SEO Growth Worksheet

By Robin Campbell,2014-06-18 17:07
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SEO Growth Worksheet

    SEO: An Hour a Day

    SEO Growth Worksheet


SEO Room to Grow:


    Current search engine status is poor.

    Current optimization level is poor.

    I have compiled a list of well-matched, popular keywords.

    My SEO team is enthusiastic about making needed changes.

     I anticipate that it will be easy to make text changes to my website.

     I have the appropriate personnel available.

     I have the buy-in from the powers-that-be in my organization.

     I have a budget for paid search.

     My website faces a low level of competition.

     I have discovered untapped markets or SEO opportunities.

     My site is “buzzworthy” or my organization’s activities are newsworthy. Campaign Goals

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