MGT-group Assignment

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    Choose a well-known business organization for which you can access annual reports and related documentation. Compile a report on your chosen business organization by addressing the following aspects:

Introduction, purpose and overview

; Background information of the business organization

    ; Main industry that the organization competes in

    ; Goals and objectives of the organization

Using the systems approach to analyze

    ; Identify and explain the service delivery or the manufacturing process type that

    was adopted by the organization

    ; Identify the outputs of the organization

Strategic initiatives

; Analyze the general environment of the industry

    ; Identify the mission/vision and analyze the mission statement according to the

    essential components of a mission statement

    ; Using Exhibit 8-6 (Forces in the Industry Analysis, p224) to conduct a five forces

    analysis of the organization


    ; Identify and explain which strategic routes the organization is following ; Identify and evaluate the corporate and international strategy of the organization

Organizational Culture

    ; Describe the organizational culture, especially the shared value of the


    ; Describe the effect of the organizational culture on the management of the


You are required to:


    ; Divide into groups in week 2 (no more than 10 members) (i.e. maximum 15

    groups in total).

    ; Prepare a report which is to be handed in for marking by the latest on Thursday

     December 2011. Length is about 5000words (12 pages excluding reference 22

    list). The assignment mark contributes 20% of the final mark.

; Format of the Report: Business Essay

    Your report must include the following:

    (1) Table of Contents: Each section has a heading and is numbered. Include the

    page number where that part of the report may be found. The words in the

    Table of Contents page do not count in the final word count.

    (2) Introduction: set out the purpose of the Report and then briefly outline the

    areas of Management theory that will be presented to achieve this purpose.

    (3) The Body of the Report

    (4) Conclusion

    (5) Reference List: There must be at least 5 references in addition to the text


    (6) Appendix: contribution of each group member to the assignment

    ; Prepare a presentation that should not exceed 20 minutes and 5 minutes question

    time. Each group shall be allocated a time for presentation as per the Course

    Guide. The presentation will be assessed by peers and the lecturer according to

    predetermined criteria as following: presentation structure and time usage,

    maintaining interest and attention of participants, involvement of participants, and

    development of my understanding of the topic.

    Presentation Groups: Principles of Management

    Presentation Group Group Names & Numbers of the Organization

    Date Leader members

    10-27 1

    10-27 2

    10-27 3

    11-1 4

    11-1 5

    11-1 6

    12-8 7

    12-8 8

    12-8 9

    12-20 10


    12-20 11 12-20 12 12-20 13 12-22 14 12-22 15


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