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    These funds are dedicated to gender equality or women-focused projects. Many of the funders listed here are members of the International Network of Women’s Funds (INWF). INWF is a network of funders in the North and the South committed to expanding the resources available to women’s rights work around the world.

African Women's Development Fund

Web Address: (English & French)

Contact Details: 25 Yiyiwa St. Achimota Forest, Ablenkpe, Accra, Ghana

    Tel:+233 21 780477

    Fax:+233 21 782 502


Geographical Focus: Africa

    Themes: Women's human rights; political participation; peace building; health,

    reproductive rights and HIV/AIDS; economic empowerment.

Grants: ; Main Grants Programme (see themes above).

    ; Small Grants Programme for small women’s groups in Ghana.

    ; Solidarity Fund for sharing of experiences on a local, national and

    international level. E.g. to participate in conferences, seminars,


Grant size: $1,000 - $25,000. Grants over $20,000 are only made to

    organisations which operate on a regional basis.

Who can apply? Local, national, sub-regional or regional African women's

    organisations, from any part of Africa.

Filia Women’s Foundation

Web Address:

    (English & German)

Contact Details: Am Felde 2

    D-22765 Hamburg

    Tel: +49 (0) 40 / 333 100 14

    Fax: +49 (0) 40 /333 101 56

Geographical Focus: Germany, Global South and Eastern Europe

Themes: Filia supports projects that contribute to improved chances for women

    and girls, allowing them to shape their own lives.

    Filia is especially committed to women subjected to discrimination not

    only because of their gender, but also due to the colour of their skin,

    their origin or sexual orientation.

Grants: ; Germany

    ; Global South: to build on the synergy with women’s foundations

    ; Eastern Europe: We are engaged in research, reaching out to our

     alllies and strengthening contacts with networks

Grant size: Total of grants made in 2004 : 48,000

Who can apply? Criteria unknown. Contact Filia for further information.

Fundación Colectivo Alquimia

Web Address:


Contact Details: Av. Condell 1325




    Tel/Fax (+56) 2 6657106


Geographical Focus: Chile

    Themes: Women’s rights, especially but not exclusively in the areas of justice,

    violence, health, employment, education, sexuality

Grants: ; Fondo Iniciativas: to support single initiatives of one year duration

    which contribute to social and cultural change benefiting women

    and the women’s movement. This fund can be granted to the

    same initiative for a maximum of 3 consecutive years.

    ; Fondo Activistas: to support public actions in defence of women

    at neighbourhood, local, regional, national or international levels.

Grant size: Up to a maximum of $500,000 USD (Fondo Iniciativas)

    Up to a maximum of $50,000 USD (Fondo Activistas)

    Who can apply? Women’s organisations and women’s grass-root groups from Chile.

    Mixed organisations or income generating projects are not eligible.

Fundo Angela Borba, Recursos para Mulheres

Web Address: (Portuguese)

Contact Details: Rua Hans Staden, 21

    Botafogo, Cep 22281-060

    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

    Tel (+55) 21 2286-1046

    Fax (+55) 21 2286-6712


Geographical Focus: Brazil

Themes: Women’s human rights, particularly in the following areas:

    employment, education, violence, health, information and

    communication technology, culture, diversity (i.e. sexual, age, ethnic),


    environment, and legal rights.

Grants: Unknown. Contact the organisation direct.

    Grant size: Grant focus, size and criteria may vary so it is crucial to consult the

    grant criteria and application guidelines each year

    Who can apply? Criteria unknown. Contact Fundo Angela Borba, Recursos para


Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres

Web Address: (Spanish)

Contact Details: Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres

    Rotonda El Güegüense 4c. abajo, 1c. al lago

    Managua, Nicaragua

    Tel: 505 - 2544982


Geographical Focus: Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador

    Themes: Women’s human rights, including economic autonomy, gender based

    violence, education, health, sexual rights, participation and leadership

    (themes may change slightly from year to year).

Grants: To support creative and innovative initiatives from young women

    groups working to promote their economic, social, cultural and

    political rights. They do not support income generating or production


Grant size: Up to a maximum of $5,000 USD

Who can apply? Any women’s groups or organisations in the region, but priority is

    given to groups that meet the following criteria:

    ; are led by young women (16-30 yrs old)