A Culture Guide to China

By Judith Wells,2014-10-27 20:52
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A Culture Guide to China

    2. The cultural norm in China for name we use while talking is a form of Ones

    position followed with ones family name. While talking to people with the same

    generation or the younger generation, we can call their name straightly. But if we are talking to elders, we cant call their first names at all, instead we should call their positions followed with family names. These form reflect the culture values of the respect of the eldership and clans.

    . The culture norm in China for distance while talking is 1 to 2 meters. If talking 3

    to old friends or relatives, we can make the distance a little more short. Usually Chinese don’t stand to close while talking. These distance reflect the connotation.

    6. There are many taboos in Chinese culture. For example, we cannot point others with our fingers or chopsticks, in China that is quiet impolite. Besides we cant give a

    clock as the gift at a wedding ceremony, because the clock in Chinese pronunciation

    is quit similar to the end. Another is tattoos. The tattoo in China is a really bad thing. If someone has tattoos, that usually means he has already in jail. If you have any tattoo, youd better hide it and never let others see it. These taboos show many parts of Chinese value.

    7. The cultural norm in China for the time we arrive for a meeting is 20 minutes before it start. If you are superior of all the meeting members, you can arrive late. But if you are not the superior of other meeting members, it will be very impolite of you to arriving late. These norm reflect the culture values of the respect of our superior.

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