ninth key

By George Franklin,2014-06-02 12:41
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ninth key


    Ninth Key

    Jenny Carroll

    To Vic and Jack Cut it out already


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    C H A P T E R 1

    Nobody told me about the poison oak.

    Oh, they told me about the palm trees. Yeah, they told me plenty about the palm trees, all right. But nobody ever said a word about this poison oak business.

    "The thing is, Susannah "

    Father Dominic was talking to me. I was trying to pay attention, but let me tell you something: poison oak itches.

    "As mediators which is what we are, you and I, Susannah we have a responsibility.

    We have a responsibility to give aid and solace to those unfortunate souls who are suffering in the void between the living and the dead."

    I mean, yeah, the palm trees are nice, and everything. It had been cool to step off the plane and see those palm trees everywhere, especially since I'd heard how cold it can get at night in northern California.