Montgolfier Diploma

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Montgolfier Diploma



    Ballooning Commission

Montgolfier Ballooning Diploma

    The Montgolfier Diploma was created in 1960. The first two years several diplomas were awarded for performance or contributions to the sport in the years before 1960. From 1972, two diplomas were available each year. One for an outstanding performance and one for contribution to the development of the sport of ballooning in general. After 1975, two performance diplomas were available, one for gas and one for hot air balloonists. A third performance diploma, for Rozier balloon pilots, became available, from 1992. YEAR GAS HOT AIR ROZIER CONTRIBUTION

    2009 Cheri White (USA) Sven Goehler (GER) none David Levin (USA)

    2008 none Pierrick Duvoisin (SUI) none Mako Oiwa (JPN)

    David Hemplemann-Adams 2007 Richard Jaworski (USA) Troy Bradley (USA) Gert Scholz (AUT) (GBR)

    Philippe De Cock and Dr. Vijaypat Singhania 2006 Ronny Van Havere none none (India) (Belgium)

    Bob Berben and 2005 Andy Cayton (USA) Greg Winker (USA) Pat Brake (USA) Benoït Siméons (Belgium)

    2004 Mark Sullivan (USA) Markus Pieper (GER) none Arnost Honig (CZE)

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    2003 Dr. Coy Foster (USA) Troy Bradley (USA) David Hempleman-Adams (GBR) Mark West (USA)

    Jean-Francois Leys (FRA) Vic Johnson (USA) and 2002 none none and Vincent Leys (FRA) Larry Simburger (USA)

    2001 Astrid Gerhardt (GER) Oscar Lindström(SWE ) none Albert Cramer (GER) 2000 none Jon Kolba (USA) Kevin J. Uliassi (USA) Jean Sax (BEL)

    Richard Abruzzo (USA) and Bertrand Piccard (SUI) and Brian 1999 Dr. Carol Rymer Davis Uwe Schneider (GER) Masashi Kakuda (JPN) Jones (GBR) (USA)

    1998 none none none Josef Starkbaum (AUT) 1997 none David Bareford (GBR) none Mark Sullivan (USA) 1996 none none none Hans Akerstedt (SWE)

    Alan Fraenckel (ISV) and Alan Fraenckel (ISV) 1995 John Stuart-Jarvis (ISV) William E. Bussey (USA) J. Steven Fossett (USA) (posthumous)

    (both posthumous) & Victor Fraenckel (USA)

    Tim Cole and Dennis Brown 1994 none Jetta Schantz (USA) Steven Griffin (AUS) (USA)

    John Wallington and 1993 Wilhelm Eimers (GER) Alan Blount (USA) Saburo Ichiyoshi (JPN) Dick Smith (AUS) awarded 1995

    Chris Dewhirst (Australia) Thomas Feliu and 1992 David Levin (USA) Les Purfield (GBR) and Andy Elson (GBR) Jesus Gonzales- Green (ESP)

    . YEAR GAS HOT AIR CONTRIBUTION 1991 none none . none Page 2 of 6 Montgolfier Diploma

    Don Cameron (GBR)awarded 1990 none . Gustav Samsel (FRA) 1992

    1989 none none . Thomas A. Sheppard (USA) 1988 none Michio Kanda (JPN) . Charles 'Dewey' Reinhard (USA) 1987 none Per Lindstrand (SWE) . Ernst Iselin (SUI) 1986 Henk Brink (NED) Coy Foster (USA) . Debbra Spaeth (USA) 1985 none none . Malcolm Forbes (USA)

    Franz-Josef (JoJo) Maes Joseph Kittinger (USA) 1984 John Petrehn (USA . (GER) (awarded by FAI Council) 1983 Joseph Kittinger (USA) Joseph Starkbaum (AUT) . Horst Hassold (GER) 1982 Nikki Caplan (USA) Edward Chapman (USA) . Dick Wirth (UK) (posthumous) 1981 John Shoecraft (USA) Michel Arnould (FRA) . Jan Balkedal (SWE) 1980 Gerd Aderman (FRA) none . Carol Davis (USA) 1979 none Chauncey Dunn (USA) . Richard Brown (USA)

    Ben Abruzzo, Maxie

    1978 Anderson, Larry Newman, Philip Clark (GBR) . Geoffrey Green (HKG)


    1977 Wulf Bergner (GER) Nigel Tasker (GBR) . Gunter Pesch (GER) 1976 Paul Edward Yost (USA) Bruce Comstock (USA) . Don Cameron (GBR) 1975 Anthony Smith (GBR) Kingswood Sprott (USA) . Sydney Cutter (USA)

    . . YEAR PERFORMANCE CONTRIBUTION 1974 Helma Sjuts (GER) . . Eddie Allen (USA) 1973 Deiter Grieshaber (GER) . . Tracy Barnes (USA) Page 3 of 6 Montgolfier Diploma

    1972 Julian Nott (GBR) . . Walter Locher (GER)


    1971 Karl Stefan (USA) 1970 Hans Dolpp (GER) 1969 Peter Pellegrino (USA) 1968 Wolfgang Haueisen (GER) 1967 Alfred Schulz (GER) 1966 Ernst Krauer (SUI) 1965 Fritz Braun (GER) 1964 Fred Forrer (SUI) 1963 Nini Boesman (NED) 1962 Don Piccard (USA 1961 Constance Wolf (USA)

    George Ernest (Gerry) Long 1960 (GBR)

    Fred Dolder (SUI)

    H. Kipfer (SUI)

    Ernst Frank (GER)

    Philippe Quersin (BEL)

    Charles Dollfus (FRA) 1959 Bruno Potthast (GER)

    Alfred Eckert (GER)

    H.G. Cannegieter (NED) Page 4 of 6 Montgolfier Diploma

    Ernst Huber (SUI)

    Ernest Demuyter (BEL)

    Zbigniew Burzynski (POL)

    Franciszek Janik (POL)


    These Diplomas, established by FAI in 1960, are named after Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier who built the world's first successful manned flying machine, a hot air balloon, in 1783.

Eligibility, Frequency and Number.

    Four Montgolfier Diplomas may be awarded annually, one

    to recognise each of the following :

    ; the best sporting performance in the previous Montgolfier year in Gas Ballooning ;

    ; the best sporting performance in the previous Montgolfier year in Hot Air Ballooning ;

    ; the best sporting performance in the previous Montgolfier year in Roziere Ballooning

    ; A major contribution to the development of the sport of Ballooning in general.

    The Montgolfier year starts on November 21st and ends on November 20th (UTC).

Nomination and Approval. Procedures

    shall be as described in Chapter 10 of the FAI Bylaws subject to the following additional conditions :

    Each FAI Member may submit the names of four candidates, one in each of the categories defined in above.

    Each candidate must be a national or resident of the nominating Member's country. Candidates may be individuals or teams. In the case of awards for performance, teams shall consist of a Pilot-in-Command and other Flight Crew, but at least one person in a team must be a national or resident of the nominating Member's country. Where candidates consist of a team of different nationalities, the nominating FAI Member shall have the written permission of the FAI Members concerned.

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    In the event a Diploma is awarded to a team, each team member will receive a Diploma.

    The Montgolfier Diploma may be awarded to the same individual or team more than once, but not in the same category.

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