Unit2 Exercises

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Unit2 Exercises

    21. We go to work every day e________ Sunday. 22. This coat is in s________. I like it very much. 23. This work is too difficult. It doesnt f________ me.

    24. He didnt pass the exam, so he was u________. 25. My job doesnt i________ making coffee for the boss. 41. The traffic ________ stop when the lights are red. A. could B. couldnt

    C. should D. shouldnt

    ________? 42.

     I argued with my parents.

    A. How are you B. Whats wrong

    C. Can I help you

    D. What are you doing

    43. My classmate, Li Ning, often comes to my home to ________ something


    A. borrow; from B. borrow; with

    C. lend; from D. lend; to

    44. I dont have any brothers and he doesnt, ________.

    A. too B. either C. also D. yet

    45. You could call him ________.

     I dont want to talk about it ________ the phone. A. up; in B. up; on C. on; on D. up; by

    46. Please ________ who broke the window. A. find out B. find C. look for D. look at

    47. How much did you ________ the English-Chinese dictionary?


    A. cost B. take C. spend D. pay for

    48. What do you think of my clothes?

     Your clothes are ________. They make you look cool. A. out of style B. old C. the same D. in style

    49. It is very cold outside. Why not put on the coat to ________ the wind?

    A. keep out B. take part in C. talk about D. ask for

50. Im not good at math. I really dont know ________.

    A. what should I do

    B. how should do

    C. what to do D. how I should


    ________ ________ ________ ________ children.

    怎么了~brother? 52 你哥哥

    停了杰克才回家。 53 直到雨

    Jack ________ go home ________ the rain stopped. 54 你和你的同学相处得好吗~

    Do you ________ ________ ________ your classmates? 55 学生们应当尽可能多读英语。

    The students should read English ________ ________ ________ ________.

A. 完形填空。,10分!

    Jimmy wants to have some money to buy a new football. He 56 about it every day. One night, he sees a fairy (仙女) in his 57 . The fairy tells him

    ) a 58 in the garden and he will find some money. Five to dig (

    meters from the door 59 two meters from the flowers, the fairy says. There is money! Then he 6( up. He gets up quickly and begins to dig. He keeps on digging for about two hours. He says, Im too 6 .

    I cant dig any-

    more. Then he 6 something ... but it is only a bone ,骨头!. All

    Jimmy has is a bone and 63 . He says, Now I dont know what to do.

    But when Jimmys mother 6 the hole, she smiles. Oh, thank you, Jimmy. I am happy to see the hole. I always want to plant some flowers just

    there. Heres five 6 for digging that hole. Then Jimmy goes to buy his football with the money.

    56. A. carries B. brings

    C. looks D. thinks

    57. A. book B. dream C. film D. house 58. A. hole B. river C. palace D. farm 59. A. or B. and C. so D. for 60. A. gets B. wakes C. calls D. cuts 61. A. happy B. angry C. tired D. ill 62. A. looks B. learns C. takes D. finds 63. A. money B. some flowers

C. a hole D. some leaves

    64. A. watches B. looks

    C. sees D. reads

    65. A. apples B. eggs

    C. footballs D. dollars

    Unit 2 What should I do?参考答案

    Part One. A. 听力部分略

    B I. 21. except 22. style 23. fit 24. upset

    25. include

    II. 26. sending 27. tickets 28. kinds

    29. themselves 30. surprising

    Part Two. A. 31. Could 32. should 33. could 34. should 35. Could B. 36. I should get a part-time job 37. Could you help me move the table 38. Friends shouldnt wear the same clothes 39. Maybe he could get help from his uncle 40. You should talk about your problems with your parents Part Three. A. 4145 CBABB

    4650 ADDAC

    B. 51. Dont be angry with 52. Whats the matter with / What is wrong with 53. didnt, until 54. get on / along well with 55. as much as possible Part Four. A. 5660 DBABB

    6165 CDCCD

    B. (A) 6670 FFTFT (B) 7175 DFBAC

    C. One possible version:

    Dear Looking for help,

    Heres some advice for you. There are a lot of things you could do. You should say sorry for being late for school. You should try to be at school on time. You could borrow a math book from your friend or maybe you should buy a new one. You should go to bed early to get enough sleep. If you can listen to the teachers carefully, you wont fall asleep. And I think your mother will allow you to watch the football match if you finish your homework.

    Good luck to you!


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