Vermont Wholesale Granite

By James Harper,2014-12-05 06:26
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Vermont Wholesale Granite

    Vermont Wholesale Granite


    Selling 2X1 Grass markers

    Add some $$$ to your bottom line

How our system works…

    You meet with the family look through our Marker Catalog or a brochure

    __Please call for a free catalog of designs.

You fill out the order form and FAX us the order

    _Fill out your contact and shipping info

    _Circle the color & price

    _Let us know what the design number is

    _Write down the information to be put on the stone in the area provided

    We do a scale drawing of exactly what the marker will look like, we fax it to you (usually by the next business day)

    __Double check the drawing, make sure everything is right and FAX it back with a signature.

    We take the marker from our inventory, letter it, crate it and give it to the UPS man.

    __Usually it takes about 2 weeks from the time you fax back the drawing.

    __We ship out on Tuesday and use UPS 2 day shipping INCLUDED IN YOUR COST

    The Marker arrives at your place of business or directly to the cemetery.

    __We guarantee our products 100%. If a marker arrives damaged we will RUSH a new one to you at

    no charge just as fast as we can make it.

Give it a try

    _its EASY

    _It provides your families with a more COMPLETE SERVICE

    _It will put some more $$$ in YOUR pocket.

We can supply you with markers and monuments of any size and design,

    our prices are competitive, our quality is excellent and we have a professional,

    knowledgeable sales staff.

    Vermont Wholesale Granite 1-802-333-9407

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