Exam Fearhhh

By Sandra Hicks,2014-09-18 12:28
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Exam Fearhhh

    Exam Fear

Exams are a way of assessing评估 what a student

    has learned during the academic year./ Apart from this, it is also a method/ through which the students’ learning and grasping 理解;领会abilities are evaluated 评估and graded

    分等级 by the teacher. / This makes it very important for students to learn well, / and achieve good scores in the exam. / However, for most students, exams bring with them lots of tension,使紧张 stress and

    Anxiety焦虑. / The main reason for this is the increased

    pressure / that they receive from their parents and

    teachers. /Although a little bit of exam fear is important to

    study before the exams, too much tension can hinder阻碍

    the students’ ability to do well. /Many times,

    due to exam fear, students tend to没听出来 forget what

    they have learned, thus scoring less than they could have. /Hence因此 , it is extremely crucial 重要的for students to

    learn about how to reduce exam fear. /Thus they can give their examination confidently, subsequently随后

    earning good grades.

    Holidays in the US

    Like other nations, the United States sets aside a number of days each year to commemorate events, people or public occasions./ These holidays typically are marked by a general suspension of work and business activity,/ and by public or religious ceremonies. /Technically, the united States does not celebrate national holidays./ However, Congress has designated 10 legal public holidays.

    During such public holidays,/ most federal institutions are

    closed and most federal employees are excused from work. /Although the individual states and private businesses are not required to observe these, in practice all states and nearly all employees observe the majority of them. /Since 1971, a number of these holidays have been fixed on Mondays rather than on a particular calendar date so as to

    afford workers a long holiday weekend. /Meanwhile, there are some US state holidays/ particular to individual US states.

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