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    March 15, 2008 Knights of Columbus Issue 7 St Gerald’s Council 13673 Farmington, MI 48336 Grand Knight: Rich Smith Financial Secretary: Paul Quenneville

     St. Gerald’s Church

    21300 Farmington Rd. Page 1 Farmington, MI 48336-5021

    248-477-7470 Highlights: Grand Knights Desk

    Welcome New Members

     From the Grand Knights Desk Coming Activities

     Brother Knights -- our new griddle was used at the January 13, 2008 pancake breakfast and the February 5, 2008 pancake dinner with great

    success. This was a good investment.

    We had 28 brother Knights who helped with the January breakfast

    and about 21 Knights at the February dinner.

    This is what the Knights are all about

     getting together in brotherly fellowship and charity.

    I am very proud to be a brother knight and to know all of you.

    Welcome New Members

    Eldon Funk Individual Highlights James Bartz

    Knight of the Month 2 Msgr. Edward Baldwin

    Joseph Shada Family of the Month 2 Patrick Distelrarh

    Darryl Funni First Degree 2 Robert Koenig

    Howard Petter Council Information 2 David Miller

    Roger Mrozovich Calendar of Events 3 Al Sebastian

     Council Officers 3 Coming Activities Degree Schedule 3 Our Lady of Charity 3 Pancake Breakfast Parish Picnic Blood Drive April 27, 2008 June 1, 2008 April 13, 2008 Welcome New Members Fraternal Benefits Night 3 Joseph Anbumani 10-16-07 The pancake The picnic will be held Christian Services has Gregory Bloch 11-18-07 breakfast will be held after the noon mass on asked us to help with Anthony Wagner 11-28-07 after the 8:30 am and the church grounds. The the spring blood 10:00 am masses. Knights will be cooking drive. This will be This will be our last again this year. We will held during and after breakfast until fall. also be helping with set-all masses on Since we have a ups and take-downs. Sunday. I encourage great new griddle, Please volunteer to help. all Knights to also lets make this a give blood on this fabulous breakfast. I Family Communion Mass day. Two Knights will hope to see all of March 30, 2008 be needed to help you Knights helping This will be at the 8:30 am with the drive and be out. Thank you. mass with reserved broken up into three seating for the Knights shifts. and there families.

    Knights of Columbus 2

     Knight of the Month Pray for our troops January Al Diedo 2 TYPE TITLE HERE March Scott Parchas February Tom McPhail

    Scott joined the Knights Tom is a charter member Al has been a Knight since in January 2007 and and our council Trustee. February 2007 and has completed his second Tom heads up the annual helped with every activity degree and third degree officer elections. He our council has held. He is in October 2007. He attends all meetings and the council warden, helps at all council provides good ideas. Tom eucharistic minister and activities and attends all helps with pancake helps as a volunteer usher. meetings. Scott attends breakfasts and other He attends all meetings council activities. mass with his family and and functions. Al received also other parish the Knight in Shining Armor functions. He is an Award. He completed his outstanding asset to the ndrd2 and 3 degree May Knights. 2007. He continues to sign up new members. You can always count on Al for Congratulations to the help.

    Knights and their families

    Family of the Month for their hard work and January Jerome Williams dedication to the Parish Jerome is a charter member and is our Deputy Grand Knight. He attends all meetings and does a great job at the pancake breakfasts. He is a eucharistic minister and and the Council. attends mass with his wife, Theodora. Jerome is also a lecturer and his wife is a cantor.

     February Patrick Distelrath th Patrick joined the Knights in March 2006. He is the council Field Agent and a 4 1st Degree Ceremony degree Knight. He and his wife, Wendy, are eucharistic ministers and attend mass stwith their family on a regular basis. Patrick attends all functions and meetings. On March 6, 2008 , the 1 degree

    Their children are very active in most church activities. He has done a great job ceremony was held at St Geralds in running our annual Spelling Bee. the social hall for all the councils.

    stFour new Knights went thru the 1 March Paul Quenneuille degree ceremony from our Council. Paul is a charter member and has been the Council Financial Secretary since

    January 2005. He does a great job and attends all meetings and provides good Fourteen Knights from our Council ideas and suggestions. Paul attends mass on a regular basis. He is an outstanding supported the new Knights in asset to our council

    attendance. After the

    ceremony, we had subs and

    beverages and everyone enjoyed

    fellowship. Council Information:

     COUNCIL WEBSITE: GENERAL MEETINGS: KNIGHTS CORNER Check the Knights Korner in nd Thursday of the Month 2Be sure to visit our the “Voice” for up-to-date 7:45 PM in the Social Hall news and information. Council website: Contact Rich Cheetam OFFICER’S MEETINGS: with information to be 4thplaced in the voice. Thurs. of the Month 7:45 PM in the Social Hall

    3 Knights of Columbus

    Council Officers: (As of July 1, 2007)

    Grand Knight Richard Smith

    Past Grand Knight Bob Brown

    Chancellor James Stephanoff Fraternal Benefits Night Chaplain Rev. Ron Browne Feb. 27, 2008 Deputy Grand Knight Jerome Williams Editor Patrick Distelrath and other field agents Financial Secretary Paul Quenneville gave a nice benefits presentation. Needed Recorder Daniel Progar Also Gerald Morello, attorney and a For Our brother Knight, gave an informative Lecturer Larry Miller presentation on wills and trusts. Council Treasurer Larry Swanson The information was very useful. Newsletter The Knights and their wives enjoyed Advocate Kenneth Buchanan a delicious dinner together. It was nice having a night out with friends. Warden Allan Diedo Please contact A film on the life of Father Michael J. Grand Knight Inside Guard John Mayer McGivney was shown. Our council Richard Smith ordered the film to be shown Outside Guard Bob Schiffman at our council meeting. 248/442-7543 Trustee Len Sosnowski

    Trustee Bob Brown PGK

    Trustee Thomas McPhail

    District Deputy David Bergeman

    Insurance Agent Patrick Distelrath

     2007 Calendar of Events: Degree Schedule: . Mar 30 Family Communion Mass 8:30 am mass stApril 8 Novi 1 Degree April 13 Assist with Blood Drive All Masses stApril10 Livonia 1 Degree April 19/20 Membership Drive All Masses April 29 Dearborn Hgts. 1st Degree April 27 Pancake Breakfast After 8:30, 10:00 am Mass May 8 Officer Nominations May 4 Livonia All Degrees . June 1 Parish Picnic After 12 noon mass May 8 Livonia 1 st. Degree June 12 Officer Elections June 29 Family Communion Mass 10:00 am mass June 12 Livonia 1st Degree Contact Grand Knight Richard Smith for information (248)442-7543 Mar. 4 Assist with Parish Soup Supper 5:30 pm Mar. 30 Family Communion Mass 8;30 am Mass Apr. 19/20 Membership Drive Blitz

     Apr. 27 Pancake Breakfast After 8:30, 10:00am mass Our Lady of Charity

    On January 7, 2008 our Council hosted a prayer service with Our Lady of Charity icon that honors the Patron Saint of Cuba. Four of the Our Lady of Charity icons will be venerated at various parishes

    through August across the state. The icon represents an occurrence in 1608, when three boys were crossing a body of water in Cuba when they ran into a storm. After the storm suddenly calmed, the

    boys saw a small statue of the Blessed Mother holding the infant Jesus floating in the water that was dry according to testimony,. Our Lady of Charity was declared the Patroness of Cuba by Pope Benedict XV in 1916. Pope John Paul 11 crowned the original image as Queen and Patron Saint of Cuba in 1998 during his visit.

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