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Prior to that, I was employed full time as an IT Manager, and earlier as Programmer Analyst, for 2 county governments and a private company.

George Pearson, Jr.

    Green Springs Software, Inc PO Box 3336, Ashland, OR 97520 USA

    +1 541-488-2560


    ; 24+ years of proven experience in Software Engineering involving Analysis, Design, Development,

    Coding, Import/Export, Conversion, Validation, Testing and Debugging.

    ; Extensive experience on IBM iSeries (AS/400) with proficiency in RPG (ILE/IV/Sub-File

    Programming), CL, SQL/400, Query/400, SQLRPGLE, rpgFree. IBM Certified in RPG IV. ; 12+ years of experience with Infinium HR/Payroll, Financials and Materials Suites, Programming,

    Customization, Installs and Upgrades. Experience with HR, Payroll, HCM, GL, AR, Payables, AP,

    Fixed Assets, Flex Benefits, Cross Applications, Purchase Management, Order Entry, Materials,

    Inventory and Training modules.

    ; Recent experience Installing and supporting the International versions of Infinium HR/Payroll for

    Europe and the UK.

    ; 7+ years of experience with PRMS (ERP) and ILE RPG (RPG IV) Programming, Testing and

    Debugging. Experience with PRMS versions by PCR, Pansophic and Computer Associates. ; 4 years of JD Edwards World Financial software, primarily Payroll, Human Resources, General

    Ledger and Accounts Payable.

    ; 6+ years of Cool:2e (Synon) Design, Development and Maintenance

    ; Strong working knowledge in Visual Basic, VBA, SQL Server, Access and DB2/400 Administration ; Knowledge and Experience as Data Base Analyst, with full understanding of data base normalization

    and structure

    ; Exposure to EDI, ASP, Net.Data, VB Script

    ; 5 years of legacy COBOL

    ; Interfaces and networking with variety of platforms, including Infinium, JDE, Kronos, Oracle,

    Synergen, PeopleSoft, Movex M3, VAX, Windows, Davox Predictive Dialer and others ; Team player with very good interpersonal relation skills. Informal training to staff and co-workers


    LANGUAGES: RPG (ILE. 400 (III, IV), Embedded SQL, Visual Basic, VBA, Cool:2e (Synon), SQL/400, CL/400, Help’s (ASC) Sequel

OPERATING SYSTEMS: OS/400 (V2R1 thru V5R4; MS Windows (Vista/XP/2K/9x/NT)

RDBMS: OS/400, SQL Server, Access, DB2 UDB (iSeries)

    UTILITIES: SQL, DFU, SDA, PDM, DBU, SEU, iSeries (Client) Access, EZ-View, Hawkeye, RLU, ISDB, Query/400, SQL/400, Showcase Strategy, Soft Landings Turnover, Robot/400, Robot Save, BRMS, Hawkeye, MKS (Silvon) Implementer, MS-Office


    Infinium: Human Resources, Payroll (International and Domestic), General Ledger, Payables

    Ledger, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Currency Management, Cross Apps, Fixed Assets,

    Purchase Mgmt, Flex Benefits, Training, and Many Upgrades

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    PRMS: (Solid experience with versions by PCR, Pansophic, and CA). HR/Payroll, Distribution,

    Financials, Order Billing, Inventory

    JD Edwards World: HR, Payroll, General Ledger, and Accounts Payable

    JD Edwards OneWorld: Conversions; Z-File Processing

    HTE Municipal Software: Modifications, Interfaces

    Movex M3: Manufacturing, Inventory and Distribution

    MAPICS: (legacy), Manufacturing, Financials

    HRLogix: Interface to Infinium Human Capital System

    INDUSTRIES: Financial, Distribution, Insurance, Gaming, Systems, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail & POS, Government, Oil and Gas Services, Collections, Multi-Level Marketing, Y2k


    ; 2007 Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Metadata Modeling, Beginning, Irvine CA ; 2007 Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Metadata Modeling, Advanced, Irvine CA ; 2002 Received IBM Certification as a Specialist - AS/400 RPG IV Programmer, IBM

    ; 1998 Beginning and Advanced Microsoft Access 97, Lane Community College, Eugene, OR ; 1998 Using Front Page 98, Eugene, OR

    ; 1998 A 2-week immersion Spanish language school, Casa Xelaju, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala ; 1997 Intro and Advanced Web Design, Infostructure, Ashland, OR

    ; 1990-1995 IBM FTN Training, IBM Satellite Network (Several Courses) ; 1993 Sequel/400 Advanced, ASC, Inc. Schaumburg, IL

    ; 1994 Synon 2E Training, Synon, Larkspur, CA

    ; 1994 Synon 2E Advanced, Synon, Larkspur, CA

    ; 1987 Received the Certificate of Data Processing

    ; 1977-1981 Classes toward Business Data Processing, El Camino College, CA ; 1975-1976 Computer Technology, Control Data Institute, Los Angeles, CA (Graduated 2nd in the



    From 1985 I have been employed by my own corporation (Green Springs Software, Inc), and involved with several clients and a large number of projects. Selected client projects are listed. Prior to that, I was employed full time as an IT Manager, and earlier as Programmer Analyst, for 2 county governments and a private company.

    Often I am working on multiple projects so some time periods overlap.

First Advantage/HRLogix, OK Dec 2008 Present

    Infinium Technical and Functional Consultant

    ; Maintain a Bi-Directional Interface used by several Infinium HCM Customers for Applicant Tracking

    and Hiring.

    ; Recently introduced Version 3.0 with new features

    ; Converted all products to comply with Infinium, HCM 11.0

    ; Train and mentor end-users that may not have IT Staff

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New England Motor Freight, FL Mar 2009 Present

    Infinium Technical and Functional Consultant

    ; Upgraded Infinium Application Manager Release 2.1 to plus patches. ; Upgraded Infinium HCM from Release 10.4.8 to plus retrofitting customization and patches. ; Upgraded Infinium HCM from Release to plus retrofitting customization and patches.

The Rivers Casino, PA Sep 2009 Present

    Infinium Technical and Functional Consultant

    ; Developed a process to import Assets from Excel Spreadsheets to create Asset records in the Infinium

    Fixed Assets data base.

    ; Executed the process in test environments for client approval, then executed to update the

    PRODUCTION databases.

Tulalip Casino and Resorts, WA Aug 2009 Present

    Infinium Technical and Functional Consultant

    ; Upgraded Infinium Application Manager Release 3.0. to plus patches. ; Upgraded Infinium Financials, including: AR, CB, FA, GL, PA, PL from Releases 13.x to 14.0 plus

    retrofitting customization and patches.

    ; Upgraded Infinium HCM from Release to plus retrofitting customization and patches.

Majestic Star Casinos, IN Jul 2008 Present

    iSeries and Infinium Technical and Functional Consultant

    ; Upgraded iSeries Operating System to V5R3.

    ; Upgrading Infinium GL and PL Applications latest releases

    ; Upgrading Infinium HR/Payroll Applications to latest releases

    ; Retrofitted all custom RPGLE and CL Programs

Amy’s Kitchen, CA Jul 2007 Aug 2009

    Programming Technical Consultant

    ; Developing several custom RPGLE APIs to interface between existing Movex ERP Packagers. ; Several APIs now in Production to capture information from a Bar-coding application and feed to the

    Movex M3 Inventory and Distribution system.

    ; Custom EDI 940, 943 transactions, written in RPGLE to and from existing Movex system ; Various other enhancements and modifications to the Movex RPG applications

BBA Aviation, FL Feb 2008 Sep 2008

    Infinium Technical and Functional Consultant

    ; Created a sophisticated custom Accrual Payroll Process in RPGLE to replicate the Infinium Payroll

    Cycle Process for highly accurate accrual processing.

    ; Payroll Accrual are posted to the Infinium General Ledger System

    ; A prime requirement was to leave the core Infinium programming untouched.

Grand Victoria Casino, IN May 2008 Jul 2008

    Infinium HR/Payroll Technical Consultant

    ; Modification to existing RPGLE interface between Infinium HCM system and a third party Retirement

    Plan Administrator

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Polo Ralph Lauren, Geneva Switzerland Oct 2007 Dec 2007

    Infinium European HR/Payroll (HCM) Functional and Technical Consultant

    ; Installed all software, including all upgrades of the International Version for Infinium HR/Payroll for

    the European Headquarters of this Retail Giant.

    ; Built all controls, (Employers, codes, Positions, Jobs, etc) for 18 Employers over 13 countries. ; Imported and wrote custom RPGLE and RPG-SQL programs to Mass-Hire about 2,000 employees

    into new system, set for 1 Jan 2008 Go-Live.

    ; Custom Currency conversions for several currencies (USD; CAD; Sterling, Euros, Francs, etc)

    ; Project completed on-schedule with performance bonus paid.

    ; Train Human Resources Geneva staff of the use of Infinium HCM

    ; Assist in training staff from 6 European countries on the use of entering data into Infinium HCM

SMC Corporation, IN Feb 2008 Aug 2008

    Infinium Technical Consultant

    ; Upgraded New Software Releases of several Infor Infinium Applications

    ; Retrofitted previous custom RPG-ILE modifications to new releases of the applications ; Financial Applications include: Accounts Receivable, Currency Management, Fixed Assets, General

    Ledger, Payables Ledger. Upgrade Infinium Releases from old to all latest releases. ; March 2008: Testing phase on TEST System; will upgrade PRODUCTION in April 2008.

Regis Corporation, MN (Supporting Europe) Aug 2006 Jul 2007

    Infinium United Kingdom Technical Consultant

    ; Primary support for the International version if Infinium Human Resources and Payroll, for several

    hundred locations in the United Kingdom and Europe.

    ; After completion of the Upgrade, I was asked to return as a full time resource for long term support of

    the Infinium HR System. Projects include: Re-engineering the Benefits Administration to remove

    outdated customization and convert to Plan Year processing.

    ; Upgraded the heavily customized RPGLE domestic version of Infinium HR/Payroll to Release 10.4 on

    3 Development and 1 Production platform.

    ; Upgraded the International version of Infinium HR/Payroll from 11.2 to 11.1.4. ; I have personally been involved in over 100 payroll systems, but the Regis installation is by far the

    most complex and customized payroll system that I have ever experienced.

    ; Utilized MKS Implementer

The GEO Group, FL Oct 2004 Aug 2006

    Infinium Technical Consultant

    ; Initial project was 3 month project to upgrade a heavily customized implementation of Infinium

    HR/Payroll system to meet 2005 standards. Analyzed/modified RPG-ILE, SQL and CL custom

    programs. HR Release from 9.2+ to 10.2.

    ; After completion of the Upgrade, I was asked to return as a full time resource for long term support of

    the Infinium HR System. Projects include: Re-engineering the Benefits Administration to remove

    outdated customization and convert to Plan Year processing.

    ; Upgrade Infinium HR/Payroll to Release 10.3 and further remove outdated customization. ; Convert all occurrences of Employee number in HR and Payroll systems from SSN to a System

    generated number. Because of a very large database, a custom written solutions was required. ; Upgrade all Financial and Purchase Management Infinium Applications from out-dated releases to

    most current. Systems converted included: Accounts Receivables, Cross Apps, Fixed Assets, General George Pearson, Jr. Page 4 of 7 3/2/2011

    Ledger, Global Tax, Journal Processing, Payables Ledger, Purchase Exchange, and Purchase

    Management. Removed heavy outdated customization.

    ; Utilized MKS Implementer

Alaska Railroad Corporation, AK Apr 2004 - Mar 2005

    Infinium Technical Consultant

    ; Upgraded New Software Releases of several Infinium Applications

    ; Retrofitted highly custom RPG-ILE modifications to new releases of the applications ; Financial Applications include: Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, General Ledger, Global Taxation,

    Payables Ledger, Purchasing Exchange, Upgrade Infinium Releases from old to all latest releases


    ; Materials Applications include: Cross Apps, Inventory Control Purchase Management, Journal

    Processing. Upgrade Infinium Releases from 7.0 to 8.0.

Infor (SSA-Global) Infinium 2003-Ongoing

    SSA-Infinium Technical Services Representative

    Representing Infinium Technical Services Division, I have completed a few small remote projects for Infinium for 2 of their customers.

    ; Finning Canada, Edmonton, AL, Canada A 200 hour 1-time RPG-ILE project to mass import and

    enroll Employee Benefits and Beneficiaries to Infinium HR from an outsourced system. 9/2002


    ; Fitzgerald Casinos, Las Vegas NV: A 60 hour 1-time RPG-ILE project to mass import General

    Ledger transactions from Excel to Infinium General Ledger.2/2003 4/2003

    ; Legends Casino, Yakima, WA On-site Technical and Functional support for 2004 W2 Payroll

    Processing 1/2005. Infinium HR Release 10.2.

Dover Chemicals, OH Jul 2004 Oct 2004

    Infinium Technical and Functional Consultant

    ; A part time project, spanning 3 months, to generate a series of auditor reports from historical financial

    information. Utilized SQL, RPG ILE and CL programming to extract from the Infinium Financial


Fraser Papers, ME Aug 2004 Oct 2004

    Infinium Technical and Functional Consultant

    ; A short-time project, spanning 2 months to generate a series of menu driven downloads from Infinium

    Accounts Receivable to specific Excel formats. The Infinium selection screens allow F4 Prompting

    and Help support. Utilized SQL, RPG-ILE and CL programming to extract from the Infinium

    Accounts Receivables Database.

Weatherford International, TX Jan 2003 Feb 2004

    Infinium Technical and Functional Consultant

    ; Designed and developed RPG ILE and SQL conversion programs for data import to JDE OneWorld.

    Source data originates from JD Edwards Infinium and various Excel spreadsheets ; Designed interfaces for JDE OneWorld Z-File mapping and processing

    ; Supporting the existing Infinium Financial and Human Resources/Payroll systems ; Analyzed several PC based payroll time gathering packages including Kronos, before deciding upon a

    custom solution.

    ; Implemented VBA driven Excel projects, including the automated retrieval and processing of AS/400

    information, and generating Outlook email with attachments.

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CKE Restaurants, CA 1996 2008 (backup support as requested)

    Contract Programmer Analyst

    Client owns 3500+ restaurants, US and International. As needed, I continue to participate in projects, either covering for staff vacations, or performing projects as needed.

    ; Several projects utilizing RPG, RPG-ILE, SQL and, CL and Access. Details upon request. ; Infinium Financial Software (AM/HR/PY/GL/PL/AR) and PeopleSoft

    ; PRMS Manufacturing and Distribution Software, plus home-grown

    ; Train end users as necessary

ITT Systems, IN Oct 2002 Dec 2002

    Infinium Consultant

    A 2 month, onsite technical support project, to aid the staff in installation of Infinium Software upgrades, and year end payroll tasks.

    ; Conversion Infinium HR/Payroll to Release 10.0, and 10.0.1.

    ; Wrote mapping programs for Benefits Administration extracts to conform to vendor standards in RPG-


    ; Various other small tasks as needs arose

    ; Utilized Soft Landing Turnover

City of Medford, OR May 2001 Oct 2002

    Software Developer Consultant

    Interfaced City-related information with County Assessment and Taxation Records ; Interfaced The HTE City government Applications with data via DDM access to the County

    government Assessment and Taxation systems.

    ; Programs written in RPG-ILE, RPG-SQL and CL.

    ; Early in my career I wrote and converted much of County Assessment and Taxation programs in 1984-

    1986 as a County employee., so I was familiar with both systems.

PeaceHealth, WA Nov 1989 Mar 2002

    Contract Programmer & Technical Analyst

    For several years, the Corporate IT organization utilized me for countless projects, large and small. This client is a parent corporation that owns and operates Hospitals, Physician Groups and Clinics across the Northwest states. Some selected projects:

    ; Numerous Projects utilizing RPG, RPG-ILE, SQL, CL, Cool2e (Synon), Visual Basic, Access for a

    wide variety of projects, systems and applications. Detailed list upon request. ; Infinium HR and Payroll and Financials (AM/HR/PY/GL/PL/AR/FA/FB/TR)

    ; Customized Infinium and custom programs to interface with Kronos Time Keeping systems ; Developed several electronic interfaces between Infinium and: Fidelity (benefits), Electronic Parking

    Gate system, Exposure tracking, Pharmacy orders, etc

    ; Utilized MKS Implementer

Fred Meyer, Inc, OR Mar 1993 Nov 1994

    Contract Programmer Analyst

    A Retail Supply Chain firm with over 200 stores uses AS/400s and JD Edwards to handle the HR and Payroll. Application is heavily customized.

    ; Created customized programs and modifications to existing programs as requested. ; Designed, programmed and implemented a process to calculate and distribute Store Management

    incentive Bonus checks, based upon performance, and fed the information to the Payroll system, were

    the checks were generated.

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; Participated in a JDE World release upgrade.

Apple Computer, CA 1987 - 1988

    Contract Programmer Analyst

    Various projects on the AS/400 Distribution and Sales systems

    ; Supported PRMS Distribution System for All US Distribution Centers.

    ; Created an Add-along Sales Tax tracking system to interface with existing PRMS System ; Interfaced PRMS to Vertex Tax Updates, and transmitting updates to remote locations

    More Clients on request, including: Advanced Micro Devices, Avista, Alltel, Lane County, Jackson County and more. 1985 - 1993

And, as a full time employee:

North Slope Borough, AK 1981-84

    Manager of Information and Technology

    ; Overall responsibility of managing this IT shop of 6 employees. The North Slope Borough is a

    County-like municipality government.

    ; Managed all daily operations, I was also charged with managed the conversion of all government

    applications from an IBM System/34 to one of the first IBM System/38s in the state. We

    eventually expanded the network to include 2 IBM S/36s and several IBM 5280s. Staff included

    three operators, one data entry person, and two programmers. .

    ** End of Resume - More History on Request **

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