Unit 5 Problems and advice

By Elizabeth Williams,2014-06-27 18:00
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Unit 5 Problems and advice

    Unit 5 Problems and advice Term Two Senor One 1. the counselor’s corner

    2. excerpts from the letters

    3. smash to the ground

    4. stop to take a look

    5. question everyone

    6. have a guilty conscience a clear conscience for

    conscience’ sake

    She gave him back the money she had stolen, for conscience’ sake.

    A clear conscience makes for happiness.

    I have a guilty conscience about forgetting to post your letter. 7. tough guys

    8. almost empty carriage

    9. tease and bully

    10. do no good to be good for do good to be harmful to 11. get off

    12. feel sorry for

    13. hate violence violent fight against violence 14. the checkout assistant

    15. an extra ten-pound note

    16. discover the error

    17. wait your turn It’s your turn to do sth

    18. mean to do mean doing had meant to do = meant to have


    19. correct the error

    20. a lack of courage

    21. in unexpected situation

    22. the best remedy for

    23. in the case of

    24. persuade sb to do sth persuade sb into doing

    25. contact the transport police keep in contact with make contact


    make an eye contact with sb

    26. watch for

    27. sth belong to sb

    28. suffer for our mistake suffer huge losses in the economic crisis

    suffer a lot from sth

    suffer from heart diseases/measles the sufferings the


    29. need any more advice

    30. accidentally =by accident= by chance

    31. miss doing sth a missing boy = a lost boy 32. temporary/permanent temporarily/permanently 33. grumble at/about/over sth

    34. hesitate to do sth = be reluctant to do sth hesitate about sth

    without a moment’s hesitation

    36. in case of in no case should we….. in any case in that case

     In case of fire, ring the bell.

     In that case, I have no more to say.

     In no case are you to leave your post.

     In any case I shall return in a day or two.

    37. remember to do remember doing

     Forget to do forget doing

     Stop to do stop doing

     Try to do try doing

    Regret to do regret doing

    Go on to do go on doing

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