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    More pupils cheating in CET-4 with high-tech device,




    More pupils cheating in exams, says Coequal

    Rising numbers of pupils are being caught cheating by smuggling mobile phones, BlackBerry’s and iPods into exam halls,

    according to the qualifications watchdog.

By Graeme Paton, Education Editor

    Published: 12:57PM GMT 03 Feb 2010


    Rising numbers of pupils are being caught smuggling mobile phones, Blackberries and iPods into exam halls, according to the qualifications watchdog Photo: PA

    Some 4,415 students were penalized after attempting to inflate marks in Gases’ and A-levels last summer

    a six per cent increase in 12 months, said Coequal. The use of banned items was named as the most common offence by students, it was revealed.

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    In almost half of all cases, pupils had marks deducted from 从。。。扣除final scores after being caught

    attempting to inflate their grades.

    The disclosure披露 comes amid fears that pupils are going to increasingly sophisticated lengths to cheat. Experts have warned that data can easily be stored on iPods and MP3 players while most mobile phones now provide direct access to the internet. Pupils can also buy equipment such as concealed ear-pieces on specialist websites.

    Technology firms are now targeting schools with detection equipment designed to identify pupils’

    texting, sending e-mails or searching the internet during exams.

    Jim Sinclair, director of the Joint Council for Qualifications, which represents exam boards, said:

    “JCQ members take a zero tolerance approach to all forms of cheating in examinations including the possession of unauthorized items such as mobile phones, iPods and MP3 players.

    “Cheating in an examination is an infringement违反of the regulations and may lead to disqualification from the current examination and the overall qualification.”

    Figures from Coequal show that 4,415 penalties were handed out to GCSE and A-level students in England, Wales and Northern Irelands last summer, compared with 4,156 a year earlier.

    Almost half of cheats were caught with “unauthorized

    material” in the exam hall. According to officials,

    this included notes in the wrong format出版物之开本;

    版式, study guides, dictionaries and calculators. More than 1,000 students were caught copying from other candidates, while 539 pupils were thrown out for “disruptive破坏性的; 引起混乱的behavior” and

    swearing发誓;宣誓in exam rooms.

    Officials reported a 10 per cent rise in the number of students penalized for writing “offensive讨厌的,

    礼的, 攻击性的or obscene猥亵的;” notes on test papers

     from 318 to 349. or coursework

    In almost half of all cases, students lost marks, while one-in-six candidates were disqualified. A third of students were issued with a warning.

    However, officials insisted that the number of cheats represented only a tiny fraction of exam taken just

    0.03 per cent.

    Coequal’s report also reveals that 88 penalties were issued to teachers and other exam staff an increase

    of almost a third in just 12 months.

    “The majority of these penalties were issued as a result of staff giving inappropriate assistance to candidates,” said the watchdog.

    A further 70 schools and colleges were warned after failing to follow the strict requirements of exam boards a rise of more than a third compared with 2008.

    Reasons included schools failing to “adhere to the requirements of an examination, such as opening question papers early without authorization, allowing candidates to sit an examination at an incorrect time and the lack of appropriate invigilation”, according to Coequal.

    A spokesman for the Department for Children, Schools and Families said instances of malpractice are still "extremely rare".

    "We are absolutely clear that any kind of cheating in exams is unacceptable," he said.

    "Coequal and the awarding bodies take all allegations of cheating extremely seriously to ensure the exam system is not compromised

    As long as there is exam, the practice of cheating will continue."

Now the score is not a fair judge.

    But while we can steal answers, we cannot steal knowledge

    We are not given score for moral values, if we are, I believe less people will cheating on exams.

    To stop cheating is file work for both the teachers and the students. For the teachers, they should attach

    great importance to the test of the ability of using the knowledge to solve problems rather than the

    mechanical memory of textbooks. For the students,

    it is necessary to realize that cheating in exams is shameful conduct, and the future is full of sharp

    competition and any success achieved by cheating won't last long. So let us make a cheating-free campus and establish an honest academic atmosphere for today and tomorrow.

    High-tech Used for Cheating in Examination

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    Chinese college students almost unanimously agree that the CET is the most important examination.

    So in recent years, various high-tech devices have been used

    to cheat on the CET exam across the country.

    The College English Test Band 4 and Band 6 (CET-4 and

    CET-6) are national standardized examinations required by the Ministry of Education to evaluate college students' English


    Although the Ministry of Education does not indicate the status of the exam, most universities peg the exam results to students' graduation and degree certificates.

    The CET certificates are also widely accepted by employers as

    reliable proof of graduates' English proficiency.

    During the most recent CET examination, conducted on Saturday, the Examination Authority of central China's Hubei

    Province received about 100 reports of cheating, despite repeated warnings issued to students before the examination.

    The authority found that students racked their brains to figure out how to use various high-tech devices such as cell phones, interphones and wireless earphones to cheat. Some students were even injured by low quality devices.

    According to Chu titan Metropolis Daily, a student in Wuhan

    used a "micro earphone" which is 3 mm in diameter to cheat. The earphone is so tiny that it slipped into the student's

    auditory canal, causing a perforation of the tympanic鼓室

    membrane. 薄膜

Another student got a set of micro earphones stuck in his ears

    and needed an operation to remove them.

    An interphone hidden in a student's abdomen caused bleeding when it exploded.

    Examination authorities found more than 100 cheating tools in

    an examination room at Hue Hong University of Science and Technology Wuhan Branch in Wuhan. The gadgets灵巧用品,设备,

    included laptops, interphones and micro earphones as well

    as earphones hidden in vests, wallets and waistbands 腰带,束腰


    Also, the Hubei Examination Authority admitted on Sunday that the answers might have been revealed before the exam, and police are still investigating the case.

    School leaders punished

    Some school leaders in northwest China's Shaanxi Province

    were punished for fraud following this year's college entrance


    Li pong yon and née Win fang, principal and deputy principal of Yang Xian High School, were suspended from work and

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