My favorite novel-Gone With the Wind

By Yvonne Hughes,2014-07-16 18:41
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    Gone with the wind

     Gone with the wind is my favourite novel. It is released to be the top 10 of the 100 best American films of all time. The characters in the novel are graceful, the plot rises and falls, its

    absolutely a good book which is worth reading repeatedly.

    Scarlett OHara , the heroine of the novel is a very

    personality figure, who is filled with vitality , she is so strong and brave that she disregards all the traditional social restrictions for her objectives , she has bored talent for business and leadership for her recovering her fathers plantation and

    achieving the great success in Atlanta. She is such a tough and strong-willed woman that she never gives up . What I appreciate most at her is this :Tomorrow is another day !Which is promising , full of fighting will. It manifests that Scarlett will never gives up and never be desperate . Im moved by her, so ,

    whatever difficulty I confront in the future .I will never be overwhelmed , because I will always tell myself that tomorrow is another day. We should remember that yesterday is a history , tomorrow is a mistery.

    The hero of the novel named Rhett Butler is a complicated man . He constantly brings excitement into Scarletts life and

    always encourages and impulses her to change and success, he

    is brave and tough, he loves Scarlett, but what matters most is that he understands her, so he is reluctant to express his true feelings to her , and Scarlett is obsessed with Ashely, both of which are the key reasons for their marriagrs failure. Rhett has

    presents readers with compelling stories of strength and masculinity. He adapts himself to the variable situation masterly, and thrives on reality and change. As an opportunist , he earns his fortune in the war. But, he is also a patriot that he abandons his beloved Scarlett in hostile territory and joins the army. He is a symbol of the American man at his best in the Civil War

    Gone with the wind not only depicts a compelling love story of two people, but it also describes the boldness of the American people in the Civil War. Scarlett and Rhett are two persons who stand for the pillar of courage and strength , the novel declares to all the people around the world that American people will never gives up . The words Scarletts father said the

    land is the only thing laststhe only thing worthes fighting for,

    he comments the importance of the land which stands for the integrity of a nations territory. Fighting forever for their

    untegrity is the conviction of all the American people in the period of the civil time

    Gone with the wind is undeniably a classic and legend. On

    one hand , it depicts a compelling love story of two people and encourages us to insist on success, on the other hand , it teaches us to love our country ,so I maintain that the more times you read the book , the more harvest you will get in the classic novel.

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