The brief introduction of 219 Primary School

By Rose Ellis,2014-09-15 19:54
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    The Brief Introduction of 219 Primary School

    219 Primary School, named by Anshan Liberation Commemoration Day, is located by the beautiful 219 Park. It was founded in 1960, covers an area of 18,272 square metres. It has 2040 pupils, 33 classrooms and 89 teachers. For many years it has taken ‘Education for development’ as its teaching principle. It has first-class

    teachers, splendid achievements, fresh and beautiful environment. It has taken bilingual, arts, science and technology as teaching characters. It’s well known by

    cities and provinces’ education system. It is a window school that has high standard construction, advanced teaching principle, and modern literature atmosphere. 219 Primary School is committed ‘ To develop high quality, high diploma, great teachers’

    as teachers’ developing and construction aim, founded learning style’s organization, developed school’s own teaching and research. Through unremitting efforts, 219 Primary School has achieved striking achievements. There is a national science and research style’s teacher, 20 backbone teachers in Anshan City and Liaoning Province, 3 teachers gained national excellent classes, many teachers showed opening classes in Anshan City or Liaoning Province. The school’s teaching quality improved tremendously.

    219 Primary School strengthens modern construction, it has founded school network, equipped every class with television, computers, slides and other learning aids, decorated electronic preparing room, computer room, phonetics room and integrative lab and so on, realized teaching and management’s modernization. To make the pupils ‘ live happily, learning independently, growing healthily, developing overall’ is our principle of running a school. To prepare well today for the pupils’

    development in the future is our obligatory responsibility. Therefore, developing science education in our school, taking ‘Teaching scientifically, learning scientifically and managing scientifically’ as our tenet, creates a new and scientific developing road. A Young Pioneer’s science college was founded in our school. It has researched institutes for animals, plants, aeromodelling, marine models, structural models, robots and so on to develop children’s science consciousness, science attitude and creative ability from their childhood. At the same time we founded ‘219 Arts Corps’. It has 13 teams about folk music, vocality, dancing, photograph, painting and so on, make the pupils feel infinite happiness within limited time and space, gain infinite knowledge and development.

    The school’s environment is beautiful and graceful. 10000 square metres’ synthetic track, lovely aviary, colorful Chinese roses garden, fruitful vegetable garden, largely green corridor, special old poems wall and so on, everywhere shows animate and infinite life energy. The children spend their school days in this beautiful and green school.

    Walking through spring and autumn, winter and summer, going through wind and rain, the age express of 219 Primary School has passed by uncountable honorable roads full of fresh flowers and applauses with diligent cooperation of ‘219 people’. We’ve got : National quality education advanced unit, national break’s activities advanced unit, the advanced units of provincial education research, art education, quality education, audio-visual education, language and calligraphy, bilingual teaching and so on, the model school and the double civilizations advanced unit of Anshan City and Liaoning Province.

All the honors will encourage everyone in 219 Primary School ‘to explore

quality education’s new land continually and paint new colors again for 219 Primary

School’s developing splendid future pictures during vivid education reform.

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