Successful event planning, -the words tactic- of the four- main theme, the mainstream_44

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Successful event planning, -the words tactic- of the four- main theme, the mainstream_44

    Successful event planning, "the words tactic" of the four: main theme, the mainstream




     Successful event planning should have a "flagship" project, there is a "theme" of the content, but also to meet the "mainstream" direction, the only way in order to achieve the right Marketing activities. The "main" in order to help consumers to remember that consumers remember the night is equal to ogle, to no avail, The "theme" in order to ensure impartiality activities, and God-shaped powder lingers,

    assurance activities to maximize the dissemination of results,

     The "mainstream" in order to ensure that activities are consistent with most of them taste as much as possible to please the consumer, to achieve the economic transformation.

     Main: activities should be a "flagship", the purpose is to make activities to focus, and to ensure that activities are sufficiently attractive. Any of the activities can not be overly broad, or want to do whatever, eyebrows and beard grabbed, especially in sensitive consumers degree is getting worse, any plan must have an event to highlight and focus enough to force their "points" - the content and items, the

    content and activities of the project is the "flagship."

     As Shun and international event, the sum of his vice

    president were appointed to determine the "dishes revolutionary" activities flagship project is the "Four Seasons vegetables," a year carry out his four seasons, so, whether each external publicity or just the internal communication, we all know their main content, any a small project out of the main content of not as a fundamental way, the consumers, they can be active The main contents to learn more about the activity itself, while the internal staff involved in the game, they also have more direct and clear

    understanding, to ensure that his "work" does not lose shape.

     Subject: just one main project, which just completed a

    strategic dimension, Shao Fu Zhu mentioned more than once, to a certain degree of competition in the market after the bloody

    assault for example, comes to the real extent of competition is not often longer strategic but tactical, and in other words, to a certain stage of market development, often leading tactical rather than strategic lead, you "do what" is not important, important is "what you do", this "well" is the higher demands of the tactical level. just as Shun international event, from a strategic level is concerned, "Shun and dishes revolution" and "Four Seasons food" just solution "to do" question, but activities in order to truly

    succeed, so well-known, we need not just "do" and should be "better." But how to do "better" mean? Suppose we demand for chefs is that "the spring health food, "" Summer in the light wind, "" Autumn in the health care fever "and" hot winter's

    Diet "and other content, this is the theme, is to refine the strategy, and on this basis it? and then the dishes of the" color "" sweet, "" taste, "" platter, "and so on for a clear plan, the activities of more able to have a direction and goals, achieve better activity in mind.

     Mainstream: Any activity must not be contrary to contrary to the trend, so Shao Fu Zhu last to shun and high-level

    lectures, the absolute stress the point is to "listen to the party with the party", the specific content? This "to the

    party" also includes Shane? Shao Fu Zhu summary is the "Times", "two civilizations", "Let some people get rich first" and so on.

     For a very simple example, in the past, poor living conditions, the consumer benefits and really focus on, now

    with the development and progress of the times, "affordable" and "really" Although still in demand, but the importance of non-food elements also should be put on the agenda, such as the dining environment how? decoration taste enough? services to are not in place? Can not achieve the level of consumers moving? Etc. also food, twenty years ago, Shandong was "sticky" "salty Huhu" "dark" may be nothing wrong, but if you put Today go, may be a big problem, is also a restaurant, put twenty years ago, no table food chicken fish eggs will not be considered high grade, but the sea cucumber and abalone may be present only if not enough quality to be considered, the same food Twenty years ago, all you eat is less environmentally friendly pesticides, no hormones or even vegetables, but now

    only the "green food" "organic food", "Laiwu Black" "Barred

    Plymouth Rock chicken" and so can be sufficient to attract the attention of consumers be assured that food important "elements." era of change, event planning requirements should

    follow the mainstream, this is not the people's will for so sometimes we often see very successful over the last boss, the network may face the rapid development of the information era powerless, powerless, and once the business will be very worried, in their view the "rich", the enterprise has survived a sudden. Gein most of the older generation of entrepreneurs affected by the times, they are hard-working in more than

    enough, but was always behind the times in half a beat, they are "meaningful" in more than enough, but in the "interesting" aspect is obviously inadequate, while Marketing is stylish living, not out of date.

     Marketing, if you can not boot the mainstream, it can only follow the mainstream, sometimes, it seems that simple.

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