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     高二英语 2010(4(27

    第二部分 英语知识运用 (共两节!满分35)



    21.We can learn by ____ that oil and water do not mix.

     A. experiment B. try C. trial D. test

    22. Will you lend me some paper?

    Sorry, mine________.

    A. were used up B. ran out C. has been run out D. has given out 23. Much to our ____, the outcome of the general election is far better than we have expected


    A. delight B. relief C. surprise D. disappointment 24. We are trying to ring you back Bryan but we think we ____ your number incorrectly.

     A. looked up B. took down C. worked out D. brought about 25. The boy has _____ a fine knowledge of geography by careful study.

     A. required B. inquired C. acquired D. addressed

    26. He said he would come; He didn’t ________.

    A. even if B. even though C. although D. though 27. It is what you do rather than what you say ___ matters.

     A. that B. what C. which D. this

    28. Apply some medicine ________ his wound.

    A. on B. for C. to D. in 29. ___ snacks and drinks, but they also brought cards for entertainment when they had a picnic in

    the forest.

     A. Not only they bought B. Not only did they bring

     C. Not only brought they D. Not only they did bring 30. Don’t use words, expressions, or phrases ____ only to people with specific knowledge.

     A. known B. to be known C. knowing D. are known

    31. Before building a house, you will have to ____ the government’s permission.

     A. get from B. follow C. receive D. ask for

    32. For all these years, I have been working for others, I am hoping I will ___ my own

    business someday.

    A. turn up B. fix up C. set up D. make up

    33. Our success was largely the good cooperation of all team members.

     A. because B. result from C. due to D. thanks to 34The poor woman with her two children in a street corner.

     A. was seen beg B. was seen begging

     C. were seen beg D. were seen begging

    35The parents suggested ______ in the hotel room but their kids were anxious to campout

    during the trip.

     Asleep Bto sleep Csleeping Dhaving slept

    第二节;完形填空 (15小题!每小题1分!满分15)


    It was five days before Christmas. Holiday music played over the sound system and my

    co-workers excitedly 36 their plans. Doing anything special? they asked me. I shook

    my head, 37 .

    I was 3,000 miles from my family in Hawaii, pursuing my lifelong 38 of becoming a

    nurse. I attended classes all day, and then went straight to my full-time 39 job at night.

My weekly plan left me extremely tired and homesick.

    I had 40 looked forward to the holidays: But this December I felt unable to go on. In my prayers(祷告) I told ____41____ that I could just get home to see my mum, dad and brothers. I could survive the next two years until I graduated. But 42 ? Rent, textbooks and other

    43_____ cash. Money to go home? I barely had money to eat. expenses left me with no ___

    "I'm on my 44 . Cover for me, will you?" asked Maribelle, another waitress, as she passed me 45 her way to the employee's room. "____46_____, there's this guy at Table Five,

    "she said.”He's been sitting there for more than an hour, not making any trouble but not 47

    anything either. "She paused.”It's like he's____48_____somebody. "

     I looked in the corner. 49 enough, there was a slim, pleasantly-looking man 50 in a worn shirt, and a black baseball cap, just sitting, 51 I went over, know if you want.

    I was turning to walk away 52 the man spoke. He had a soft, low voice, but

    somehow I could hear it clear and plain in the 53 restaurant. "I'd like an order of chips, "he said, "and a glass of water.”My heart 54 Chips were the cheapest thing on the menu, which meant I wouldn't get much of a 55 . But maybe this guy was broke, and I surely know how that felt. So I tried my best to make him feel okay.

    36. A. expressed B. changed C. discussed D. announced

    37. A. okay B. yes C. not D. no

    38. A. plan B. dream C. hope D. demand

    39. A. waitress B. waiter C. assistant D. maid

    40. A. seldom B. always C. never D. hardly

    41. A. my parents B. Mum C. Dad D. God

    42. A. how B. when C. why D. where

    43. A. other B. rest C. enough D. extra

    44. A. way B. duty C. break D. work

    45. A. to B. by C. on D. at

    46. A. By the way B. On the contrary

     C. Above all D. After all

    47. A. saying B. eating C. drinking D. ordering

    48. A .looking for B. waiting for C. waiting on D. longing for 49. .A Good B. Lucky C. All D. Sure

    50. A. dressed B. wore C. devoted D. seated

    51. A. angrily B. alone C. sadly D. enjoyable

    52. A. before B. when C. as D. while

    53. A. quiet B. large C. noisy D. wonderful

    54. A. sank B. beat C. broke D. lost

    55. A. praise B. tip C. dollar D. prize




    Doctors say anger can be an extremely damaging emotion, unless you learn how to deal with it. They warn that anger can lead to heart disease, stomach problems, headaches, emotional problems and possibly cancer.

    Anger is a normal emotion that we all feel from time to time. Some people express anger openly in a calm reasonable way. Others burst with anger, and scream and yell (咆哮). But other

    people keep their anger inside. They can not or will not express it. This is called repressing anger.

    For years many doctors thought that repressing anger was more dangerous to a person’s

    health than expressing it. They said that when a person is angry, the brain releases the same hormones (荷尔蒙). They speed the heart rate, raise blood pressure, or sugar into the blood, etc. In

general, the person feels excited and ready to act.

    Some doctors say that both repressing and expressing anger can be dangerous. They believe that those who express anger violently may be more likely to develop heart disease, and they believe that those who keep their anger inside may face a greater danger of high blood pressure.

    Doctors say the solution (解决办法) is learning how to deal with anger. They say the first

    step is to admit that you are angry and to recognize the real cause of the anger, then decide if the cause is serious enough to get angry about. If it is, they say, “Do not express your anger while

    angry. Wait until your anger has cooled down and you are able to express yourself calmly and reasonably.”

     Doctors say that a good way to deal with anger is to find humor in the situation that has made you angry. They said that laughter is much healthier than anger.

    56(“Damaging emotion” means that ______.

     A(the emotion is harmless B(the emotion is harmful

     C(the feeling is very strong D(the feeling is hard

    57(What statement is right?

    A(Were you angry, you would be cancered.

     B(Once you are angry, you must be cancered

     C(Angry as you are often, you can’t be cancered.

     D(Anger may cause you a cancer.

    58(Expressing anger violently ______ repressing it according to some scientists.

     A(is just the same as B(is more harmful than

     C(is no better than D(is much better than

    59(According to the author, you’d better ______.

     A(never be angry

    B(cool down you anger before you express it

    C(laugh and laugh when you get angry

    D(admit you are wrong when you are angry


    “I have a regular film camera but I just don’t use it much,” said Ms Lowery, 23, a computer programmer. “When I got married last year, I had all these pictures that didn’t come out right. With digital cameras, you aren’t spending money on film for wasted pictures,” she said.

    There are plenty of models from which to choose: from simple $ 200point-and-shoot snappers to $ 1,000 wonders with all the qualities that any advanced amateur ?业余爱好者,could

    want. The wide selection is a sure sign that in many buyers’ minds, digital cameras have risen from mere gadgets to must-have items.

    Digital cameras offer more than just the instant previewing of pictures on small color screens. They can store dozens, sometimes hundreds, of pictures that can be printed easily at home or sent by e-mail. Although there are extra costs-the cost of memory cards for storage and the special paper for printingmany buyers have been willing to make the switch.

    Although about 90 percent of American households still use film cameras, digital cameras are capturing a growing share of the market. And the number of digital-camera households, now at about 10 percent, is certain to grow, as producers introduce more and more cameras whose quality is as good as film cameras. Soon, even professionals will use them.

    Salesmen expect digital cameras to be popular gifts this holiday season. “They are very hot this year,” said Yossi Fogel at B& H Photo in New York. “The prices have come down and the

    quality has gone up. Who wants to travel with 30 rolls of film ? With a large memory card to store pictures, you can shoot and shoot and never have to worry about changing a roll. How many times have you missed a picture because you failed to reload the film ?”

    60(Which of the following is NOT an advantage of the digital camera over the film camera ?

     A(The user has to spend additional money for it.

     B(It comes in many models for the customer.

     C(It saves money from unwanted pictures.

     D(Its pictures can be sent by e-mail.

    61(According to this passage, the American household using digital cameras will increase

    if .

     A(their producers spend more money B(their operation becomes simpler

     C(their salesmen are more friendly D(their quality keeps improving

    62(Which of the following is NOT true about film cameras ?

     A(Their pictures can be printed at a photo shop.

     B(Their pictures can be enlarged as desired.

     C(Their pictures can be seen before they are printed.

    D(Their pictures can be stored for a long time.


    Many teenagers feel that the most important people in their lives are their friends. They believe that their family members, especially their parents, don’t know them as well as their friends do. In large families, it is often for brothers and sisters to fight with each other and then they can only go to their friends for advice. It is very important for teenagers to have one good friend or many friends. Even when they are not with their friends, they usually spend a lot of time talking among themselves on the phone. This communication is very important in children’s growing up, because friends can discuss something difficult to say to their family members.

    However, parents often try to choose friends for their children. Some parents may even stop their children from meeting their good friends. The question of “choice” is an interesting one. Have you ever thought of the following questions?

    Who chooses your friends?

    Do you choose your friends or your friends choose you?

    Have you got a good friend your parents don’t like?

    63. Many teenagers think their _________ know them better than their parents do.

     A. friends B. teachers C. brothers and sisters D. classmates 64. When teenagers stay alone, the usual way of communication is to _________.

    A. go to their friends B. talk with their parents

    C. have a discussion with their family D. talk with their friends on the phone 65. Which of the following sentences is TRUE?

    A. Teenagers can only go to their friends for help.

    B. Parents should like everything their children enjoy.

    C. In all families, children can choose everything they like.

    D. Parents should try their best to understand their children better.

    66. The main idea of this passage is that _________.

     A. Teenagers need good friends

     B. Friends can give good advice

     C. Parents often choose friends for their children

    D. Good friends can communicate with each other



    Long March exhibit

    The Shanghai History Museum is putting on an exhibition to mark the 60th anniversary of the Long March. On show are more than 220 photos and 40 items that explain with pictures how the communist Red Army drew back from its besieged (被围困的) bases in Jiangxi Province and

    fought its way to northern Shanxi province in the mid-1930s. Explanations are all in Chinese. The

show will end on November 20.

    Time: 10:00 am4:00 pm.

    Address: 1286 Hongqiao Road

    Admission: 8 yuan for Chinese/ 15 yuan for foreigners

    Thai elephants

    Eight elephants from Thailand are entertaining visitors at Changfeng Park by riding bikes, playing basketball, balancing on a beam, dancing and blowing a mouth-organ. People are encouraged to have a tug-of-war (拔河比赛) with the animals or lie on the ground and have the

    elephants walk over them. The elephants give three shows a day at 9:30 am, 3:30 pm and 8:00 pm and there is an additional show at 1:30 pm at weekends. The show will end on November 15.

    Address: 189 Daduhe Road

    Admission: 30-40 yuan

    Dancing dolphins

    Dolphins jumping from the water to touch a ball, swaying their bodies to music, kissing people and solving math by tapping their tails have made the dolphinarium in Peace Park an attraction for children. Seals and sea lions also perform.

    Hours: 10:30 am, 4:00 pm, and 7:30 pm

    Admission: 20 yuan for adults and 10 yuan for children.

    67. If you go to visit the Long March exhibit with an Australian, how much will you pay

    altogether for the admission?

    A. 16 yuan B. 23 yuan C. 30 yuan D. 20 yuan

    68. At the exhibition, you will see ________.

    A. many articles written by famous writers

     B. many things left by the Red Army

    C. books on the Long March

     D. many photos and pictures about the Long Match.

    69. Which of the following is NOT done by the Thai elephants?

    A. Riding bicycles. B. Blowing a mouth-organ

    C. Doing math D. Having a tug-of-war with people.

    70. The dolphinarium in Peace Park is a hall where you can see________.

    A. not only dolphins but also seals and sea lions perform

    B. only seals and sea lions perform C. only dolphins perform

    D. only seals perform




    Some people succeed, while others may not. This is because some people possess certain qualities, which others do not.

    The first thing you must remember is that in order to succeed, you must be optimistic. If you do not expect to win, you will not try as hard as those who do expect to win. You also need to have a clear aim and a reason for doing something because motivation is a key to achieving success. If you do not have an aim, then you will not be motivated to work hard and put your performance under the microscope to make sure that every detail is right.

    Another quality that helps people succeed is creativity---thinking about things in a different way and wondering how others would do the same thing. Think about some successful people you know. They might be successful with a little creativity, but the most successful people are the most creative ones.

    Reading is another to success, as it will help you learn about how other people have achieved

    success. If you want to learn how to set up a successful business, you should read books about people like Bill Gates and Jerry Yang, who have achieved amazing success in their areas of business.

    Practicing is equally important if you want to success because practice makes perfect. Practise every day at whatever career you are in, and by doing so, you will see yourself, your business and your self-confidence begin to grow. If you feel confident about what you do, this confidence will make other people believe in you as well. Your colleagues will be happy to work with you, and your boss will give you more responsibility. Finally if you are a successful person, you will be able to look people in the eye and smile confidently.

    Success is yours for the taking! Cheers!

    Title: (71)

    Certain qualities Supporting details

     ?Try hard (73) people who do expect to win.

     (7 ?Have a clear aim and a reason for doing something

     because a key to achieving success is (74) .

     ?(76) about things in a different way. (75 ?Study how other people would do the same thing.

    ?Help you know about how(77) have achieved


    Reading ?Read books about (78) people such as Bill Gates

    and Jerry Yang to encourage yourselves.

     ? (79) the saying “practice makes perfect.” Practising ? (80) in yourself and do what you want to do confidently.



    语写一篇题为“Top Meal of the Day”的短文刊登在21st Century上。

    原因 1、学习太晚!多睡一会。



    结果 1、课堂上睡觉。



    建议 …….

    注意; 1(词数;120左右。2(不要逐字翻译!要点可适当发挥。

    Top Meal of the Day

    A recent study shows that nearly 50% of the school kids in Jiangsu do not have breakfast.____________________________________________ _____________ ______

    _____________________________________________________ ___

    ______________________________________________________ _______

    _____________________________________________________ ________


    单选;21-25 CBBBC 26-30 DACBA 31-35 DCCBC

    完型;36-40 CDBAB 41-45DADCC 46-50 ADBDA 51-55 BBCAB

    阅读;56-60 BDCBA 61-65DCADD 66-70 ABDCA


    71. Success 72. Optimism 73. like 74. motivation 75. Creativity 76. Think 77. others 78. famous 79. Understand / Master 80. Believe

作文;One possible version:

     Top Meal of the Day

    A recent study shows that nearly 50 percent of the school kids in Jiangsu do not have breakfast. They tend to feel sleepy all day and unable to concentrate on the lessons, so it is hard for them to get high marks in all kinds of tests.

    There are some reasons for this. To begin with, some students who study late into the night choose to ignore breakfast just to have a few extra minutes in bed. Others, whose parents are too busy to prepare breakfast for them, have to buy it on the way to school with the given money. In addition, a few schoolgirls want to stay slim and often go to school without breakfast.

    In fact, the morning meal plays an important part. It can provide 30 percent of the whole day’s energy. For a creative mind and better judgment, school kids should start their day with a regular breakfast.

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