of the question you wish to place this question prior

    to in the profile when saved. This is used to re-order the questions, or to place a newly

    entered question somewhere other than at it‟s default placement (at the end of the list).

    4. Click Save to add the question to the profile.

    5. Once all questions are defined, click the X in the upper right corner of the window to exit.

    Formatting Profiles with HTML & CSS

    Formatting Text with HTML

    You can use HTML (hypertext markup language) for maximum control over appearance and layout. Simple HTML consists of 'tags' placed before and after the text to affect the appearance.

Some of the most commonly used HTML tag configurations would be:

    Enter as: Displays as:

    New line to follow
New line to follow

    This is the new line in a smaller font. -1">Second line in smaller font.

    Bolded Text Bolded Text

    Italicized Text Italicized Text

    Bolded and Italicized Text Bolded and Italicized Text

    Underlined Text Underlined Text

    Please note that adding an Underline to text in your profile may lead the user to believe that the text is a hyperlink.

Adding an image to a Profile

    HTML can also be used to add images to your profile. This is often used to insert a company logo at the top of the form.

    1. Place the image online. If your image is on your website, you can simply link to it. If you need a

    location to upload the image to the web, look for the Server Image Store under the SYSTEM >>

    Console area of your PCRecruiter database.

    2. Create a new Question in your profile - most often images are used with the 'Caption' answer

    type, so that no answer box is associated with that item.

    3. In the Question checkbox, insert the following html code:


    The http:// path between the quotation marks is the location of your image. If you're not sure of

    the URL of your image, right-click on it in your web browser and choose "properties".

    4. Click Save.

Adding HTML to Answer Boxes

    Main Sequence Technologies

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    The Question areas of PCRecruiter Profiles will render HTML formatting by default. The Answer areas of the profile, however, are designed to be text-only by default and will only display HTML formatting if specifically directed to do so. You may wish to insert HTML into your answers to create line breaks or separations between groups of multiple choice answer options. To format an answer with HTML, precede the HTML with pcrcaption!!:


For example, if your question is “How did you hear about us?” your answer block might look like this:

Enter As: Displays As:


    Employee Employee

    Friend Friend

    Business Associate Business Associate

Job Board
Job Board

    Company Site Company Site

Formatting Page Layout with HTML Code

    By default, Profiles are laid out as a two-column table with questions on the left and their corresponding answers on the right, with 'Caption' questions spanning both columns. By building an HTML page from scratch, you may layout your questions and answers in any way you please. Every profile contains at HTML Wrapper area into which the HTML can be pasted, and you can create the HTML by hand or in any HTML editing software. This should be done at the last stage, as the HTML Wrapper layout is based on the numbered order of questions, and will need to be re-adjusted if the number or order of questions in the profile is changed.

    After defining the questions and answers, you can create an HTML layout by inserting special tags into your code to place the questions and answers. Use tags [[Q1]], [[Q2]], [[Q3]] etc. to define the placement of the questions, and [[A1]], [[A2]], [[A3]] etc. to define the placement of their corresponding answers. When the profile is displayed on screen, the [[Q1]] tag will be replaced with the contents of 'question 1' and the [[A1]] tag will be replaced by the answer box for that question, etc.

    If you plan to enable the 'Allow Update' feature for your profile, you may want to place only the [[A]] tags into the page and put the question wording directly into your HTML wrapper. The 'Allow Update' option requires that all of your questions be unique, and using the HTML Wrapper allows you to have unique question names such as "previous employer #1", "previous employer #2", "previous employer #3", while presenting them all three simply as 'previous employer' on the screen to the user.

Formatting Colors and Fonts with CSS

    While HTML is intended for semantically marking your text (this is a paragraph, this is a heading, this is a smaller heading, etc), it is not truly intended for marking appearance information (this is large, this is small, this is bold, etc). The best method for defining colors, fonts and other appearance information is to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The colors and fonts in the Profile are, by default, dependant on the style sheet in use. For internal users of the PCRecruiter database, this style sheet is set with the "Change My Look" link on the MyPCR screen. For external users, the colors and fonts are defined by the Main Sequence Technologies

    Reference Document for Profiles Webinar Page 7 of 12

    CSS for the Web Extensions, located under SYSTEM >> Console >> Customize Web Extensions >> Cascading Style Sheets, or by placing a