On International Advertisement Culture and Translation

By Karen Thomas,2014-09-12 14:38
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On International Advertisement Culture and Translation


    When talking about the advertising. In today‘s information age. This is

    reason to be well-known the advertising and nobody so-called does not know. The advertising, just as its name implies, we live in one world of the advertisement, with the development of diplomacy, it make us choose the way to develop the advertisement in advantage, and economic globalization, which make us to be firm to develop the international advertising can‘t waver. As the

    specialized translator, we must be solving the problem of culture and language of the national boundary in order to take lead to the national forest of world. As the top have said, so what is the advertisement? The international advertisement? And how to do a good job of the international advertisement translation? The following are going to study it in depth.

    1. The Concept of the Translation of International Advertisement

    Nowadays, in the products society of information age, the advertisement may well be ubiquitous, all-pervasive. There is obvious that do a good job of the international advertisement translation have very important and realistic meaning for the present society, if the national want to expand the world market and to establishment the international famous brands. the international advertisement translation actually included the meaning of both respects

    international advertising and advertising translation. The translator must grasp


    the values of the translation when understanding the concept of the international advertisement

    1.1 The Concept of International Advertisement

    Speaking of the international advertisement, there is some problem, just what is the advertisement? American Marketing Association defines advertising as ―the nonpersonal communication usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, service or ideas by identified sponsors through different media ‖.this definition mainly highlights several points

    nonpersonal, conveying, persuasive and different advertising. The concept of international advertisement is self evident. The international advertisement

    exactly means that exporters do some advertising products in the target country or the areas in order to cooperate with the international marketing activity. There is result that the international marketing activity developed. in addition, it is also the form of the advertising propaganda, which regards developing in national advertisement as the parent, then enters to the world market, enables the export product to get into the international market rapidly, earns the reputation for products, expands the sale of the products and realize the goal of the advertisement finally. As the advertising of intercultural and international, It is not merely a kind of economic activity, but also a kind of cultural interchange. International advertising culture as a subculture which is subordinated to commercial culture. There is face not only the conversion problems of the languages, if the


     Translator only simple translates the success advertising at home into the importer letters or move out directly, the consequence is often bad. Here, there have to emphasize on the functions of the translations.

    1. 2 The Functions of the Advertisement Translation

    Compared with the domestic advertisement, the international

    advertisement has a lot of advantages, such as masses nature, commerciality culture, national and epoch-character and so on. At the same time, there must also face the differences between the China and the West. for instance, the languages, the cultural, the traditional habits, the education, the environment, the religion and economics situation, etc…in the International Advertising

    Area, the translation plays a role in holding the balance, which is the important means to link up the thoughts of people of all nationalities, and to promote the exchanges of politics, economy, cultural and scientific technology. Of course, the skills of translation is a kind of important pivot to link up all foreign affairs. The translator must do a good job of international advertisement translation if the advisors want to obtain more profits from the world area.

    2. The Cultural Problem of the International Advertisement


    An overview of the world development tell the translator that opportunists and challenges coexist, the new century will present the


    translator both hopes and difficulties. Today, the global economy has speeded up to advertising time. the advertisement is gradually booming worldwide. There is opportunity, but, there must face challenges far greater than before. At first, one of the greatest challenges face mankind is the cultural problem. The economic globalizations an objective trend of economic development of the contemporary world. There must be influence the development of international advertisement, international advertisement translation is different from other texts, because of the unique demand for the advertising text, there emphasis on the factors of social economy and cultural in the translation. Especially limited by the cultural factor.

    2.1 The Cross-Cultural Communication

    As the translator of cross-cultural communication, here, should consider the intercultural factor of international advertisement, it mainly reflects in following three respects;

    First, the translator must consider the different cultural values. different countries, different culture, there come into being the different values, especially in the field of culture. The cultural values of Chinese have deep humanism spirit, people‘s idea mainly focus on the both sides of the

    introspection and the self control. The traditional values made into the

    Chinese‘ incline personality. American professor Yang Zhao yang once said: the Chinese pay more attention to the product contents of the advertisement and pursuit the real example, due to the influence of the traditional cultural


backwards; there relations are all set up on the real example.‖ On contrary,

    the West people have a personality of extroversion, they are prefer to the external form of advertising products rather than the China, and they would like to seek the sense of beauty.

     Second, different of psychological structure is also factors. Chinese peoples has a firm of psychological characteristicbenevolence,仁!,

    practical (务实)and patience(忍耐). And Chinese‘ peculiar cultural

    psychology mainly shows for the idea of unify, just as people saw, it is generally recognized that the advertising is worthless. there is some cases:




    These authorized values are already deep-rooted in Chinese mind. for instance, heavy boon, light idea, heavy match, light competition, etc…these

    backward psychological characteristics must be influence the originality of advertising and hamper the progress of advertising. In West, there is a complicated psychology compare to the Chinese, but relaxed too. because the West are emphasize on the ideas of the people (人本)cognition(认知), and


     Last but not least, china as for four major ancient civilized countries, located in fertile area. Which regards the residence as the foundation is evolve the idea of ―the standard of House ―the concept to the family is very strong.


    But the west is not, due to most of the west are not so long as Chinese nation‘s history, small area and more houses frequently. so the people are prefer to enjoy the freedom and stimulation of life.

    2.2 The Cross-Languages Factor

     It is no doubt that a big problem of the translations is the cross-cultural factors; however, there is a difficult point that the translator can‘t be neglect the factor of cross-languages. If the translator want to do a good job of the translation, and should consider the following factors, like the speech sound, the semantics, the form of the characters, rhetoric, etc…

     The speech sound is a sound of the human languages, as a part of languages system of social communication, the pronunciation of the languages can cause the different results of sense of hearing in the psychology, and excite different psychological responses. In the advertising language, if there often uses the advantage of the speech sounds, such as the onomatopoeic motivation, sound symbolism and echoism and so on. Which causes audiences aesthetic feeling of sense of hearing, but the west pronunciation is different from the china in ethoic and rhyme. In the advertising word of English, there are often use the alliteration, assonance, rhyme and consonance to reach the rhyme of beauty. For example,‖Never

    Late on Father‘s Day‖ the advertising word can blow one harmonious

    beautiful music with two ‗ei‘ it is very difficult to keep the sense of beauty in Chinese. For instance:


     A Mars a day keeps you work, rest and play. 每日一块Mars 巧克力,


    Never Late on Father’s Day. (头韵)

    Save on LABOUR, Save on cost. 节约劳动力,节约开支,头韵!

    At the same time, the translator should be also notice the pronunciation of word to avoid bad amplification while translating the advertising word. for example, Japanese Toshiba once used one advertising language ;‖Toshiba,

    Toshiba, everybody‘s Toshiba‖ the whole sentence afford to joke for some

    young people, ―steal, steal, everybody‘s thing‖ this is actually an advertising

    lyrics, but once amplify, all public impression has not come back before.

    The language is a part of the culture, and it is also a carrier of the culture, which reflects the characteristic of nationality. The advertising word as a kind of the language should be suffered from the restriction of semantics. The translator can‘t be only. Limited to understanding of the literal meaning, it

    should also understand of the amplification meaning of advertising word, and abundant cultural connotation. the translation will be contrary to in western culture if there only translate the Chinese into English, first, the translated name does not accord with great Britain and American ‗s culture, for example,

    shanghai‖白羽钢笔―if it translate directly into ―white Feather‖, nobody

    shows any interest in English countries. there is reason lies in the west idiom ―to show the white Feather ‖,it means that flee instead of fighting. what the

    white feather signified is the coward. second, the translated name has political


metaphors, third, the translation is unsightly, and hasn‘t the sense of beauty.

    last but not least, the translator mingle with Chinese Pin Yin and English vocabulary.

    Chinese spells language is made up of Latin alphabet, but, the Latin alphabet also suitable for English word. So some Chinese Pin Yin of advertising word may happen for a certain English word. for example, Puke ,扑克! is just means of the vomiting (呕吐) in English. Above all, the

    translator should pay more attention to the extensive cultural connotation of advertising word.

    In addition, there must also think over the form of letters and the rhyme. according to investigation, Japanese like "sincere,诚!,dream,梦!, love

    ,爱!,beautiful,美!,etc..., Chinese love "good fortune,福!, longevity

    ,寿!, love,喜!, happy,乐!and so on. Different country, different

    nationality has different characters. it must be match well people's interest, at the same time, the rhetoric in the translation also is focal point for beautiful. in the advertising languages, the translator usually uses the rhetoric tactics in order to attract the public's attention and help memory. for example ;

    My Paris in a Perfume.巴黎恰在香水里,比喻!

    We take no pride in prejudice. 不以偏见为豪,典数!

    FORCE will pass unimpeded. 福使汽车,畅行无阻,双关!

    Old product, new design.老产品,新设计,对比!

    Catch the Raincheetahs, and cheat the rain. ,双关!


    Ask for more. 渴望无限,拟人!

    Poetry in motion, dancing close to me. 动态的诗,向我靠近。

    To sum up, the cultural factors of translation, but must face it. The Chinese has not popularized in a lot of western countries, and even only few peoples know Chinese nation's extensive and profound culture. So, if the Chinese product want to enter the international market, there must be take the outstanding advertising translation, the translator must know well the advertising culture, intercultural and others.

    3. The Skills of International Advertisement Translation

     There is also the great challenges face mankind is the skills of translation of international advertisement. The international advertisement translation is different from the other texts. Because the characteristic of cross-culture and the unique demand for advertising texts. The translator must adopt the suitable translation tactics while translating.

    3.1 The AIDMA’ Principles

    Firstly, in the international advertisement, the advertisement must have appeal to consumers, it must be ―nature‖ ―exact‖ ―plain‖. But as a remarkable

    advertisement, there must combine by the AIDMA principles of advertising in translation. The AIDMA is the abbreviation of the following several wordsattention, interest, desire, memory and action. in other words, as the global advertisement, there must be have the originality of epochmaking to


attract consumer‘s attention, transferring their interests, leaving the best

    impression of goods, and making people have desire of participation and in the end to realize the sale of products. So-called that a word to wealthy. for example :

     Ask for more. 渴望无限

     The new digital era. 数码新时代

     Impossible made possible. 使不可能变为可能

     The choice of a new generation. 新一代的选择

     The relentless pursuit of perfection.不懈追求完美

     Poetry in motion dancing close to me. 动态的诗向我靠近

    3. 2 The Characteristic of Goods

    Secondly, there is not far-more to reach the purse if the translator only knows the principles of the advertising. There must be also familiar with the characteristic of the goods and grasp the goal of advertising. As the translator, they must be understood the translated advertising and characteristic of the goods in depth. First of all, it must be find out about the characteristic of the goods, understanding the quality of the goods and grasping the grade of the goods. The quality of the goods includes the quality of the goods, the producing area, the function and performance. then, it also need to find out the grade of goods, which refers to the technical level of the goods, cultural sentiment, price and prestige degree, etc…After understanding above these,

    there is the 6M of advertising plan, in other words, the translator must know


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