The Bad Effects Of Underage Drinking

By Paula Garcia,2014-07-16 17:04
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    The Bad Effects Of Underage Drinking Alcohol has some grievous influences on adolescents.

    First of all, there is a research indicates that adolescents are more easy to be addicted to alcohol than people who begin drinking after the legal age of 21. Also, under the influence of being drunk, adolescents may lose their estimation, and those intoxicated teens may have a lot of risky and incorrect behaviors. For example, many of teenagers can not resist the temptation of taking drugs. With their impaired judgment after drinking, teens may think that drug abuse is acceptable and not much dangerous. And teens who are addicted to alcohol may become rude and get a pretty violent temper which make them difficult to deal with their social relations and family relationship. Besides, there are also a number of potential health risks which are associated with alcohol. Underage drinking will affects teenagers’ memory and thinking abilities in a long

    period, and injures teens’ liver, and impair a vital balance of hormones

    which is essential for their normal growth.

    In recent years, the problems of underage drinking are becoming more and more serious. Due to underage drinking has a large quantity of negative influences on teenagers, families and society, the solutions of this issue are extremely urgent and essential.

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