Life on Campus is Interesting

By Heather Elliott,2014-06-10 13:06
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    Life on Campus is Interesting

    I still remember how I felt when I first got to the college campus by school buseverything unfolding before me was new and strange. Two and a half years later, I get used to the life on campus and enjoy the life here very much. As far as I’m concerned, life on campus is interesting.

    First, we can have a lot of time to learn what we want to. As we all know, study is still the main task for college students. Many teachers once said to us, College is the last place for you to have enough time to study systematically and you should take advantage of this period of time. On

    the one hand, we have enough time to explore the fields of our own majors and equip ourselves with knowledge and skills. On the other hand, we can make full use of time to develop our hobbies. Concerning this purpose, the least place we should forget is the college library where we can find various kinds of books to read. Then our interest can not only motivate us to learn more but also to broaden our horizon.

    Second, we have access to various activities which are difficult to find in senior high school but we are very fond of. In my opinion, after weve

    gone through the boring life of high school, we need to find something to color our college life. On campus, we can take part in the University Students Union or Students’ Federation. When we become members of

    one of them, we can improve ourselves, such as the ability to communicate with others or handle some tough problems. Besides,

    activities can make our life challenging because we tend to have a passion for our life when coming across challenges.

    Last but not least, campus gives us chances to meet new friends. Nearly everybody thinks that college is just like a small society where you are exposed to all kinds of people. They have different backgrounds, majors and hobbies. By contacting with them, we can have a lot of fun. In addition, we have chances to know many new things and build a steady gold contact. These personal relationships may benefit us a lot in later life. So not missing the chance is our best choice.

    In conclusion, independent life on campus gives us more freedom to develop ourselves. We can take advantage of four years time to make our

    life more colorful and meaningful through our efforts. So from my point of view, life on campus is interesting.

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