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fill in the blanks



     Do you know Sweden(瑞典)It l 1 in the north of EuropeIt is the fourth

    largest country in Europe with an a 2 of 450, 000 square kilometers and the population of about 8.5 million. Over one third of them live in the three largest

    cities, namely Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmo. More than half of Sweden is c

    3 with trees. It is one of the r 4 countries in the world. About 100 years ago

    Sweden became industrialized(工业化). Today less than one third of the people are f 5 .

     Sweden is the country where the famous Nobel Prizes are awarded. Many people who have been to Stockholm, the c 6 of Sweden, must have visited

    the places where Nobel Prizes are awarded.

     The first language of Sweden is Swedish. English is the first f 7 language

    in schools. Many middle-school students can s 8 two to three languages. Most

    of the Swedish peoplemen and women, o 9 and young, can speak English.

    So there is no p 10 to speak with them in English



     I still remember visiting Moscow. It is the capital of Russia, the b 1 country

    in the world. I went there w 2 my parents when I was eight years old. I lived and studied there for one year, I had some happy memories.

     One of the most interesting things of that city was that t 3 were many dogs.

    Perhaps Russians l 4 dogs very much. You can see dogs here and there. Almost each of the families had a dog. I made friends with many Russian children w 5 I was living and studying there. They were all very nice. They had fair hair and fair skin. I played with them h 6 though I could only speak a little Russian at first. They were f 7 to me. The weather in Moscow was very cold. It snowed almost every in winter. The ground was always c 8 with a lot of snow. We often made s 9 together.

     Now I am b 10 in China, but I miss them so much. I will never forget my happy memories of this visit to Moscow.


     These years, with the development of society, more and more teenagers have suffered from stress. Some of the problems can make them feel very w 1 and unhappy all day. Who can help them? A teacher from a college tried his best to help them. He thought of a lot of w 2 to help them. On Monday and Thursday, you


    can v 3 him. Here are some ideas how to keep the young men healthier in every way.

     F 4 , it is very important to keep healthy. To get e 5 sleep every day is also necessary. Try to have a healthy d 6 . Secondly, maybe you are not the top students. It doesn’t m 7 . The most important thing is to work hard. If you try your best, your teachers and parents will understand you. If you have some problems, you should be a 8 to talk with your teachers and parents. They can help you. Remember to s 9 your happiness and s 10 with your good friends. Sometimes you can go out for a walk.

     In a word, you can try to make you happy by yourselves. I’m sure you can be happy every day.


     Before windows were used, old h 1 in Europe;欧洲;and Britain were very

    dark. Their great rooms were high w 2 only one hole in the roof;屋顶;to let the

    smoke o 3 from cooking fire. Later, people began to make the holes b 4 __ to have more light and air in their homes. The first English window was j 5 _ _ a small opening;口?孔;in the wall. It was cut long to let in as m 6 light as possible, and narrow to keep out the bad w 7 . But, more wind than light would c 8_ __ in if the


    window was cut long. This is why it was c 9 _ “The wind’s eye”. And the word “w 10 _” comes form two ancient;古代的;words for “wind” and “eye”.


     Thirty years ago, I walked into your bakery and asked for some loaves() of

    bread to sell. At that time, I was 12 years old. A young lady s 1 me that day. She gave me five loaves and wished me good l 2 .

     I took the loaves and went out to sell them. It t 3 me all day, but I sold them all. At the e 4 of the day, I had some money. I was the h 5 boy in the world as I

    walked home that evening.

     The next day, I went to a bicycle shop. I paid a deposit(定金) on a new

    bicycle.. And then I started my next j 6 as a newspaper delivery() boy. Soon I c 7 pay the rest of the money for the bicycle and the bike was mine. I was so proud of

    m 8 !

     Today I still work in the delivery business. I have a lot of trucks to send goods all over the country. I live in a beautiful house, but I don’t ride a bicycle these days. I drive a large nice car.


     I don’t know e 9 that young lady was. But b 10 she gave me the start, I have become a successful man. I’d like to show my thanks to her.


     Long ago, people used bells more t 1 __ they do today. The postmen used to ring a hand bell when they delivered letters. Fire engines had bell i 2_ of sirens(

    ). People who sold things came past houses, ringing a bell and shouting w 3 _ was for sale. Every village had its church bell to let people know it was t 4 to go to church. At night, this bell was ringing so that travelers would find the village in

    the d 5 _. In most countries bells were hung r 6 _ the necks of animals. The bells helped owners to find lost cows or sheep. Today, in India, animals still wear bells. Now bells are used l 7_ _ and less, Buzzers, sirens and horns have t 8 __ their

    place. Now people try to keep the old bells in school and churches so t 9 they will not l 10_ their beautiful sounds for ever.


     Life gets noisier every day and very f 1 people can be free from noise of some kind or another. W 2 you live in the centre of a modern city or a village far away --- the chances that you will be disturbed by planes, cars, radios, etc. are almost everywhere. We seem to be used to noise, too. Some people feel quite


lonely w 3 background music while they are working.

     Tests have s 4 that total silence can be very frightening experiences. H 5 , some people enjoy listening to pop music which is very loud, and this can do harm to their ears. The noise level in some places is far a 6 the usual safety level for

    heavy industrial areas.

     One recent report about noise said that a 7 a lot of people say that any noise disturbs their attention, only a sudden c 8 in the level of noise really affects people’s attention. It goes on to say that a background noise, which doesn’t

    change too much (music, for example) may even help people to pay attention.

     People are testing ways to make less noise. There are even laws c 9 noise. We can’t

     r 10 to the “ good old days ” of peace and quiet. But we can make less noise

    --- if we shout loudly enough about it


     There are t 1 _ many accidents in cities. Accidents often happen when people c 2 the roads or streets. Read the passage c _ 3 __ and learn to be careful later on.


Be careful when it is r 4 __. Many accidents happen on rainy days. People are in a

    h 5 because they don’t want to get w 6_ _. They often cross the roads quickly. Often they can’t see c 7 _ _ as they hold their umbrellas in front of t 8_ . Remember that cars take l 9_ __ time to stop when the roads are wet. When it is

    raining, we must be more and more careful, not l 10_ _ careful.


     Most American families are smaller than the families in other c 1 __. Children in the US will l 2 their parents’ homes. When they grow up, they usually live f 3 from their parents because they want to f 4_ _ good jobs. They often w 5 _ _ to their parents or telephone them. And they often go to v 6 their parents on holiday. Parents usually let their children choose their o 7 __ jobs. Americans think it I 8 for young people to decide on their lives by themselves. Children are asked to do some work around their houses. And in many families, Children are p 9_ _ for doing some housework so that they can learn h 10 to make money for their own use.


     Someone says: “Time is money,” but I think time is e 1 __ more important than money. Why? Because when money is spent, we can get it back. However,


    when time is g 2 _, it will never r 3 _ . That’s why we mustn’t waste time. It goes without saying that the t 4 _ is usually limited;有限的;. Even a second is very

    important. We should make full use of our time to do s 5 useful. But it is a pity that there are a lot of people who do not know the i 6 of time. They spent their limited time smoking, drinking and p 7 _. They do not know that wasting time

    means wasting part of their own l 8_ _. In a word, we should save time. We shouldn’t l 9_ _ today’s work for tomorrow. Remember we have n 10 time to lose.


     The u________ means the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars and

    the space b________ them. Many of the stars are so f_____ away that we can not see them. The moon, our satellite, travels a______ the earth. It has already been visited b______ man from the earth. Man-made

    satellites have been sent up i______ space by many countries. They go round the earth. They are used for helping us to learn more a______ the earth, the weather and other things. They are also used for sending and r_______ messages. It makes people f_______ different countries

    understand each other much better. So people say the world itself is becoming a much s_____ place. People call the small place “the global village ”.

    1. ______ 2. ______ 3. ______ 4. ______ 5. ______ 6. ______ 7.


    8. ______ 9. ______ 10. ______

KEYS: universe, between, far, around, by, into, about, receiving, from,


    If you don’t use your arms or your legs for some time, they will become weak; when you start using them again, they will gradually (逐渐地)


    become stronger again. Everybody knows this. Yet many people do not seem to know that it is the s____ with memory. When someone says that he has a good memory, he really means that he d_____ give it enough chance to become stronger.

     If a friend says that his arms and legs are weak, we k_____ that it is

    his own fault. But if he tells us that he has a poor memory, many of us think that his p_____ are to blame, and f_____ of us know that it is just his own fault.

     Have you e________ found some people can’t read or write but they

    usually have b_______ memories? This is b_______ they cannot read or write and they h_____ to remember things; they cannot write them down in a little notebook. They must remember dates, names, songs and stories; so their memory is the whole time being exercised.

     So if you want a good memory, l________ from these people: practise remembering.

    1. ______ 2. ______ 3. ______ 4. ______ 5. ______ 6. ______

    7. ______ 8. ______ 9. ______ 10. ______

KEYS: 1. same 2. doesn’t 3. know 4. parents 5. few 6. ever 7. better 8.


    9. have 10. learn


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