EMEDS_Fact_Sheet - National Guard Bureau

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EMEDS_Fact_Sheet - National Guard Bureau


Small Portable Expeditionary

    Aerospace Rapid Response

    (SPEARR) ; The SPEARR is the initial Rapid, responsive, medical care anytime, anywhere equipment and personnel set of the EMEDS construct EMEDS Mission: The Air National Guard’s Expeditionary Medical

    Support (EMEDS) is a modular, scalable, rapid response medical package ; Brings medical equipment, supplies, a tent and 12 medical personnel to that can be used in humanitarian relief, wartime contingencies and disaster

    perform life-saving operations to response operations. The package contains four unique and distinct building include patient stabilization and blocks: Small Portable Expeditionary Aerospace Rapid Response surgical procedures and can treat a (SPEARR), EMEDS Basic, EMEDS+10 and EMEDS+25 personnel and population at risk (PAR) of up to specialized equipment components. 500 personnel

EMEDS Basic Overview: The Air National Guard Medical Service (ANGMS) began ; Brings additional medical equipment transitioning to EMEDS in 2002. The 2007 ANGMS budget includes and supplies, and builds to a total of funding for 52 EMEDS Basic Personnel Packages, one in every state plus three tents Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. In addition, three EMEDS+25 personnel

    packages are included for Federal Emergency Management Agency regions ; Maintains 28 medical personnel

     covering the mid-Atlantic, Mid-West and Pacific Northwest.

    ; Ability to care for a PAR of 500- 2,000 personnel Locations: Seventeen EMEDS+10 personnel packages are located throughout the United States in states with Chemical, Biological, Explosive, ; In addition to surgical care, provides Radiological, Nuclear and high-yield Explosive Enhanced Response primary medical care and has four

    Packages. The Air National Guard Medical Service is building additional holding beds that rely on

    aeromedical evacuation to transport EMEDS equipment capability. As of 2007, there are three EMEDS+25 the patient to more definitive equipment sets located at Forbes Field, KS, one set located at Fairchild Air medical care facilities Force Base, WA, and one set located at Willow Grove Air Reserve Station, PA. EMEDS + 10

     ; Builds to a total of six tents

     In the future, five additional EMEDS+25 equipment sets will be budgeted by

    ; Maintains 57 medical personnel the Air National Guard Medical Services. Air National Guard rapid response EMEDS packages were deployed in support of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and ; Ability to care for a PAR of 2,000-Wilma. 3,000 personnel

    ; Ability to care for ten medical or surgical patients for an extended period of time

; Ancillary services include

    laboratory, radiology, pharmacy,

    and dental

EMEDS + 25

; Builds to a total of nine tents, a staff

    of 85 medical personnel, and cares

    for a PAR of 3,000-5,000. Adds

    ancillary physical therapy. An

    EMEDS+25 package can care for a

    mix of 25 surgical and medical inpatients Learn More:

    For more information contact NGB Public Affairs (Media Desk) 703-607-2584 Current as of Jan 24, 2008

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