Purchasing Training Outline

By Carrie Sanders,2014-10-28 08:59
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Purchasing Training Outline

     Purchasing JDE Training Outline Ada Zhang 2010 June

    I. Sign on to JDE

    II. Training Environment : Libbey China JDE Test

    III. Commonly Used Hidden Selections:

     33 work with submitted jobs

     30 switch between prod / test

     88 change password

    IV. Main Menu : Purchasing Processes

     Stock Based

     Non-Stock Based

V. Standard Function Keys

     Important Keys

     Standard Function Keys

     Remap your keyboard

VI. Address Book

     Vender search

     ** Vender set up (No need to operate)

     ** More information (No need to operate) --- PDF File JDE ADDRESS BOOK TRAINING[1]

    VII. Inventory Master Information

     How to read Item Master information

     ** Item setup (No need to operate) --- PDF File SCC TRAINING

VIII. Stock PO Processing

     Enter Stock PO

     PO Print

     PO Generator


    ; Multiple Tax Rates per PO

    ; PO Status Codes

    ; Currency Issue ( PO Generator) IX. Non-Stock PO Processing

     Entry Stock Non-Stock PO

     Generate POs from Requisition X. Purchasing Inquiries

     Open Orders

     Open Receipts

     Purchasing Ledger

    XI. Inventory Inquiries

     Summary Availability

     Item Ledger

Purchasing JDE Training Outline Ada Zhang 2010 June

XII. Reports


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