6B Unit 2

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6B Unit 2

    6B Unit 2 I. Word formation (词性转换)

    1. flight (n.) fly ( v. )

    2. departure (n. ) opp. arrival ( adj. )

    3. worry ( v. ) worry (n. ) worried ( adj. )

    4.arrival (n.) arrive (v.)

II. Useful expressions ?核心词组,

    1. at the airport

    2. plan to do sth.

    3. a silk scarf / several silk scarves 4. let me drive you to the airport 5. arrival time

    6. deparutre time

    7. buy sb. sth./ buy sth for sb. 8. arrive at the airport

    9. Don’t worry.

    10. put a name tag on the suitcase 11. write down Aunt Judy’s address

III. Language focus ?重点句型,

    1. Have you … yet?

    Yes, I’ve already…

    No, I haven’t … yet

    2. leave for

    3. have to

IV. More readings?补充阅读,


V. Topics

     Say something about your holiday plan. ; Where are your going this coming holiday? ; How are you going there?

    ; Why do you want to go there for a holiday?

    6B Unit 2 Paper A

    I. Fill the blanks with the proper words according to the given phonetic symbols.

    1. Grandma has bought Aunt Judy plenty of T-shirts and ___________ / ˈsevrəl /silk scarves. 2. ____________ / haʊˈevə / they haven’t packed their suitcases yet.

    3. All ____________/ ˈpæsindʒəz / must arrive at the airport two hours before the departure


    4. Your / flaɪt / __________Number is MU586.

    5. Have you written Aunt Judy’s ____________/ ə'dres /(

    6. We have already got some US____________ˈ/ dɔləz /

    7. Write a ____________/ˈtʃeklɪst /for her.

    8. Where can we find a __________/ 'trɒlɪ/

? Translate the following phrases

    1.洛杉矶之旅________________ 2.起飞前两小时__________________ 3,让我带你去机场 4.去另一个国家_______________

    5.不得不待在那里 ___________________ 6. 到达时间 _________________ 7.足够的空间___________________ 8.几条丝巾 __________________ 9.在那里看见许多标志___________________ 10.带一个相机 ___________________ 11.拿些美元 __________________ 12.整理行李箱__________________ 13.写下朱迪阿姨的地址__________________ 14.打电话给他叔叔 __________________ 15.出差___________________ 16.把姓名牌贴在行李箱上 __________________

?. Translate the following sentences.

    1. 王夫人和奶奶计划这个周日去洛杉矶看望朱迪阿姨和迈克叔叔。


    2. 我的箱子里有足够的空间放你的衣服和丝巾。


    3. 他们以前没去过日本。

IVRewrite the sentences as required.

    1. They have already packed their suitcases. (改为否定句)

     They __________ packed their suitcases__________. 2. We have already brought our passports. (改为一般疑问句)

     __________ you brought your passports__________? 3. Have you got your boarding cards? ?否定回答,

     __________.__________ __________.

    4. Have you put a name tag on your suitcase? (肯定回答)

     __________.__________ __________.

    6B unit 2 Paper B

    I. Choose the correct words or phrases to complete the sentences. 1. __________ ( Flight / Fly ) Number CA3939 is now boarding.

    2. Do you know the __________ (enter / entrance ) of the cinema? 3. When are we going to __________ (arrive / arrival ) in Hongkong? 4. Is there enough _________ (space / places ) in your suitcase? 5. Our high speed train to Xiamen __________ (leaves for / leaves ) at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. II. Choose the best answer.

    1. It’s only five minutes’ walk _________ our school to the nearest underground station.

    A. at B. in C. to D. from

    2. __________ do you visit your grandparents?

     A. How long B. How often C. How far D. How soon 3. Let Mr. Wang ______ you to the airport tomorrow.

     A. drives B. driving C. drive D. will drive 4. We plan _______ in Tokyo for three days.

     A. to live B. to stay C. live D. stay

    5. He has eaten _________ hamburgers, so he is full now.

     A. too much B. so little C. too many D. so few 6. Young children __________ do much homework every day.

     A. don’t have to B. haven’t C. doesn’t have to D. not have to

    7. These suitcases are too heavy. Where can I __________?

    A. bring a camera B. get some money C. find a policeman D. get a trolley 8. We ______ in this school for almost a year. We really enjoy the life here.

     A. studied B. study C. have studied D. will study 9. Which sign can’t you find at an airport?

     A. No babies B. shops C. toilets D. escalators 10. It takes me about half an hour ___________ my English homework every evening.

     A. to make B. to collect C. to do D. to listen to

III. Rewrite the sentences as required.

    1. My cousins are going to stay in Shanghai for two weeks. (保持句意不变)

    My cousins __________ __________ stay in Shanghai for two weeks. 2. I have already packed my schoolbag. (改为否定句)

    I _________ _________ my schoolbags __________. 3. I like this pink scarf very much. ( 改为复数)

     __________ like __________ pink _________ very much. 4. The tourists will stay in Hongkong for two days. ?对划线部分提问,

     __________ __________ will the tourists stay in Hongkong? 5. Mum, could you buy me a new pad? (保持原意!改写句子)

    Mum, could you __________ a new pad ________ me?

IV. Reading


    Read and complete the air tickets

    Jimmy Chen lives in East End. He takes a bus to the airport. It takes about 70 minutes to get there.

    He needs to leave home at about 7:00 am.

    Lucy Tang lives in City Center. She takes the Airport Express to the airport. It takes her about 23

    minutes to get there. She needs to leave home at about 7:00 p.m.

    Flight No. Destination Departure time Arrival time

    FX 2146 Los Angeles 8;45 a.m. 10:30 p.m

    JP 3184 Tokyo 10:30 a.m. 2:35 p.m.

    CX 345 Bangkok 6:40 p.m. 9:10 p.m.

    VG 101 London 9:40 p.m. 10:30 a.m.


    Name: ______1_____

    From: Garden City To: ____2_______

    Flight No: ____3______ Class: Economy

Departure time: _____4_____ Arrival time: ____5______

    All passengers must arrive at the airport two hours before the departure time.


    Name: ______6_____

    From: Garden City To: ____7______

    Flight No: ____8______ Class: Economy

    Departure time: _____9_____ Arrival time: ____10______

    All passengers must arrive at the airport two hours before the departure time.


    Read the passage and fill in the blanks

    My father and I are going to Paris next Monday. We are going to v_____1_____ Aunt Lucy. She

    has l_____2_____ there for 11 years. My father and I haven’t been to Paris b____3______. We

    plan to s_____4_____ there for a month. We’ve already b_____5_____ lots of presents. We will leave home f_____6_____ the airport at 8:30 a.m. We’ll h_____7_____ to stay at the airport for

    two hours. We think we’ll e____8______ ourselves in Paris.

V. Writing

    1. Write at least 50 words on the topic My trip to _______________. The following questions are only for reference.

    ; What do you plan to visit in the coming summer holidays? ; Why do you want to go there?

    ; How will you get there?

    ; What should you take with you?

    2. Write at least 50 words on the topic “My holiday plan. The following questions are only for reference.

    ; Where are your going this coming holiday?

    ; How are you going there?

    ; Why do you want to go there for a holiday?

    6B unit 2 Paper C

    I. Complete the sentences with the help of the first letters.

    1. A person who travels all over the world must carry a p__________

    2. I felt a little tired. H__________, I could hold on.

    3. I have been to Beijing s_________ times. It’s a very interesting city.

    4. Please tell me your e-mail a__________ and I can send you an e-mail soon.

    5. There is no s__________ for another shelf in this room.

II. Reading

    ( A)

    Mr. Hill arrives at London Airport, at the end of a three-week holiday in France. Usually he has beard. Because it is really hot there, he has taken it off. But his passport photo shows him with his beard.

    An officer looks at the photo for a minute and says, “ Will you excuse me?” Please sit down. I won’t keep you long.” With this, he walks away, shows the photo to a serious office and sats, “ I know that face.” The second officer looks at the photo and asks where Mr. Hill has come from. When he knows that Mr. Hill has arrived from France, the second officer says, “ An Englishman with a beard stole a painting in France on Friday, and that man looks just like this man…”

    Suddenly it comes to the first officer, he asks, “ Did you teach at NO. 2 High School?” When Mr. Hill says yes in surprise, the first officer says, “ I thought so to. I’m Jack Smith. You taught me French. You haven’t changed at all.”

    Answer the following questions

    1. Is Mr. Hill from France?


    2. Why he took off his beard at the end of the holiday?


    3. How long does Mr. Hill stay in France?


    4. Mr. Hill was a French teacher in No. 2 High school, wasn’t he?


    5. What do you think of the second officer?



    I used to travel by air many times when I was a boy. My grandparents lived in America and I used to f_____1_____ there from China during the holiday with my parents. The flight travelled very fast and every time I had a nice time on the plane. H____2______, only once I ever felt scared?吓

    坏了,. After the p____3______ took off, we were flying low over the city at first. Then the plane slowly flied up to the sky. But after some time, the plane began to turn around and flew back to the a_____4_____. We were told to keep calm?保持冷静, and to get off the plane q_____5_____ as

    soon as the plane arrived at the airport. Everybody was worried and we were curious to f______6____ out what had happened. Later we were told that the police had been told that a bomb?炸弹, had been p____7______ on the plane. Luckily n_____8_____ was found and five hours later we were able to take off again.

III. Project work

    ; Make a poster about the signs at Shanghai Pudong /Hongqiao International Airport.

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