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    Unit 6 Friends A

    教师行为 学生学习活动 设计意图 Step1.Warm-up

    Three pupils

    introduce: 1. Greeting. I’m… Make the students 2. Introduce yourselves I like… interested .Lead in new My favourite… lesson.

Step2. Presentation

    1. Introduce the new words: Music, sport, 2. Open the books at page 57. Read the song spider, rat

     Look at the Learn the new words pictures and learn and the sentence He the new words. likes..../She likes.... Read after the by song .Ss learn teacher. about the pronounce and meanings of the words and try to use the sentences. 3. Listen and sing the song: My best friends. a) Listen to the song. b) Listen and sing the song 4. 4. Circle what the children like (Linda: Terry following the tape. c) Sing the song together. d) Do it by yourselves. Try to express the e) Check the likes answer.

Step3. Drill

    Guess who is

    Sue/Pat/ Liz.

    a) Listen to the Train the Ss 1. Look at the pictures in part 2. tape and write listening ability and the names. learn about the 2. Play the tape. b) Listen again and description of friends. check the


Step4. Consolidation

    a) Recite the new

    words: Music, Consolidate what they

     learn and improve sport, spider,

    and rat. their ability.

    b) Listen and sing

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