Listening comprehension test for postgraduates

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Listening comprehension test for postgraduates

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     Listening comprehension test for postgraduates

     I. Dialogues (2*15)

     Listen to the following dialogues. After each dialogue, there will be a break for you to answer

    the questions concerning dialogue 1-15. Please write you answers on the answer sheet.

     1. Where is Mrs. Bright from?

     A. Britain

     B. America

     C. Germany

     2. Where is Galsgow?

     A. in Scotland

     B. in Wales

     C. in England

    3. What is Mr. Watson?

     A. teacher

     B. lawyer

     C. doctor

    4. Where is the woman?

     A. in the office

     B. in the cloakroom

     C. in the cinema

    5. What’s the woman asking?

     A. whose book it is

     B. whose radio it is

     C. whose watch it is

    6. Which bicycle is Roberts?

     A. the new black one

     B. the new white one

     C. the old green one

     7. What is the man looking at?

     A. an interesting book

     B. the photo of his girlfriend

     C. some rare stamps

    8. What is John doing and where is he?

     A. he is in the kitchen cooking

     B. he is in the garden weeding

     C. he is in the office typing

    9. There are plenty of _____ in the kitchen.

     A. apples

     B. bananas

     C. oranges

     10. The woman wants_____.


     A. a pound of butter

     B. half a pound of butter

     C. one and a half pound of butter 11. There isnt any _____ in the refrigerator.

     A. cream

     B. bread

     C. milk

    12. Pedro comes from _______.

     A. Spain

     B. Mexico

     C. the United States

     13. My friend is ________.

     A. a business man

     B. a lawyer

     C. a bank clerk

    14. The woman’s apple ______.

     A. nice and sweet

     B. looks nice but tastes sour

     C. is rather sour

    15. The woman wants a cardigan _______.

     A. of fourteen inches

     B. of fifteen inches

     C. of sixteen inches

    II. Conversations (2*15)

     Listen to the following conversations and choose the best answer to each question on the test

    paper. Please write the answers on the answer sheet.

Question 1-3 are based on the first conversation

    1. The woman is leaving for Hawaii ______ A. for a holiday

    B. on business

    C. to be away from the man

    2. She is leaving ________

     A. by train

    B. by air

    C. by sea

    3. The possible relation between the man and the woman is ________

    A. father and daughter

    B. colleagues

    C. husband and wife

Question 4-6 are based on the second conversation.

    4. The man wants to wear _______ A. a sweater


     B. an overcoat

    C. an overall

    5. The man asks _____for help.

    A. Mr. Green

    B. Mr. Jones

    C. Mr. Parker

    6. The man is told to look in the cupboard _________. A. beside the washroom

    B. beside the washbasin

    C. beside the washing machine

    Question 7-11 are based on the third conversation. 7. Jean Williamsons phone number is ______

    A. 7823145

    B. 7812145

    C. 7824145

    8. The man and the woman are probably ______ A. father and daughter

    B. mother and son

     C. husband and wife

    9. The man apologizes for _______

    A. being unable to come back early

    B. having hurried away this morning C. not having bought anything for the children 10. The man calls home because ________ A. he has forgotten something home

    B the mother and all the boys were not feeling well C. one of the children was not feeling well. 11. The mother is going to ______ for the childrens birthday.

    A. make a birthday cake

    B. open a saving account for them

    C. take them to the zoo

    Question 12-15 are based on the fourth conversation. 12. The names of the host and hostess are ______ A. Henry and Helen

     B. Henry and Mary

    C. John and Helen

    13. All the guests are in the ______ A. study

    B. sitting room

    C. kitchen

    14. According to the hostess, _______ actually did all the work.

    A. her husband


    B. she herself

    C. Mr. Adams

    15. The guests are invited because _______.

    A. the hostess has entered a competition

    B. the hostess wants to celebrate her birthday

    C. the hostess has won a prize from a competition

III. True or False Questions (2*10)

    Write a T in front of a statement if it is true according to the recording and write an F if it is

    false. Please write the answers on the answer sheet.

    Statement 1-6 are based on the first recording

    1. The relation between the two speakers is possibly doctor and patient. ( )

    2. The patient has got a headache. ( )

    3. He starts feeling uneasy from the day before yesterday. ( )

    4. The cause of his problem is that he has cancer. ( )

    5. He should have an operation to solve his problem. ( )

     6. The doctor suggests him that he stay in bed for a day or two. ( )

    Statement 7-10 are based on the second recording

    7. There are two speakers in the conversation. ( )

    8. Mrs. Hughes and Peter Brown have known each other for a long time. ( )

    9. Mrs. Hughes has just moved to a new place. ( )

    10. Peter Brown likes everything in the new place except the climate. ( )

     IV. Spot Dictation (1*20)

     Listen to the following two recordings and fill in the missing words. There are ten blanks in

    each dictation. Please write the missing words on the answer sheet.

    Spot Dictation 1

     Philip Andrew is __?__, and he is about to _?___ School. He comes to me for __?

    ___every week. He is looking for an ___?__ job and he would like good __?___. One

    of his friends works in a__?___. Another friend works in a ___?___. Philip ___?

    ___supermarket jobs are not well ___?___. And factory jobs are ___?___.

     Spot Dictation 2

     And finally, some __?___from the United States. David Thomas, the Californian ___?

    __singer, is __?____today and he is giving a party for __?___guests. His young friends

    have __?___him a Rolls-Royce, the most ___?___one they could find. David is ___?___

     Because he is the fastest__?____and youngest pop__?____in the state of California. He is

    flying to___?___ tomorrow.



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