A letter of job application

By Regina Cox,2014-05-14 08:13
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A letter of job application

    Letters of Application (for a job)

    A strongly recommended structure of Application letter:

     Opening part

    Refer to the position applied for and explain the reason

    for it. Tell how you learned about the position

    (1) If you are responding through a newspaper

    advertisement, a possible opening might be:

    E.g. I am responding to your ad in the June 20th;2005;

    issue of the Sunday Talent Journal for the position of

    production coordinator. I feel that my background in electronics and manufacturing will fit in well.

    (2) If you are responding through a friend, you might use

    E.g. One of your former employees, *** (the persons

    full name) told me that…….

    (3)If you are taking the initiative to inquire whether there is a vacancy for ***, you may begin your letter with .

    E.g. I am taking the liberty to inquire that whether you will be needing a ***.


    Supply information on yourself. This should include: Personal background


     Academic qualifications

     Work experience

     Personal skills and your character

    When you stating these experiences and qualifications, you are supposed to be careful with language and intonation. Make your selling of yourself positive, confident and not hypocritical.

     Do not talk about your lack of experience;

    ; Recall your extra-curricular activities

    ; Highlighting your personality or character

    ; Substantiate yourself with some self-study program Do not say you need the job badly(even if you do); Do not say your are unhappy in your present job

     E.g. From this you will see that I am at

    present working as a junior assistant in

    the personnel department at ABC

    Company. Although I enjoy my work,

    I feel I would now like to take on a

    position with more responsibility,

    and in a larger organization.

     Do not try to flatter the prospective employers


    At the end of the letter, ask for an interview at the prospective employers convenience and state clearly the

    time or date at which you are available and how you can be reached.

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