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Fineprint ...

    Fineprint Readership Survey 2004

    Fineprint is our client newsletter that we send to you quarterly. To ensure that we continue to publish material that you find useful and/or interesting to your personal and business lives, we

    would appreciate your response to the following questions. There are additional spaces for you to

    include any comments. Depending on whether you are completing the survey on the screen or in

    hard copy, please circle/highlight/type/write in your responses. May we please have your response

    by Monday, 15 November 2004.

1. Are you happy to receive the newsletter? (circle/highlight) Yes/No



    2. We try to ensure there is at least one article in each issue that every reader will find useful,

     relevant and interesting. Are there any articles in the last few issues that you have found

     particularly relevant to your business and/or personal life?

     1. _____________________ 2. ________________________ 3. ____________________

3. Future articles: Are there any particular topics that you would like us to cover?

     Business issues _____________________________________________________________

     Rural matters _______________________________________________________________

     Personal law (wills, trusts, etc) __________________________________________________

     Disputes (family law, neighbourhood disputes, etc) __________________________________


     Any other particular topic? _____________________________________________________

4. Have any articles or stories in Fineprint prompted you to see your lawyer? Yes/No

     If YES, which specific articles? _________________________________________________


    5. Is the newsletter layout (tick one):

    Easy to read? ___________ Okay? __________ Hard to read? _____

6. Do you like and/or notice the illustrations and photographs? (Circle) Yes/No

     Comment: _________________________________________________________________

7. Last year we started printing Fineprint in full colour. Have you noticed? (Circle) Yes/No

     If YES, is Fineprint (please tick):

     Better? _________________ About the same? ______________ Worse? ________________

     Comment ____________________________________________________________________

    8. We currently publish Fineprint quarterly. Would you like us to publish (tick one):

     More often (x2/monthly)? ______ Less often (x3/year)? ______ The same (x4/year)? ______


    9. Do read Fineprint (tick one): In the office? _______ At home? _________ Elsewhere? ______

10. What do you do with the newsletter once it has been read? (tick one):

     Throw it out? _________ Keep it for future reference? _________ Pass it on? ___________

    11. If you do pass on Fineprint to anyone to read, to how many people? __________

     Have you had feedback from them (please circle): Yes/No

     If YES, what did they say? _______________________________________________________


    12. Do you find Fineprint (tick one): Valuable _______ Okay ___________ Little value _________

    13. What do you like most about Fineprint? ____________________________________________


14. Is there anything you do not like about the newsletter, or would like us to improve? _________


15. Is there anything else you would like to add? ________________________________________



     Thank you very much for taking the time to fill out this survey. We will use the information to help us write articles of interest and relevance, and to improve the newsletter generally..

     Name/address/phone (optional): __________________________________________________

     ____________________________________________________________________________ Please either: ? E-mail the completed survey direct to the editor at: with “Fineprint Survey” in the subject line, OR

    ? Send a hard copy to her at 10 Margaret Street, Wadestown, Wellington.

All completed entries go into the draw to win either a case of wine or lots of chocolate - delivered

    direct to your door. We will contact the winner to enable them to choose either the wine or


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