Her Breast Lost in Vain

By Jane Price,2014-10-03 13:40
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Her Breast Lost in Vain

    Her Breast Lost in Vain

1. Guess the meanings of the following words and phrases ( Dont rely on dictionary!

    Guess from the context) and make sentences.

Phrasal verb meaning Your sentence

    1. die of

    2. turn out

    3. thanks to

    4. intact

    5. make up for

    6. talk sb down

    7. reduce the odds

2. The article ended with a Joannes quote At least, she said, theyre making

    their own decision. What is she implying here? Why does the author pick this

    line for the ending of this article. What is the authors attitude towards Joannes


3. After reading Joannes story, do you think it is purely the doctors fault? Should

    she bear part of the responsibilities?

    4. Recently news about medical blunders can be heard from time to time. For

    example, a pregnant woman died after an emergency Caesarean Section at Baptist

    Hospital; a new-born babys bone was found broken, etc. What is your view on


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