Service strategy of China Southern Airlines Company

By Beth Lane,2014-07-05 18:15
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Service strategy of China Southern Airlines Company

Service strategy of China Southern Airlines Company

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    1 introduction

    2 service strategy (4) 1.重要客户 2.一般客户 3.平衡战略。 4.实物证据

    3 反馈

    4 标准

    5 改进

    6 conclusion

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    The report is about China Southern Airlines Company of service market strategy.

     1 Introduction

    China southern airlines Co., LTD is by the China southern airlines group company to launch to the original China southern airlines as the foundation, united north China airlines and xinjiang aviation company restructuring and the air transport industry into the company. Is China southern airlines group company to launch and holding airlines.

    China southern airlines Co., LTD service strategy is very good that it is worth our research.

     2 Service strategy

    For an enterprise, high-quality products are the key, good service is the foundation of the enterprise's development, "Consider everything for the client” is the topic of service.

     2.1 Service important customer

    All over the age of 12, as long as the correct "the sky pearl club" application for membership, just a month,, can receive the sky pearl club sent a set of material, began to a mileage accumulated plan. The sky pearl club is China southern airlines Co., LTD of passenger mileage incentives often China southern five-star diamond sales service hotline at 95539 and over the nation each big airport sky pearl club service center and the regular service branch, for sky pearl club members with a perfect and convenient services. At present the club members may not only in the pearl of China southern flight mileage accumulation and exchange, still can be in sichuan airlines, the Chinese aviation and aviation partners on the flight mileage accumulation and exchange. As China southern airlines to join skyteam, the sky pearl club members can not only by taking a China southern airlines flights in China's domestic

    travel mileage accumulation, but also through the other members on airlines (including the Russian aviation, Mexico aviation, air France, Italy aviation, continental, the Czech airlines, the United States delta airlines, royal Dutch airline, Korean air, American northwest airlines flight skyteam) in global airline network easily get in the sky pearl mileage; Mileage accumulation can be credited to pearl elite members more upgrade segments, mileage/faster access to elite class membership.

    The ordinary card member accumulates the suitable course to be possible to rise for the silver card or the gold card member, has the honored status, enjoys the distinguished guest treatment: Including the extra baggage allowance volume, free enters the first-class cabin restroom to wait for a plane, the flight is not normal when enjoys the first-class cabin passenger's ground service treatment and so on.

     2.2 Service general customer

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