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By Raymond Hamilton,2014-10-28 07:12
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tjBe myselfcq

    Be myself

    I believe in one sentence: No leaves in the world are same, and nobody has the same way to success.

    Im a student from Guang Ya Middle School. There are many students around me, but I know I am not the same as them. We all have differences, for example, the different hobbies, different appearances, different ideas, different style and so on..

    I believe in myself all the time, though I may fail or I ay feel unhappy sometimes. Success or not isn’t important, the most important is confidence. I should be myself. Ill keep my own hobby,

    idea and nature. Thats very important.

    I like music, and I often play musical instrument at home. My parents used to be against me to do that. They afraid music would stop me studying. But I dont think so. I enjoy playing the

    musical instruments. Then I can relax myself. After that, I can study better. I talked to my parents many times. In the end, they agreed with me, but I cant play it too much, otherwise it would

    influence my study. And now, my parents support my hoppy.

    Of course, it is not enough. To be myself, I should also have my own personality. It doesnt

    mean that I should be all different from others. Thats wrong. In my opinion, the personality of

    oneself means having some special signs from other. For example, someones style, the habits of

    activities in daily life, that can see someones points. Some words maybe can describe them:

    helpful, friendly, polite, nice, clever, naughty, rude, tidy, dirty and so on. I dont know the others

    how to describe me, but I think I have my own words to describe myself. Just be myself. I

    always say it to myself. Keep my style, then do other things.

    Dont too tired to learn the others. Just be yourself.

    Dont think the others are all better than you. Just believe in yourself.

    Just be myself. Im also excellent!

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