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    Tian Fu College


    Southwest University of Finance and Economics

    Course Title: Project Management

    Final Exam

Assignment Title: Prison Break Plan


    LiuFang (41001248)

    31st December 2011

The introduction about the Prison Break Plan

    In order to get Lincoln Burrows out the Fox River Prison, whose brother Michael Scofield plans a Prison Break Plan. First Scofield collects lots of information about Fox River’s environment and people. Second, Scofield needs

    get into the Fox River, then he starts to build a team which includes his brother Burrows, his cell-mate Sucre, mob-boss Abruzzi, and "old head" Westmoreland. The mob-boss Abruzzi who masters the PI in Fox River, he can make Scofield contact with his brother Lincoln, and can offer a plane when they break out the prison; the "old head" Westmoreland actually is the D.B. Cooper who can offer them money when they out the prison; Scofields plan starts from his cell, so his

    cell-mate Sucre must know it and participate in it in case he goes to inform against Scofield. When the team came out, Scofield started to make the way to break out Fox River’s., at the same time he calculated the time, all the things may happened when they break out the Prison, and which way they will go after they out of the Prison, where they will go and so on.

    Detail steps

    1. When Scofield collected the information, he gets the map of the Fox River

    from the company which he worked before. He is going to remember it, but

    it too complex to remember all, and then he designed it on his body. 2. Scofield poorly robs a bank in order to get caught and sent to Fox River

    Prison where his brother is in.

    3. When in it, Scofield must contact with Lincoln, and the only way is getting

    into the PI whose boss is the Abruzzi, then he goes to meet Abruzzi, and

    suggests he let him in the PI work. Of cause Abruzzi will not agree, Scofield

    says he knows Fibanacci who charge Abruzzi and make he in prison. 4. Scofield uses some medical to make he has the diabetes mellitus that he can

    has time in the clinic, and he uses two kind of chemical to make the sewer’s

    algam rot. Because the room is one place to go out.

    5. Scofield makes cell phone by a piece of soap to explore Sucre if he is reliable,

    and he willing break out of prison. But Sucre does not agree and ask the

    boss for change the room.

    6. Scofield finds a long screw, and he rub it become a screwdriver which use to

    rive the trough. Scofield starts to make way from there.

    7. Scofield gets a card from his wife which he used to open the rooms door of

    prisoners things when they come into here. He finds his watch and a

    recorder, which use to calculate the time.

    8. Scofield plans use another room which one is the entry. They dig a hole in

    the rooms floor.

    9. Scofield require Abruzzi offer a plane when they out here.

    10. Scofield willfully disappear in the prison, he goes on the overhead of the

    prison, and waits the outside help comes derection and the time.

    The analyze the changed parts

    1. When Scofield draw Abruzzi over to his side, he does not relies that Abruzzi

    is a malevolence man, he does not let anyone threaten him, so he cats away

    two toes of Scofield.

    2. When Scofield draw Sucre over to his side, Sucre thinks his time here that is

    not much longer, he does not need to break here, and he asks for change the

    cell. Scofields new cell-mate is a mental patient, who does not need to sleep

    and finds Scofield’s map. So that Scofield’s does not have changce to open the


    3. FBI detective Paul thinks Scofield will do something in the prison. Then he

    threatens the governor of the prison Pope to move Scofield to other prison. So

    that Scofield can not get in touch with his brother.

    4. When Scofield digs the way, he faces a hard wall; he needs more time to deal

    with it, but the prison count all the time. Then his cell-mate Sucre suggests

    makes a lockdown. A breached comes out, Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell; a

    convicted killer find out their plan, this man not a good man, Michael is

    forced to accept him.

    5. Scofield needs to go into a room which one is the only one underpass under,

    but they can not get into, it is the guards break room, not any one can get in.

    Scofield deal with the holes blinding in the room, another people C-Note

    finds their plan, so he forces to join it.

    6. When Scofield tells his brother their Escape time only 18 minutes, every

    people needs 2 minutes, but they come out one more people. Abruzzi is nearly

    killed by T-Bag and Abruzzi is sending out.

    7. There is something wrong with Abruzzi’s pocketbook. He has no right to

    control the PI. So that Scofield will not have chance to approach it. 8. When Scofield comes out from the hole tells his teammates that they will

    escape tonight, but his brother beat the badge for giving Scofield more time

    to come out the hole, and he is put in confinement.

    9. When they escape to the infirmary, they find the sewer was changed, and it

    very hard, they can not take it off. So they should go back.

    10. When Lincoln executes, Scofield makes the electric chair off, but the electric

    chair still work.

    11. When Scofield finds a new way to go out. But his shoulder burned, and the

    key to the ways map is impaired, he is put in confinement.

    12. This time they will not go through under the infirmarys sewer, they will go

    from they door. They get the key of the door, but at last the door is changed. 13. A new person called Dived is forced into to figuring out what Michael is up to

    by prison guard Bellick, Bellick finds the hole in the guard’s break room, it

    makes Scofield’s second time to escape in advance.

    14. At last moment, Scofield’s forced to add Haywire and a fat guy to the team.

    15. They are not catch up the plane.

    Michael controls the change

    Things never go according to plan. When Scofield faces the change things, he expresses very calm, face the music. His mind likes a machine, works fast, comes up with many programs, and makes them together. He makes use of the information before he came here, thinks out many possible things, when the plan changes, he does as far as possible to makes the change tings disappear or makes it best to their plan.

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