Greetings from Hillsdale College where the fall semester has begun

By Judith Holmes,2014-07-10 16:34
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Greetings from Hillsdale College where the fall semester has begun ...

     October 20, 2008

Dear Friend:

     The most joyous week of the year is how Dr. Arnn described the August welcome of

    students to the Hillsdale campus. And so it was…a time of joyous reunions of returning students and the excitement as freshman students begin some of the most formative years of

    their lives. There existed an equal air of the thrill of return and new beginnings at the faculty

    pre-opening conference on August 22. This conference serves each year as the platform from

    which the College’s academic year springs. Divisional reports included the introduction of new

    professors, a profile of the freshman class, a report on funds raised in the past year and an

    overview from Dr. Arnn on what lies ahead. Within this newsletter I will share some of the

    highlights of the academic year, which is already off to a good start. As a close friend of

    Hillsdale College, it must be rewarding to realize thatthough at a distanceyou are a part of this grand tradition of educating for liberty.

    The Classical Liberal Arts Education: A Challenge of Mind, Body and Soul

    A Hillsdale College student is honorable in conduct, honest in word and deed, dutiful in study and service and respectful

    of the rights of others. Through education the student rises to self-government.

    Excerpt from the Hillsdale College Honor Code

    During Freshman Convocation on August 25, all entering students signed and agreed to

    the Hillsdale College Honor Code as they began their four-year journey at Hillsdale. A copy of

    the Honor Code may be viewed through this link. As you can imagine, the signing of the Honor

    Code is a sobering moment during a time of heady excitement for incoming freshmen. It helps

    students understand that each is entering into a partnership founded upon integrity and

    honoran exceptional combination in these exceptional times.

    The Class of 2012 is a large and well-qualified class with 385 freshman students (215

    women and 170 men). By comparison, last year’s entering class numbered 358. In the past

    year, the Hillsdale College Admissions Office received 1,506 applications; a record number that

    indicates the goal of 2,000 applications in the year ahead is a real possibility. College

    admissions are, in part, a numbers gamethe greater the pool of qualified applicants, the more

    selective the College can be in terms of the students who attend this fine school. There are

    many factors that go into selecting Hillsdale students aside from ACT and SAT scores and

    grade-point averages. These other factors include a student’s previous volunteer experience and community involvement. Along with these criteria, there is an indefinable quotient that

    can only be called the “Hillsdale factor.” This may be described as individuals who possess an

    intelligence that is approachable, a sense of curiosity about the world around them, and a

    genuine personality that radiates character. I invite you to reflect on the Hillsdale graduates

    that you know, and see if you agree. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Continuing the tradition of excellence, this year’s entering students carried an average high school grade point of 3.73, with 50 percent ranking in the top ten percent of their high

    school graduating classes. The freshman class hails from a total of 38 states and four foreign

    countries; namely, Germany, Bulgaria, Kenya and Venezuela. The majority of freshman

    students (60 percent) are from a state outside of Michigan. The Class of 2012 entered Hillsdale

    with an average ACT of 28 and an average SAT of 1930.

    Students who applied to Hillsdale also applied to the University of Michigan, Grove City,

    Michigan State and Notre Dame. Hillsdale students also applied to Harvard, University of

    Dallas, University of Chicago, Yale, Princeton and the College of William and Mary. Given this

    birds-eye view of Admissions’ cross-applications, it is clear that Hillsdale College is rising in

    the ranks of estimation of students across the country. Your role in “getting the good word out” about Hillsdale is helping us to continue to bring top students to the College.

    Should you wish to introduce a high school student to Hillsdale College, please contact

    the Admissions Office at (517) 607-2327, or e-mail Potential students may access a virtual tour, complete an online application, and learn more about

    Hillsdale in general by accessing the Admissions portion of the Hillsdale Web site at You may also wish to share with interested parties the

    enclosed “Survey of Surveys” brochure, which provides a thorough overview of the College.

    Talent in Action: Hillsdale College Internships

    This summer, several well-written articles were published in U.S. newspapers by fair

    and unbiased journalists. Does this sound improbable? Perhaps not when the writers were

    Hillsdale College students interning at The Washington Times and the Washington Examiner. These students were participants in the James C. Quayle Journalism Internship Program. Mr.

    Quayle held a lifelong passion for journalism and was publisher of the Huntington Herald-Press in Indiana. For each of the past three summers, two Hillsdale journalism students have

    worked in noted Washington, D.C., media outlets as Quayle Interns.

    This summer was a productive one for Hillsdale’s journalism interns in terms of the number of articles written by these students who seem to write better than some of the “pros.”

    It is impressive to witness the progress that is being made by Hillsdale College students into the

    rank and file of the established media. To encourage this influx of fresh thinking, the Thomas

    H. Cobb Endowed Scholarship in Objective American Journalism has been established. Mr.

    Cobb has issued a $120,000 challenge, which will match on a $1-for-$2 basis all gifts toward

    this scholarship through December 31, 2008. There is hope for American journalism, thanks to

    the foresight and generosity of those who decide to make a differenceand then do so.

    Virtus Tentamine Gaudet: Virtue Rejoices in the Challenge

    The motto of Hillsdale College, which appears on the College’s Coat of Arms, is: virtus tentamine gaudet, which translates as Strength rejoices in the challenge.” The Founders Campaign is exemplary of this enduring tenet. With a total of $434 million raised to date in

    cash and pledges (25 percent is deferred in the form of trusts, annuities and wills), there is

    much that has been accomplished in the Founders Campaign with the generous help of faithful

    friends like you.

    It is time to build upon this momentum and look ahead to a higher summit with a

    revised campaign goal of $600 million to be raised by December of 2011. The focus will include

    raising funds for the following important areas of the College’s operations: ? Capital construction funds for a Chapel/Performing Arts Center

    ? Intramural Sports Building

    ? Archive Center for Mossey Library

    ? Endowment for general operations

    ? Student scholarships

    ? Student private loans and the Michigan Independence Fund (this replaces over $530,000

    in State of Michigan grants and scholarships for residents attending Hillsdale)

    ? Endowment of faculty teaching positions

    ? Program endowment of the Hillsdale College Center for Constitutional Studies and


    ? The Hillsdale Graduate School of Statesmanship

    Even as we look ahead, it is also important to take a look back and assess what has been

    accomplished. Seven new buildings or additions within seven years is a feat for any institution.

    For Hillsdale College, the evolving campus is concrete proof of just what personal dedication

    and commitment can accomplish without the shackles of federal taxpayer monies.

    Of the $434 million total raised in pledges and cash during the Founders Campaign,

    $74.1 million has been donated by the Hillsdale College Trustees. Hillsdale College current

    employees have contributed $1,097,202, and many have joined The President’s Club to further

    their commitment. Hillsdale College friendsmany of whom became aware of Hillsdale through their free subscription to Imprimishave contributed $293 million.

    It is a mountain of tribute to the extended Hillsdale family’s labors that in all, since 2001,

    180,298 gifts have been received from 60,998 individuals. A total attendance of 60,800

    alumni and friends of Hillsdale has been recorded for the 659 campaign events held across the

    country. We appreciate your standing strong with us as the College forges ahead to raise the

    funds that will insure its continued independence. For further information on the Founders

    Campaign, please contact the office of the campaign director, Ellen Donohoe, at (517) 607-


    Looking for Some Peace and Quiet?

    Imagine a place where the quiet is so deep you can hear yourself think. A place where

    the loons (the feathered kind) call to each other as they sail across the pristine lake, and

    breakfast is ready for you when you awake in the morning. This dream is a daily reality at The

    Rockwell Lake Lodge just outside of Luther, Michigan. I recently visited the facility and highly

    recommend this first-class lodge to anyone seeking a respite from modern life. Kayaks, canoes,

    and paddle boats are readily available, and the walking paths start just outside the lodge’s door.

    You can also throw in a line at Rockwell Lake and try your luck at fishing. Lodge Manager

    LuAnn Trombly will cook your catch for dinner.

    The Rockwell Lake Lodge is located within the 685-acre boundaries of the G.H. Gordon

    Biological Station, which is the largest private college preserve of its kind in the state of

    Michigan. The Lodge was built to accommodate guests from across the country and has

    already enjoyed a steady rate of bookings. And it is easy to see why. Just south of Cadillac,

    Michigan, the station serves as a field research laboratory and includes a mix of distinct

    ecosystems, including forests, marshes, a trout stream and Rockwell Lake. The station is

    utilized by the Biology Department for summer courses, weekend field trips and student and

    faculty research. Students are lodged in dormitory-style cabins with full kitchens.

    Should you decide to visit the Lodge, you may wish to first take a virtual visit by visiting

    the Web site link at There you will see interior views of this upscale 16,000-square-foot lodge, which features ten fully equipped guest rooms, conference

    facilities and a dining hall. The spacious suites are rented at a rate of $139 per night. A

    brochure on The Rockwell Lake Lodge is enclosed, along with a coupon for a discounted stay.

    For further information or to make a reservation, please contact the Hillsdale College Dow

    Center at (517) 437-3311, or you may e-mail

    Hillsdale Students Practice Their Second Amendment Rights

    On a sunny Saturday in early September, 19 students took aim in the new class,

    “Beginner’s Shotgun,” which took place at the new Outdoor Firearms Education Facility,

    located five miles from campus. The word is out that the student demand for this class may

    result in as many as 50 participants each semester. Mr. Barry Leosha certified 4-H shotgun

    and hunting safety instructor as well as competitive trap shooterleads the class through its

    drills. To afford a clearer perspective on this project, a drawing of the facility is enclosed.

    Please bear in mind while reviewing this plan that consideration is being given to adding a

    skeet range in the future. Though still in the formation stage, possible giving opportunities will

    likely include:

    ? An endowed faculty chair in the Constitution and the Second Amendment

    ? Endowment of the salary for the range manager and/or instructor

    ? Endowed Scholarship for Marksmanship

    ? Purchase of equipment for students to use while at the range

    ? Construction of a future clubhouse at the range

    For further information on the range and its progress, you may send me an e-mail at, or phone John Cervini’s office at (517) 607-2670.

    The A.P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship

    During the first CCA (Center for Constructive Alternatives) seminar of the year, attendees met some of the first student recipients of the George Washington Fellowship

    Awards. These students have been awarded merit-based scholarships and will enroll in several

    core classes, participate in special campus events and complete a semester in Washington

    through WHIP (Washington-Hillsdale Internship Program). They are exemplary of the kind of commitment to scholarship and liberty it will take to carry the Constitution into the next

    century. This is the high and difficult calling that is part of the focus of the newly established

    A.P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship.

    The Center celebrated its official opening on September 17, Constitution Day. Serving

    as Associate Vice President of Hillsdale’s Washington campus will be Mrs. Virginia Thomas,

    who has served as a Hillsdale College Trustee and is the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence


    The Kirby Center will be housed in a regal building at 227 Massachusetts Avenue, which

    is within walking distance of Capitol Hill. Hillsdale students are lodged across the street in The

    Heritage Foundation’s well-appointed intern housing facilities. The building’s official name is

    the A.P. Kirby, Jr. Campus of Hillsdale College. The property consists of three former row

    houses, all built in the 1880s in three-story, high-Victorian style, which are joined internally

    and share one common roof. Plans are under way for an extensive renovation to restore the

    building to its original façade and modernize the office space. The framed pictorial history of

    Hillsdale College that will line the building’s halls will serve as a reminder to all who enter of

    the College’s history of educating for liberty. Enclosed are depictions of the building, which will

    include a space in which Hillsdale students interning in Washington can congregate. Two

    challenges have been issued for the Center:

    The Weatherwax Foundation Challenge will match donations toward the Center on a

    $1-for-$3 basis up to $600,000, exclusive of endowment funds. This grant is renewable for up to five years as long as the full match of $600,000 is raised each year by the College.

    The Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust Challenge will match dollar-for-dollar, all contributions of $5,000 or less, up to a total of $12,500. We are in the second year of this

    challenge and up to $50,000 will be generated through the Lennon Challenge.

    For further information on the Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship, please

    contact John Cervini at (517) 607-2670.

    Checking the Calendar: Updated 2008 Hillsdale College Events

    This fall promises to be a busy time for event organizersand participantsboth on and

    off campus. There are 16 off-campus events taking place within this semester, and it is likely

    that one will be taking place in your vicinity. Please check the updated event list for this fall to

    mark your calendar and plan to attend some of the Hillsdale events in the academic year ahead.

    Should you wish to visit campus, a CCA (Center for Constructive Alternatives) seminar

    presents an excellent opportunity to learn more about an interesting topic, audit classes, tour

    the latest campus developments and meet with professors and students. Please take special

    note that the topics and dates of the upcoming on-campus Hillsdale Hostels and off-campus Freedom Forums. The Freedom Forums bring a sampling of the Hillsdale campus to venues

    across the country, and are an excellent way to introduce friends and family to the College. The

summer Hostels tend to fill up quickly, so you may wish to make your summer 2009 plans

    sooner rather than later. Please contact Sandi Henry to reserve your space or for further

    information by e-mail at or by phone at (888) 886-1174 or (517) 607-2309.

    For invitations to CCA and NLS seminars, please contact the External Affairs Office at

    (517) 607-2318. For on-campus public lectures and off-campus receptions, you may contact

    Jackie Linebrink at or phone (517) 607-2315. For the latest Hillsdale news, please check the College’s Web site at See you soon!

    …And We Will Come Rejoicing Bringing in the Sheaves

    As I visited campus the day of freshman orientation, it seemed that the College’s

    concentrated effort to offer the best education possible to America’s best and brightest is bearing fruit. When the freshman students return to their parents for the holiday break in

    December, they will be well on their way to becoming young adults. It is a privilege to be a part

    of this transformation.

    From scholarships to state-of-the-art facilities to a faculty who loves to teach, Hillsdale

    College is a community effort. That community extends from the front row of the classroom to

    your living room, joined by a thread of the joy of learningof givingof standing up for our shared beliefs and rejoicing in our differences. If this sounds utopian, consider that this has

    been my firsthand experience over the past decade of working with and for the College and its


    I look forward to visiting with you at one of the Hillsdale events in the year ahead. In

    the meanwhile, may you reap from your good will a harvest of what is right and true.


     Kathleen Ruddy, ’82

    Institutional Advancement Associate



    Hillsdale College 2008 - 2009

    Special Events Calendar


Hillsdale Reception Monterey, California……………………………………………...October 28,


    Hillsdale Reception San Francisco, California…………………………………………October 30,


    Hillsdale Reception Denver, Colorado………………………………………………November 18,


    *Hillsdale Reception Colorado Springs, Colorado…………………………..………November 20,


    Churchill Dinner Washington, D.C…………………………………………………....December 4,


* As yet unconfirmed


Constitutional Issues and Controversies

    Naples Grande, Naples Florida................................................................................February 17 18, 2009

    Constitutional Issues and Controversies

    Fairmont Miramar Hotel, Santa Monica, California……………..……………..……..May 18 – 19, 2009


    CCA II The Art of Biography……………………………………………….……November 9 – 13, 2008 CCA III Cars and Trucks, Markets and Governments.………..…………….…….January 25 – 29, 2009 CCA IV Early TV Westerns………………………………………………….………...March 1 – 5, 2009

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