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Guidelines and Application Form

Version 3 1.12.09 (for grant period 2010-2011) 1

    Dear Applicant

    Thank you for requesting a Grant Application Pack for Grassroots Grants.

    Grassroots Grants is a key element of the Government‟s strategy for building stronger and

    more active communities in England, funded by the Office of the Third Sector and

    delivered by Community Development Foundation, managed across Essex, Southend-on-

    Sea and Thurrock by Essex Community Foundation.

    These Guidelines are to assist you in completing the Application Form. Please read them

    carefully as part of the application requires you to supply supporting information. Contact

    the Grants Team if you have any difficulties, we are happy to discuss your application

    before submission and/or signpost you to free support, which is available to all applicants.

    Applications can be written, typed or information can be pasted in. Copies of the form can

    be downloaded from our website or obtained

    from the Grants Team, details below. There are only two more funding rounds with

    deadlines of 14.4.10 and 14.7.10. If funding allows there may be additional rounds, these

    will be advertised on our website.

    Completed applications should be sent by post, preferably before the deadline as we may

    request additional information. We cannot assess applications that are incomplete on

    the deadline. Please ensure that you pay the correct postage as we are unable to cover

    the costs of collecting underpaid post. Fax or email forms cannot be accepted as we

    require the form to show the original signatures of the main contact, committee

    member/trustee and referee. Please keep a completed copy of your application form for

    your records.

    Essex Community Foundation Tel: 01245 356018

    121 New London Road Email:


    Essex CM2 0QT

If your request is in excess of the maximum ?5,000 or your organisation has an annual income of more than ?30,000

    Grassroots funding may not be suitable. For alternative funding please see our General Application Form and Guidelines for Completion on our website: or call us on 01245 356018.

    Essex Community Foundation is a registered charity No. 1052061. As an independent local grant maker, we support voluntary and community groups working for the benefit of people living in the administrative county of Essex and the unitary authorities of Southend-on-Sea and

    Thurrock. We award all our grants from the numerous funds we manage on behalf of statutory agencies, private donors, companies and local families. We are managing the Grassroots Grants Programme on behalf of the Cabinet Office of the Third Sector, overseen by the Community

    Development Foundation.

     Who can Grassroots Grants support?

    Version 3 1.12.09 (for grant period 2010-2011) 2

Awards are for not-for-profit voluntary or community groups, which are charitable in purpose and

    are working for the benefit of people in Essex, Southend-on-Sea or Thurrock. Groups must

    have been active in their local community for not less than 12 months and have an evidenced gross income of less than ?30,000 per annum, taken as an average for the last three financial years (or over the life of the group if less than three years old), be volunteer led (i.e. with largely volunteer based input) and have a governing document. Applications can be for new work or existing work that can clearly demonstrate benefits and outcomes to the group and in the


     What can Grassroots Grants support?

    ; Purchase of capital items such as computer equipment, oven or furniture

    ; Costs of putting on a local event or workshop

    ; Staff costs to enable the employment of individuals

    ; Contribution to rent costs (related to activities/service delivery)

    ; Cost of attending a conference

    ; Training for volunteers (including committee members)

    ; Additional activities to expand an existing funded project

    ; Activities that support community activity

    ; Activities that meet an identified need in the local community

    ; Funding to support an organisation to achieve a quality or other standard relevant to their


    ; Membership/affiliation fees to local support providers

     Who and What Grassroots Grants will NOT support?

    ; Projects that operate outside of Essex, Southend-on-Sea or Thurrock or benefit non

    Essex, Southend-on-Sea or Thurrock residents

    ; Political activity - no grants can be made to any activity that may be party political in

    intention, use or presentation

    ; Religious activity - no grants can be made to support or promote services or events

    where the key purpose is to promote religious doctrine; mission or proselytism;

    promotion of the beliefs of a particular faith (beyond basic religious/cultural

    awareness raising); acquisition of religious artefacts or publications for the use of

    followers in worship; building works or repairs designed to benefit the members of a

    particular place of worship or religious organisation; the cost of supporting religious

    personnel in their normal duties in their place of worship

    ; Statutory agencies including Parish Councils and Schools

    ; Individuals

    ; Commercial ventures

    ; Regional or local offices of a national organisation

    ; Contributions towards large General Appeals

    ; Organisations that are for the sole benefit or relief of animals or plants

    ; Retrospective Funding (i.e. grants for activities which have already taken place)

    ; Trips abroad

    ; Projects for the provision of services to asylum seekers when those services are

    inconsistent with immigration laws or Home Office policy

    ; Organisations with an average annual income of over ?30,000

    ; Organisations operating for less than 12 months

Version 3 1.12.09 (for grant period 2010-2011) 3

     How much can I apply for and can I apply more than once?

    The maximum any organisation can be awarded is ?5,000 over the life of the Grassroots Programme (July 2008 to March 2011) i.e. if you are awarded ?5,000 you will not be able to apply again.

    ; All Grassroots Grant payments MUST be spent and accounted for by 31.3.2011

Procedures are in place to ensure that organisations do not receive more than ?5,000 from

    Grassroots Grants nationally.

    Please call the Grants Team on 01245 356018 if you have any questions or see our website for details of who you can contact for free support in

    your area to aid you in the application process.

     Supporting Information and Help

    Your application cannot be assessed until we receive the signed application form and all supporting documentation. If your organisation does not have or cannot submit all of the

    required documents please contact us on 01245 356018 so that we can signpost you to the free support available.

    If you are able to include an email address within your application ECF will acknowledge receipt of your application via email. If you do not have e-mail, then you can call the Grants

    Team on 01245 356018 to ask if your application has been received, please do allow at least one week after posting.

Please note it is not possible for Essex Community Foundation to return any

    documentation. Therefore, please do not send original documents. We are happy to accept photocopies of the supporting documents.

Version 3 1.12.09 (for grant period 2010-2011) 4

     What information do you need to tell us?

    Please answer all questions on the application form. We will not accept „see attached‟ unless the

    information is to supplement your answer.

Section 2.1 - Please briefly outline the main activities of your organisation:

    ; Summarise what your organisation was set up to do and any services you provide

    ; Who or what do you benefit in the community (e.g. children, older people, rural issues,


Section 2.2 - Please tell us what you want a grant for:

    ; Be as specific as possible; ensure it is for identified activity, not part of a larger appeal

    ; Ensure you only apply for what you will be able to demonstrate will make a real impact

    ; Do not include financial detail here see the finance section of the form

    Section 2.3 to 2.8 data is required for statistics and information only and your answers will not affect the decision of whether a grant is awarded, please select your current beneficiaries only.

Section 2.9 How do you know there is a need for this and why is it important to your


    ; How do you know that this activity is necessary/desirable?

    ; Has the project been requested by users of your group?

    ; How urgent is the need for this activity? Are you working with any other organisations?

    ; What are the consequences if you do not secure funding?

    ; Is the group / project open to the wider community: how will you publicise it?

Section 2.10 - When will your activity / project take place (e.g. from…to)?

    ; Allow for an assessment process

    ; We cannot pay for something that has already taken place (retrospective funding)

    ; All monies must be spent by 31.3.11

Section 2.11 - How will the project and funding be managed and how will you show us

    the benefit the grant has made?

    ; What capacity, resources and knowledge do you have to deliver this project

    ; How do you address working with vulnerable people or children and young people?

    ; How will you keep track of your project and provide us with evidence of its impact?

Section 3.3 - Your organisation will need to have evidence that it has a bank account in the

    organisation‟s name, with at least 3 authorised signatories, with the names provided on the application form.

Section 3.4 - Please give a detailed breakdown of the amount being requested

    ; Please provide a realistic breakdown based on known quotes and costs. Do not guess.

    ; Ensure you are covering full costs and include VAT where appropriate

    ; We will not consider an application that does not specify an amount.

    ; The assessment process will take into consideration value for money

    ; Grassroots grant monies must be spent by 31.3.11.

Section 4 - Referee

    If the referee does not have an email address, they must give a telephone number on which we

    can contact them during office hours. An application will be deemed incomplete if we are unable

    to contact a referee within a week of the assessment date.

Section 5 Essential Documents we cannot assess your application unless all of the

    documents listed are attached.


    Details are on our website

    Version 3 1.12.09 (for grant period 2010-2011) 5

     What happens once I have submitted my Application Form?

    Acknowledgement of receipt

    Please note that we can only acknowledge receipt of applications by email, so please ensure an email address is included on the application form if possible. Email is also our preferred contact

    method for requesting further information.


    All applications received at the Foundation are subject to an assessment process. A Grants Assessor may contact you to discuss your application. Please ensure the person named on the application has knowledge about the project and will be happy to discuss it in further detail.

Grants Decisions

    The Grassroots Grants Programme has a fast track assessment process:

    ; The deadline for applications to reach ECF office is 12.00 noon on 14.4.10 and 14.7.10.

    If funding allows there may be additional rounds, these will be advertised on our website.

    Applications deemed incomplete will be deferred to the following round, if applicable

    ; A decision will be made within 2 weeks of the deadline and a letter will be posted to you

    confirming the outcome within 1 week of the decision.

    ; Cheques will be posted to successful applicants within 2 weeks of the decision (ie within

    4 weeks of the deadline)

    Under no circumstances may a grant be used for any purpose other than that defined on the application form and confirmed in the ECF letter approving the grant. Should you need to

    request a change of use to any award made, you MUST contact Essex Community Foundation before committing any expenditure, failure to do so may result in the award being withdrawn and all monies returned.

Trustee Approval

All applications are assessed against the Grassroots Grants criteria. Those meeting eligibility are

    then passed to a committee of Essex Community Foundation Trustees, who are responsible for the funds under their management and their decision is final. The amount of funding available is

    restricted and therefore some applications may be unsuccessful.


    We have to ensure that funding has been appropriately spent and therefore require monitoring information. A monitoring form will be posted to you with the letter confirming that your

    application has been successful. It will ask you to report on the difference the grant has made to your group and beneficiaries. This must be returned at the end of the financial year in which the

    grant was received or sooner if the project/activity is finished. Your project may also be subject to a monitoring visit and any audit requirements of the programme. You must retain and return with your monitoring copies of all receipts, invoices and all expenditure relating to your grants

    including any capital items.

    Without satisfactory completion of the monitoring form we will not be able to consider any further application to Essex Community Foundation.

Evaluation of the Grassroots Grants Programme

The Government wishes to assess the national impact of the Grassroots Grants Programme

    and requests your assistance. You will be asked to complete two quick, simple questionnaires at the time you receive the cheque and after you have spent the grant. Essex Community

    Foundation will collate the data for the Community Development Foundation, who will produce national analysis information. Your responses to the questionnaire will be


Version 3 1.12.09 (for grant period 2010-2011) 6

    Application form for Grassroots Grants up to ?5,000 for established organisations with an annual average gross income of less ?30,000, averaged over the last 3 years please read the guidelines before completing this form.

Section 1: Organisation Details

    Name of organisation:

Full address of

    organisation (including full


Contact address if different

    to organisation address

    (including full postcode)

     Target areas (e.g. town, village, district)

    Contact Details: Contact 1 Contact 2 (Contact 1 should be the main Miss/Ms/Mrs/Mr Miss/Ms/Mrs/Mr contact who we can speak to during office hours about this application, contact 2 should be a committee member or trustee) Position in organisation:

    Telephone No:

    Mobile phone:

    Email address (We will confirm receipt of the application by email) Website (if applicable)

    Charity Registration no. When did your organisation start?

    (if applicable) (month and year)

    How many people are Full-time paid Part-time paid Management Volunteers Members

    involved in your staff staff Committee


We are sometimes asked by other funders to recommend projects for funding. Are you happy for us to pass this

    application, if appropriate, to another potential funder for consideration without further reference to you? Please

    tick the box below if you agree to us sharing your details:

I agree that Essex Community Foundation may discuss this application with another funder

Version 3 1.12.09 (for grant period 2010-2011) 7

Section 2: Tell us about this application

    2.1. Please briefly outline the main activities of your organisation:

2.2. Please tell us what you want a grant for:

    2.3 Please tick what the money is for: New Work: Existing Work: 2.4 Approximately how many people will benefit from this grant?

    2.5. Please tell us which age groups your work currently benefits (tick only the boxes that apply):

    Early Years (0 4) Young Adults (19 - 25) Children (5 12) Adults (26 65) Young People (13 18) Seniors (65+)

Please tell us the main beneficiary group from the list above…………………

    2.6. Please tell us who your work currently benefits (tick only the boxes that apply):

    Children and Young People People with physical Carers


    Adults People with mental health Local residents


    Older People People with weight / obesity People in Rural areas


    NEET (not in education, Alcohol / Drug addiction People in Urban areas employment or training)

    Long term unemployed Homeless people Refugees / Asylum seekers

    Disadvantaged / low income Ex offenders and prisoners Migrant workers

    Lone parents Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and Men

    transgender groups

    People with general health BME (black, minority, ethnic) Women issues groups

    People with learning Families Others (Please describe) difficulties

Please tell us the main beneficiary group from the list above…………………

    Version 3 1.12.09 (for grant period 2010-2011) 8

2.7 Please tell us the ethnicity of people currently benefitting form your work (tick only the boxes that apply):

    White - British Mixed Black African and Asian or Asian British

    White Other Asian White Irish Mixed Asian and White Black or Black British -

    Caribbean White Eastern Europe Mixed Other Mixed Black or Black British -

     Ethnicity African

    White Gypsies & Asian or Asian British - Black or Black British Travellers Indian Other Black White Other white Asian or Asian British - Chinese or Other Ethnic

    Pakistani Groups - Chinese Mixed Black Caribbean Asian or Asian British - Chinese or Other Ethnic and White Bangladeshi Groups Any Other

Please tell us the main beneficiary group from the list above…………………

    2.8 Please tell us the area your work addresses by ticking the appropriate boxes in the tables below:

     Arts and Culture Health and wellbeing Social Inclusion

     Community Support and Housing Social Services and Development activities

     Counselling /Advice IT /Technology Sport and Recreation /Mentoring

     Crime Poverty and disadvantage Supporting family life

     Disability and Access Racial and Cultural Transport issues issues Integration

     Education and Training Religion Volunteering

     Employment and labour Rural issues Other (please describe)

Environment /Recycling Social Enterprises

    /Renewable energies

Please tell us the main beneficiary area from the list above…………………

    2.9 How do you know there is a need for this and why is it important to your community?

2.10 When will your activity / project take place (e.g. from…to 31.3.11)?

    Version 3 1.12.09 (for grant period 2010-2011) 9

    2.11 How will the project and funding be managed and how will you show us the benefit the grant has made?

Section 3: Financial Details

    3.1 Have you ever received grant funding before from us or any other funder?

    YES / NO

    3.2 Have you, or are you applying to more than one Local Funder for a Grassroots Grant? YES / NO

    If yes, please provide details:

Please note that you cannot receive more than ?5,000 from the Grassroots Grants England programme. If

    you receive more than ?5,000 from one or more Local Funders you will have to return all Grassroots Grants

    funding over ?5,000 to the relevant Local Funder(s).

    3.3 If this application is successful, the grant cheque should be made payable to (organisation account name

     we do not pay individuals):


    Please give the names and positions of the cheque signatories for the bank account:




3.4 Please detail the costs for which you are applying. If any of your costs do not fit into these headings

    please list them in “other costs”. Tell us in the “description of costs” column what each item is and how much

    it is costing. Include quotes for capital items and continue on a separate sheet if necessary.


    e.g. salaries, training, expenses

    Volunteer Costs

    e.g. training, expenses

    Operational / activity Costs

    e.g. hire of equipment / venue

    food / refreshments


    Office, overhead, premises costs

    e.g. rent, postage, telephone,


    Capital Costs

    e.g. Computer equipment, other

    equipment, improvements to


    Publicity Costs

    e.g. design & printing

    Other Costs (please specify)

    eg affiliation fees to local support



    Version 3 1.12.09 (for grant period 2010-2011) 10

Report this document

For any questions or suggestions please email