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    Title: Earthquakes

     There were many strange things___1__ in the countryside of northeast Hebei:

     ; The water in the wells rose and fell. The well walls had deep cracks, out of __2 _ a smelly gas came. Before ; The chickens and pigs were so __ 3__ that they didnt eat. Mice ran out of the fields the and fish jumped out of their bowls and ponds. earthquakes ; People saw bright lights in the sky and could hear the sound of planes and water pipes

    in some buildings cracked and burst. But people didnt think _4_ of these events.

     ; At 3:42 am, everything began to shake. One third of the nation felt it.

     ; Tangshan was in _5_ in 15 seconds. Two-thirds of the people died or were killed.

    During ; Later that afternoon, the unlucky city was _6_ by another big quake. Many people, the _7_ some rescue workers and doctors, were buried under the ruins. Water, food and earthquakes electricity were hard to get.

    People couldnt help _8_ how long the disaster would last.

     ; All hope was not lost.

    After the ; 150,000 soldiers were sent to Tangshan. They organized teams to dig out the _9_ and earthquakes to bury the dead.

    ; Most of the miners were saved from the coal mines.

    ; Shelters were built for those who _10_ earthquakes but became homeless.

    ; Fresh water was taken to the city by train, truck and plane.

    Slowly, the city began to breathe.

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