Instant Interviews: 101 Ways to Get the Best Job of Your Life

By Ana Hudson,2014-11-04 20:22
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Instant Interviews: 101 Ways to Get the Best Job of Your Life

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    Title Page

    Copyright Page

    Introducing Instant Interviews!


Instant Interviews


Do 1: Appearing Magically—Like a Genie!

    Identifying Yourself

    Gathering Information

    Showing Your Appreciation

    Motivating Yourself

    Repeating the Process

Do 2: Making and Taking the Instant Interview Magic Potion

    The Potion’s Magic

    The Potion’s Ingredients

    Making and Taking the Potion

Do 3: Maintaining Magic Potion Potency Throughout the Day

    The Boosters

Do 4: Breaking Out of the Box—Job E-X-P-A-N-S-I-O-N

    Do 5: E-Mailing, Faxing, and Mailing Your Rest-You-May

    Getting Offeror Attention

    Racing from Resume to Interview

Do 6: Getting Your Resume Scanned

    Keyword Indexing of Candidate Files

    Planning for Scanning

Do 7: Writing the ASCII Resume

    Answering about ASCII

    All Facts and No Frills

Do 8: Getting You Covered with the Better Letter

    Peeking Under the Covers

    Writing the Better Letter

Do 9: Broadcasting a Letter with High Bandwidth

    Google the Type of Business and Geographic Area

    Obtain the Name and Title of the Contact

    Use a Preprinted Letterhead or Create Your Own

    Use 10-Point Type with Black Ink on White Paper

Do 10: Faxmailing for Nofailing

    Designing the Fax Cover Sheet

    Assembling the Mail Package

Do 11: Dollaring for Instant Interest

    Go to the Bank and Get 20 Crisp Dollar Bills

Do 12: Maximizing Instant Availability Announcements

    Explaining Yourself

    Placing a Classified IAA

    Writing the Classified IAA

    Deciding Where to Place the IAA

Do 13: Blasting Instant Availability Announcements

    Faxing Fast

    Internetting Instantly

    Networking Socially

Do 14: Shifting into Overdrive with the Callback Card

    Designing the Card

Do 15: Interviewing Instantly over the Internet

    Outing the Offerors

    Spearing Search Engines

Do 16: Courting a Corporate Partner—Online

    Instant Internetting

    Picking Corporate Partners

    Facing the Fictional Facts

    Getting Screened In

Do 17: Getting Personal to Get Interviewed

    Maximizing the Referral

    Mentioning the Referral in the Interview

Do 18: Surveying to Get Instantly In

    Choose a Riveting Subject

    Write a Short Survey

Do 19: Reading Between the Classified Ad Lines

    The Ones That Don’t Say What They Mean (25 Percent)

    The Ones That Don’t Mean What They Say (35 Percent)

    The Ones Who Don’t Know What They’re Saying (25 Percent)

    The Ones Who Say It and Mean It (15 Percent)

Do 20: Responding to Classified Ads

    Tracking the Ads

Do 21: Mining the Yellow Pages

    Know the Differences in Yellow Pages

    Go to the Heading for the Field You Want

    Look for Similar Businesses

    Go to the Yellow Pages Online

Do 22: Breaking the Code in Business Periodicals

    Do 23: Teaching a Class

    University Extension Departments

    Adult Education Departments

    Classes Offered by Private Businesses

    Online Learning

Do 24: Giving a Speech

    You Can Speak

Do 25: Making Your Own Recordings

    Do 26: Expediting Executive Recruiting

    Understanding Who Recruiters Are and What They Do

    Three Kinds of Networks

    Now—What about You?

Do 27: Writing for Newspaper Special Sections

    Picking an Advertorial Topic

    Getting Placed

Do 28: Guiding a Counselor at a Free Career Center

    Call Your Unemployment Office

    Politely Listen to the Advice for a Few Minutes

    Keep Checking In

    The Payoff

Do 29: Inciting Potential Offerors to Interview

    Know You Can Do Whatever You’re Asked

    Be Responsible for What You Say

    Focus on What’s Sticking, not the Person Who’s Stuck

    Visualize and Verbalize a Cup Half Full

    Build Up the Offeror

    Ask to Work

Do: 30 Answering Inside Job Listings: Gold without the Shaft

    Shinnying Up the Chain of Command

Do 31: Vacationing Free While They Interview Thee

    Pick a Resort Area

    Pick a Trade Association

    Pick a Vendor

    Pick a Speaker

Do 32: Forming Your Very Own Job Club

    Do 33: Launching a Proactive Proposal

    Interesting the Offeror

    The Essentials

    Do, Do, Do, and Don’t!

    Getting It Out

Do 34: Interrupting the Interview Intervention

    Moving the Ball

    Unclogging the Blockage

    Getting Participation

Do 35: Arriving at Airports, Stations, and Depots

    Attacking at Airports

    Stompin’ at the Station

    Doin’ It at Depots

Do 36: Transforming Ground Transportation into Interview Information

    Do 37: Tracking on Trains

    Stagger Your Schedule

    Go from One Car to Another

    Stop at Stations along the Way

    Stop at Stations Where People Are Getting On Rather than Off

Do 38: Taking Off in Business Class

    Fly with the Flock

    Call a Travel Agent

    Book Early

    Fly Business Class

    Book Online

    Wear Your Interviewing Uniform

    Bring Snacks to the Airport

    Arrive Even Earlier

    Plan A: Interviewing on Tight Flights

    Plan B: Interviewing on Light Flights

Do 39: Developing Your Persona

    Do 40: Calling and Enthralling the Offeror

    Vary the Rate

    Control the Volume

    Use the Right Pitch

    Improve Your Pronunciation

Do 41: Reading the Offeror Like a Book

    Outgoing: Type One

    Reserved: Type Two

    Analytical: Type Three

Do 42: Increasing Your Interviewing Instincts

    Think from Digital to Analog

    Become Aware of Your Interview Options

Do 43: Bossing around Your Boss to Get You Interviews

    Do 44: Indemnifying an Offeror for Your Instant Dream Job Do 45: Networking Out at the Jobgym

    Choose an Upscale Gym in a Large Chain

    Take Advantage of the Free Trial Period

    Go in at 7 A.M. and Leave at 9 A.M. Monday through Friday

    Stagger the Location of Your Locker

    Bring a Small Purse

    Head for the Free Weights and Resistance Machines

    Head for the Steam Room or Sauna

    Get Out by 9 A.M. for Sure

    Take the Magic Potion

    Make Many Friends among the Morning Crew

    Visit Jobgyms While You’re on the Road Instanting

    Do 46: Renewing Acquaintances Instantly


    Former Teachers

    Former Supervisors

    Former Co-workers

    Other Acquaintances

    Do 47: Obtaining Publicity about Instant Availability Do 48: Writing Letters to the Editor

    Find an Offeror

    Discuss a Professional Subject

    Do 49: Writing Articles or Columns Do 50: Using a Rent-a-Mentor Do 51: Sampling the Sweets at Job Fairs Do 52: Writing the Instant Bio Do 53: Writing a Press Release Do 54: Crashing Parties at Hotels Do 55: Granting Celebrities an Interview Do 56: Mixing and Matching at the Chamber Mixer Do 57: Learning to Play Ball from the Blue Crew

    Do 58: Promoting Interviews Using Postal Centers

    Pick an Independent Postal Center

    Pick the Location Carefully

    Establish Your Expectations

    Call the Postal Center Every Day

    Remember the Postal People at Holiday Time

    Do 59: Targeting Interviews with the F-O-C-U-S Principle






    Do 60: Outerviewing There and Now

    Google the Area, then Contact the Local Newspaper and Chamber of Commerce

    Google Each Business

    Write Down Your Talking Points

    Rev Yourself up to Call Each Contact

    Use Your Talking Points

    Offer to Fly at the Lowest Fare, Any Time Day or Night, and Stay at a Budget Motel

    Offer to Sign an Employee Payback Agreement

    Google Trade Associations for Members in the Area

    Get Tons of Interviews Following the Guidelines for Interviewing while ...

    Submit the Expenses

    Do 61: Uncovering the Office Building Underground Instantly

    Security Guards

    Do 62: Running the Routes with the Jobjungle Scouts Do 63: Banking Personal References Instantly

    Selecting the Right Personal References

    Reassuring Reluctant Personal References

    Preparing Personal References

    Offer Assistance to Personal References

    Debriefing Personal References

    Using Personal References for Job Leads

Do 64: Banking Professional References Instantly

    Selecting the Right Professional References

    Preparing Professional References

    Overcoming Sensitive Areas and Objections

    Notifying Professional References

    Using Professional References for Job Leads

    Essentials for Professional Reference Letters

Do 65: Getting Your Foot in the Store Door

    Write These Keywords on a Piece of Paper and Put It in Your Right Back Pocket

    Instant Interview the Store Manager

    Enter the Keywords in Your Responses to the Application Items

    Call the Store When the Manager Is Supposed to be Worcking

    Understand How Store Managers Think

    Check Out the Store Online

    Know Where You Want Your Instant Interview to Go

Do 66: Newspapering on Your Route for Instant Ins

    Do 67: Remembering Your Lines Instantly Like a S-T-A-R

    Spot Something

    Talk about It

    Attribute and Accomplishment


Do 68: Turning On Off-Offerors

    Flipping the Switches

Do 69: Demonstrating the Instant You

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