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    These funds are dedicated to gender equality or women-focused projects. Many of the funders listed here are members of the International Network of Women’s Funds (INWF). INWF is a network of funders in the North and the South committed to expanding the resources available to women’s rights work around the world.

African Women's Development Fund

Web Address: (English & French)

Contact Details: 25 Yiyiwa St. Achimota Forest, Ablenkpe, Accra, Ghana

    Tel:+233 21 780477

    Fax:+233 21 782 502


Geographical Focus: Africa

    Themes: Women's human rights; political participation; peace building; health,

    reproductive rights and HIV/AIDS; economic empowerment.

Grants: ; Main Grants Programme (see themes above).

    ; Small Grants Programme for small women’s groups in Ghana.

    ; Solidarity Fund for sharing of experiences on a local, national and

    international level. E.g. to participate in conferences, seminars,


Grant size: $1,000 - $25,000. Grants over $20,000 are only made to

    organisations which operate on a regional basis.

Who can apply? Local, national, sub-regional or regional African women's

    organisations, from any part of Africa.

Filia Women’s Foundation

Web Address:

    (English & German)

Contact Details: Am Felde 2

    D-22765 Hamburg

    Tel: +49 (0) 40 / 333 100 14

    Fax: +49 (0) 40 /333 101 56

Geographical Focus: Germany, Global South and Eastern Europe

Themes: Filia supports projects that contribute to improved chances for women

    and girls, allowing them to shape their own lives.

    Filia is especially committed to women subjected to discrimination not

    only because of their gender, but also due to the colour of their skin,

    their origin or sexual orientation.

Grants: ; Germany

    ; Global South: to build on the synergy with women’s foundations

    ; Eastern Europe: We are engaged in research, reaching out to our

     alllies and strengthening contacts with networks

Grant size: Total of grants made in 2004 : 48,000

Who can apply? Criteria unknown. Contact Filia for further information.

Fundación Colectivo Alquimia

Web Address:


Contact Details: Av. Condell 1325




    Tel/Fax (+56) 2 6657106


Geographical Focus: Chile

    Themes: Women’s rights, especially but not exclusively in the areas of justice,

    violence, health, employment, education, sexuality

Grants: ; Fondo Iniciativas: to support single initiatives of one year duration

    which contribute to social and cultural change benefiting women

    and the women’s movement. This fund can be granted to the

    same initiative for a maximum of 3 consecutive years.

    ; Fondo Activistas: to support public actions in defence of women

    at neighbourhood, local, regional, national or international levels.

Grant size: Up to a maximum of $500,000 USD (Fondo Iniciativas)

    Up to a maximum of $50,000 USD (Fondo Activistas)

    Who can apply? Women’s organisations and women’s grass-root groups from Chile.

    Mixed organisations or income generating projects are not eligible.

Fundo Angela Borba, Recursos para Mulheres

Web Address: (Portuguese)

Contact Details: Rua Hans Staden, 21

    Botafogo, Cep 22281-060

    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

    Tel (+55) 21 2286-1046

    Fax (+55) 21 2286-6712


Geographical Focus: Brazil

Themes: Women’s human rights, particularly in the following areas:

    employment, education, violence, health, information and

    communication technology, culture, diversity (i.e. sexual, age, ethnic),


    environment, and legal rights.

Grants: Unknown. Contact the organisation direct.

    Grant size: Grant focus, size and criteria may vary so it is crucial to consult the

    grant criteria and application guidelines each year

    Who can apply? Criteria unknown. Contact Fundo Angela Borba, Recursos para


Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres

Web Address: (Spanish)

Contact Details: Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres

    Rotonda El Güegüense 4c. abajo, 1c. al lago

    Managua, Nicaragua

    Tel: 505 - 2544982


Geographical Focus: Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador

    Themes: Women’s human rights, including economic autonomy, gender based

    violence, education, health, sexual rights, participation and leadership

    (themes may change slightly from year to year).

Grants: To support creative and innovative initiatives from young women

    groups working to promote their economic, social, cultural and

    political rights. They do not support income generating or production


Grant size: Up to a maximum of $5,000 USD

Who can apply? Any women’s groups or organisations in the region, but priority is

    given to groups that meet the following criteria:

    ; are led by young women (16-30 yrs old)

    ; work on controversial or new themes

    ; have little access to other donors

    ; are located in non-urban or deprived areas

    ; support particularly marginalised young women (i.e. women with

    special needs, indigenous and afro-caribbean women, lesbians

    and bi-sexual women, sex workers, women with HIV-AIDS)

    ; support innovative and creative initiatives, which are replicable

    and relevant to the Central American context

Global Fund for Women

Web Address:

    (English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian)

Contact Details: 1375 Sutter Street, Suite 400

    San Francisco, CA 94109



    Tel: +415 202-7640

    Fax: +415 202-8604

Geographical Focus: Outside the United States

Themes: Women’s and girls’ human rights

    Grants: ; Small, flexible and timely grants for operation and project


     ; Urgent requests for organizing or attending an event accepted.

Grant size: $500 to $20,000

Who can apply? Groups MUST fulfil the following criteria:

    ; Based in a country outside the United States

    ; Demonstrate a strong commitment to women's equality and

    human rights

    ; A group of women working together. Requests are not accepted

    from individuals

    ; Governed, directed, and led by women. Women must fill all or

    most of the leadership roles

Mama Cash Foundation

Web Address:

    (English & Dutch)

Contact Details: Eerste Helmersstraat 17 III

    P.O. Box 15686

    1001 ND Amsterdam

    The Netherlands

    Tel: (+31)20 - 689 36 34

    Fax: (+31)20 - 683 46 47


Geographical Focus: Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the

    Caribbean, Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Themes: Women’s rights. Priority themes: bodily integrity, economic justice,

    peace and security, agency and participation, art, culture and media.

Grants: ; For a project or general support

    ; Travel grant.

Grant size: ?500 and ?20,000 per year per project

    (Mama Cash occasionally gives multiple-year grants)

Who can apply? Organisations must meet the following criteria:

    ; be small, locally-based and relatively new

    ; be innovative, groundbreaking, taboo-breaking, and pioneering

    ; have limited access to larger funding sources

    ; primarily promote women’s rights awareness and positive change

    for women in laws, policies and practices

    ; be a women’s organisation in which women are in leadership

    roles and comprise the majority of staff members

    (note: Mama Cash also funds non-women's groups that have a strong


    gender focus and innovative programmes improving the position of

    women in society)

    ; do not focus mainly or only on income generating activities, credit

    programmes, welfare and traditional skill training projects.


Web Address:

Contact Details: # 11, Deepti Apartments, S.P.Road,

    Secunderbad- 26, A.P., India.

    Tel: 91-40-27805089

    Fax : 91-40-27717305

    E-mail :

Geographical Focus: India

    Themes: ; Improving the social, educational and economic situations of rural

    and urban women

    ; Improving girls’ education and women’s literacy

    ; Motivating grassroots women to form self-help groups and access

    bank/ government loans and schemes for their economic


    ; Raising awareness among grassroots women on collective work

    and collective responsibility

    ; Helping grassroots women to become economically independent

    ; Helping women recognize their labour and their innate

    intelligence as human resources

    ; Building women’s self confidence through personal development

    and technical training

    ; Promoting legal education so that women become aware of their


    Grants: For the above categories with special focus on women and girls

    marginalised by gender, caste, religion, physical disability, HIV+,

    commercial sex work, and tribal origin. Offers grants for collective

    activity, legal aid and counselling for women.

Grant size: US$1,000 10,000

Who can apply? Groups should be:

    ; Made up of women who have completed high school, proficient in

    the local language and be conversant with local issues

    ; Committed to grassroots women’s empowerment and social

    justice for women

    ; Come from the same or similar marginalised community they

    work in and be based in India

    ; Accepted by the community with whom they work

    ; Individuals / groups with three years experience working on

    women's issues


Web Address: (Spanish)

Contact Details: Sociedad Mexicana Pro Derechos de la Mujer, A.C.

    Tamaulipas No. 66

    Col. Condesa, C.P. 06140, Delegación Cuauhtémoc,


    Tel: 5553 2900, 5553 0109


Geographical Focus: Mexico

    Themes: Human rights; labour rights; sexual and reproductive rights and

    health; gender-based violence; sexual diversity; economic autonomy

    and sustainable development (themes may change slightly from year

    to year).

Grants: ; Organisational Project Grant

    ; Youth Leadership Development Individual Grant

Grant size: Organisational Project Grant ($5,000-$10,000 USD)

    Youth Leadership Development Individual Grant ($15,000 for 2005

    but will change for the next generations).

    Who can apply? Mexican organizations, based in Mexico, operating in Mexico having

    the following characteristics:

    ; legal non-profit status (A.C., IAP, etc.), listed in the "Diario


    ; Ability to expedite tax deductible receipts (preferred)

    ; Working in a human rights framework (not service or charity


    ; Focusing on women and girls from one or more of the following

    marginal/marginalised populations:

    ; poor (rural and urban)

    ; indigenous

    ; lesbians and other women who are not heterosexual

    ; domestic / informal economy workers

    ; sex workers

    ; youth (girls and boys, specifically in theme of sexual

    and reproductive rights)

    Details about Semillas' annual call for proposals can be found on their

    website around July of each year.

Tewa for Women’s Empowerment

Web Address:

    Contact Details: P.O. Box 11

    Lalitpur, Nepal

    Tel: + 977.557.2645 / +977.557.2235

    Fax: +977.557.2659


Geographical Focus: Nepal

    Themes: Support to women’s groups to improve organisational capacity,

    income generating activities for rural women, skill development

    training, physical structures, human resource development and peace

    building initiatives.

Grants: ; 3 cycles annually (January, May and September).

    ; Discretionary grants for urgent needs

    Grant size: Grants are a maximum of NRs 50,000 (approx US$ 680). On average,


    grants range from NRs 30,000-40,000. Discretionary grants are a

    maximum of NRs 100,000 annually (approx US$ 2,000).

Who can apply? Rural, grassroots women’s groups


Web Address:

    (English and Ukrainian)

Contact Details: Address: 79 Artema str., office 38, Kiev 04050

    Door code: 25

    Tel.: (044) 568-53-89

    Tel/fax: (044) 484-62-05


Geographical Focus: Ukraine , Moldova and Belarus

Themes: In 2005, the fund supported projects focussed on:

    ; Expanding economic opportunities for women

    ; Information exchange and networking between NGOs that work

    on women’s issues and gender issues

    ; Developing women’s organizations in the regions

    ; Preparing future female leaders, and promoting the formation of

    a women’s movement among the younger generation.

Grants: ; General grants as above

    ; Grants that ‘Bring Together’- offers the representatives of

    women’s organizations in Ukraine a chance to participate in

    international activities and key international events dealing with

    women’s issues and gender issues and to present the interests of

    Ukrainian women at the international level, to develop and

    consolidate Ukrainian NGOs that are involved in women’s issues

    or issues of gender.

Grant size: Total financing 2000- 2005: $724,869

Who can apply? Women’s organisations

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights

    Web Address: (English, Arabic, Spanish, French,

    Kiswahili, Russian, Nepali, Albanian, Serbo-Croatian, Indonesian)

Contact Details: USA Office: Kenya Office:

    1123 Spruce Street Life Ministry Centre, 2nd Floor

    Boulder, Colorado 80302. USA Jabavu Road, Kilimani

    Tel: 303-442-2388 Nairobi, Kenya

    Fax: 303-442-2370 tel: 254 20 2731095

    Email: fax: 254 20 2731094 info@urgentactionfund-

    Mailing Address:

    PO Box 1287 Mailing Address:

    Boulder, CO 80306 USA PO Box 53841-00200

     Nairobi, Kenya


    Geographical Focus: No specific geographic restrictions although the focus is on areas of

    armed conflict, escalating violence and political volatility.

Themes: Provides funding for strategic interventions which take advantage of

    unanticipated opportunities to advance women’s human rights or to

    safeguard rights that have already been won. Such opportunities arise

    when an unexpected event positive or negative creates a situation

    in which an immediate response can have a significant impact.

Grants: ; Interventions in Situations of Armed Conflict

    ; Protection of Women Human Rights Defenders

    ; Precedent-Setting Legal or Legislative Action

Grant size: Unknown. Contact organisation direct.

    Who can apply? Requests may come directly from groups, or individuals and

    organizations already known to UAF staff or Board members. Every

    request is reviewed and receives an initial response within 72 hours.

    UAF will accept grant proposals in any language.

Women’s Hope and Education Trust

Web Address:

Contact Details: Unit 17G Waverley Business Park, Mowbray 7700, South Africa

    Tel: +27 21 447 3366

    Fax: +27 21 447 3720

Geographical Focus: South Africa

Themes: Education and training for women leaders.

Grants: Unknown. Contact organisation direct.

Grant size: Unknown. Contact Women’s Hope and Education Trust.

Who can apply? Women’s groups with the following criteria:-

    • The group needs to have worked for not less than two years and

    must have eight or more members.

    • The group must have a constitution.

    • The group must have shown a desire to learn.

    • They must demonstrate leadership and be committed to giving back

    to the community.

    • They should identify and apply to attend a course at an education

    and training institution.

    • It should be at a general or further education level.

    • They cannot afford the fees.

Women's Radio Fund

Web Address:

Contact Details: Dorothy Abbott, Founder of Women's Radio Fund

    P.O. Box 242048, Memphis, TN 38124


    Phone/fax: (901) 685-6950


Geographical Focus: Unknown. Contact organisation direct.

Themes: The Women’s Radio Fund’s mission is to build a support network for

    women radio producers and broadcasters worldwide.

    Grants: For women's radio broadcasting, production and distribution projects.

Grant size: Unknown. Contact Women’s Radio Fund.

Who can apply? Criteria unknown. Contact organisation direct.

New Field Foundation

Web Address:

    (English and French)

Contact Details: Email preferred:

    By air mail or fax:

    New Field Foundation

    1016 Lincoln Boulevard

    Mailbox 14, 3rd Floor

    San Francisco CA 94129, USA

    Tel: 1-415-561-3417

    Fax: 1-415-561-3419

    By hand, local mail or fax:

    National Accountability Group

    Attention New Field Foundation

    P.O. Box 1312

    18 Dundas Street,

    Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa

    Tel: 232-22-240995 (Attn: New Field)

    Fax: 232-22-241054 (Attn: New Field)

Geographical Focus: Sub-Saharan Africa

    Themes: To enable women and their families in rural areas to re-establish and

    transform their lives and their communities after years of devastating

    conflict in Casamance and the Mano River region.

Grants: Grants can be made for institutional capacity building, program

    activities, or administrative support, as defined by the organization or

    group itself. Applications can be for a one year grant or a two year

    grant. Longer periods will not be considered.

    2006 funding to be announced. Last round of applications

    closed in Sept 2005.

Grant size: US $7,500 - $15,000

Who can apply? Applications are welcomed from organisations and groups. They


    ; be focused on, and preferably based in, Casamance and the

    border areas of the Mano River Region;

    ; be African-led, women-led and community-centered

    ; have well functioning management, finance and


    programmatic structures and systems;

    ; have non-profit status, or the equivalent of non-profit status;

    ; EITHER have an annual income of at least US $35,000; OR

    have been in existence for two years.


Web Address:

    Contact Details: The Foundation does not accept applications by email attachment.

    They must be sent by regular post or included in the body of an email

    message. See website for application form.

    Creative Education Fund

    Hesperian Foundation

    1919 Addison Street, Suite 304

    Berkeley, CA 94704

    United States

    Tel: +(1-510) 845-1447

    Fax: +(1-510) 845-9141


Geographical Focus: Developing countries

    Themes: To develop original and creative health education activities that will

    benefit women.

Grants: ; Small grants for community-based women's groups

    ; Rolling deadline

    Grant size: The grants are given only once, and are usually for USD $1,000.

    Under special circumstances, they may be for USD $3,000.

    Who can apply? To receive a grant from the Creative Education Fund, the project


    ; Be developed and managed by women (including the finances)

    ; Benefit poor women and have clear goals with a clearly-defined

    plan of action

    ; Educate the participants' community about women's health issues

United Nations Fund for Women (UNIFEM)

    Web Address:


Contact Details: See regional offices.

Geographical Focus: Global

    Themes: Violence against Women UNIFEM funds projects that conduct public

    education and awareness campaigns, build coalitions, involve law-

    enforcement, judicial and government agencies, train educators,

    healthcare personnel and police officials to respond to and prevent

    violence. Many projects strive to alter community attitudes and involve


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