Carina----Culture diversity Vs culture integration

By Doris Martinez,2014-10-28 09:19
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Carina----Culture diversity Vs culture integration

    Culture diversity Vs culture integration

    Ladies and gentlemen, l’m very happy to disscuss something about

    culture with you today.

    We human beings have had a very long history from the moment that we become real persons from the original animals. Culture came into being from that time too. The global has countless places and persons, everything is different , so it is very common that there are many different cultures in the whole world. In many cases, cultures are different because of the differences in valuables, habits, belief and so on. How about the relationships of different cultures? Thats the matter of

    culture diversity and culture integration. Cultural diversity is having different cultures respect each other's differences. It could also mean the variety of human societies or cultures in a specific region, or in the world as a whole. While the term cultural integration means the process of one culture gaining ideas, technologies and products of another and so this means that this culture will seem to be integrating into the other. Diversity means uniqueness while integration means exchange. It seems that they’re a contradiction. In reality, they’re not.

    Take a very common example, in our usual life, we often like to eat KFC, McDonald's, we like to buy luxury bands such as LV, Gucci, there are too many things that come from foreign countries, even we grow up in a totally different environment, we can hold a similar value and aesthetic.

    In our cities, we can see many foreigners everyday, they live there happily, some of us may have several foreigner friends, that a good way for us to understand other cultures.

    With the development of economic, global counties increasingly close their cooperation in many fields, more and more students study abroad for better education, immigrant is also very popular. Take our school for example, many teachers go to American for academic exchange visits, we also seek cooperation with other good foreign universities, what is the purpose of us for doing so many things, it is because of the culture integration. Every culture has its excellent composition, which is worth learning, so we should take an open mind to all the differences among the cultures. Because of the existence of cultural differences, the world to become more diverse, and then we can have more opportunities to learn and progress. So, we can not negative neither the differences nor the integration among cultures, both of them are very important. . It is through cultural communication and integration that we learn from each other and grow closer. This is inevitable as development is increasing communication and integration. Culture diversity and culture integration are not conflict, but mutual tolerance. So I think we are so lucky to live in a world full of difference and integration. Maybe next time, you can travel to other countries to feel the beautiful world and the magical culture, you will found that really great!

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