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    Time~60 minutes.

    The Reading Test has six parts testing various reading skills.

    Part Input Task

    1 Five 90 word texts Matching sentences with texts

    2 450-500 word text Sentence level gap-filling

    3 500-600 word text Multiple-choice comprehension questions

    4 250 word text Single word multiple-choice gap-filling

    5 250 word text Single word gap-filling

    6 150-200 word text Proof-reading: identifying extra words

    How to succeed in your reading test?

    See some tips on page 57 of your student book.

    Part One

Exercise One

    1 This book provides many real life examples of business practice in a number of organizations. 2 An earlier version of this book was very successful.

    3 Some of the material in this book has been presented in an audio-visual format. 4 Reading this book might save you from an embarrassing misunderstanding.

    5 Managers could find practical ideas related to manufacturing in this book. 6 No previous book has covered the range of material included in this one.

    7 Personnel managers might recommend this book to their trainees.

    8 This book is written in an entertaining style.




    Eds. Derek Fawcett and Alan Sparrow

    This book draws on a variety of genuine cases, setting both European and global contexts. It includes contributions from many business managers to ensure an accurate picture of practical approaches to the subject.

    Suitable both for practicing managers and for teachers of management students, Case Studies in Organizational Behavior presents an up-to-date selection of business cases in an easy-to-use format. Also available is a video in which a number of the most valuable cases in the book are presented (B)


    2nd Edition

    Dr.J. Otis-Lavalle

    The aim of this established text is to examine the contribution of psychology to our understanding of human behavior at work. The text covers issues such as selection, training, motivation and job satisfaction. It is particularly aimed at those training to be managers in the areas of staff development and human resources but offers insight for anyone employed in this area. The first edition of the book was chosen as Training Book of the Year in 1994 and the new edition has been



    updated to make it even more accessible.




    Professor Ella Schoonhoven

    This is the first book to look at the theory and use of management techniques in every major industrial country. This survey of modern management methods is unequalled in its scope and is destined to become classic among modern management texts. Professor Schoonhoven describes the application of HRM techniques in Europe, in United States and the Far East, comparing and contrasting the approach of each business culture. She also includes a chapter on the emerging economies of Eastern Europe and Asia.




    Dirk Bolatt, Michael Terry and Dr. Yu Luan

    Published last year, this is becoming the essential text for production managers in industrial companies. More than a guide, this text explains the thinking behind recent changes in work methods and encourage managers to practice approaches to production. The authors, who have themselves all had experience in production as well as teaching and research, cover both the well-known techniques and others which have received less attention but which have been developed by leading firms in global process technology.



    Dr. Andrew Green

    In an international business world, the contemporary manager deals with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Often simple differences can obstruct communication: the international manager needs to be sensitive to these differences in order to be truly effective. Andrew Green‟s fascinating and amusing book guides you through the potential mistakes which contrasting culture way in which major cultural groups handle each of these aspects. This is a book to keep with you every time you travel. Easy to read and full of hints, it may prove to be the difference between international success and disaster.

















    Genuine; context; approach; format; motivation; insight; accessible; be destined to; HRM; contrast; emerging; innovative; obstruct;

    Exercise Two

    1 This book follows the progress of various products from the concept to the selling stage. 2 This book includes very few technical terms.

    3 In this book we are given some detailed inside information on companies.

    4 The writer of this book believes company bosses aim at more than the financial improvement of their company.

    5 The writer of this book feels that success involves the ability to adapt quickly to a new situation. 6 It is stated in this book that future business success will involve understanding recent thinking in the business area.

    7 This book shows how to include tine input of consumer in a company.

    8 This book is aimed at the workforce as well as management.


    Anticipating changes in the marketplace and the competition depends on the ability to quickly reorganize business structures. Percentage Solutions shows that these significant change indicators lie in the 20% of business opportunities that will drive growth and profit into the future. Peter Fraser suggests that companies stay ahead of change by using a rapid redesign approach to quickly renew and rethink their business. In the book he details how this redesign could work and gives some example of how it could be put into practice in a company.


B BUSINESS THOUGHTS Norman Heimes, Sandy Davies

    Attaining higher levels of customer satisfaction, increasing speed and efficiency in the product development process, and increasing profits are the goals many managers are struggling to achieve. The basic business philosophy behind this book is Customer Integrated Decision Making, or CIDM, which is a process that shows managers how to reach these goals by integrating the customer into the decision-making process and incorporating the customer‟s wants and needs into

    the design of new products and services.



    This fascinating and instructive book takes readers behind the scenes of twenty-four of the biggest new product success stories of the past few years and reveals the normally confidential workings of some of the institutions where these products were developed. Each story focuses on a different



    strategy and offers managers and professionals invaluable insights into how the brightest and best new product ideas were originally thought up, then developed and finally brought to market.?22.50


    The incorporation of information technology in the workplace has revolutionized the way people do business. But the revolution has not finished - new technologies are being developed every day. The divide between man and technology is becoming increasingly narrow, and in some societies social and cultural changes are gradually occurring in order to reengineer business operations for the 21st century. A Handbook of Modem Business Matters will encourage you to think about the new concepts and ideas which often pass by only half understood, but will eventually make the difference between success and failure.



    This original book about attitudes towards work is both for individuals in routine jobs seeking to improve the quality of their working lives and for managers who find themselves expected to do more with less in this era of uncertainty. Business Choices reveals a new way of thinking about work that will motivate both employees and companies to reach for higher levels of achievement. In a clear and very readable style that avoids much irritating business jargon. Anne Jones seeks to improve working attitudes at all levels of the workforce.


小技巧~备选句中使用解释性的语言而相应的文章中出现技术性语言或“术语”。 反之亦然。



    Indicator; CIDM; confidential; workings; reengineer; routine; era of uncertainty; readable; jargon; 小资料~

    Customer Integration

    Attaining higher levels of customer delight, increasing the speed and efficiency in the product development process, and increasing profits are goals many managers are struggling to achieve. Customer Integrated Decision Making, or CIDM, is a process that will show managers how to reach these goals by integrating the customer into the decision-making process and incorporating the customer's wants and needs into the design of new products and services.

    Customer Integration: The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Leader's Guide for Decision Making focuses on the complete CIDM/QFD process. The book details the reasons for using CIDM market identification techniques, and QFD idea generation methodologies, as well as some basic and advanced customer "choice" prediction approaches. This practical, structured, and replicable process will provide a company of any size with the tools to assure its teams' success as they move to become linked to the customer.

    Customer Integration opens with a comprehensive overview for executives, followed by a detailed



    discussion of how CIDM/QFD can increase profits for businesses in a variety of industries. The executive overview reviews the issues confronting companies today and gives reasons why executives will need to be linked to customers to compete. The second part of the book lays out some of the foundation knowledge that middle managers will need to have in order to commit to supporting individuals and teams and to complete CIDM/QFD projects. Part II also offers practical discussions on the critical role of leadership and the challenges of implementation. The third part of the book provides a step-by-step explanation of the process, along with a complete review of the necessary concepts and tools to make a CIDM/QFD project happen. Customer Integration is designed for the whole company. It provides the information executives and managers need to undertake a Customer Integrated Decision-Making project and the knowledge that team members need to assure success in their project.

    Exercise Three (2000.5)

    1. This job involves protecting the confidentiality of computer systems.

    2. Financial assistance will be given if getting this job means you need to move house. 3. The post involves increasing the importance of IT within the company.

    4. You may be given greater seniority soon after being appointed to this post.

    5. Experience of government computer contracts may help the applicant for this post. 6. In this post you will be responsible for appointing and training some staff. 7. The successful applicant's main task will be getting companies to sign up to new contracts for IT services.

    8. You will be in charge of the money allocated for I.T.


    We are a key player in one of the most rapidly growing industry sectors world-wide, the provision of outsourced computer network services, and can boast a growth record over the past ten years of 50% per annum. An opportunity exists for an exceptional and experienced individual to join the company to develop our existing customer base. You will be able to demonstrate a successful track record in senior management within the IT sector. We are looking for experience of selling large capital projects or service contracts and the ability to develop excellent customer relationships at all levels. Strong administration and organizational skills, with a keen eye for detail, are essential.


Applications are invited from candidates aged 30-47 with at least 5 years‟ successful experience of

    developing company computer systems involving 100 plus terminals, ideally across several sites. The successful candidate will be responsible for the implementation of new computer on-line systems to major companies. The ability to develop, and in some cases to recruit, an effective team, and play a key role in the group‟s growth is important. It is expected that there will be the possibility of joining the Board in the near future.


    The successful applicant will have experience of a wide range of state and private sector industries, focused on, but not limited to, markets in manufacturing, engineering, retail and distribution. He



    or she will possess considerable experience of developing client relationships, project delivery and the implementation of large-scale IT systems across the UK and Europe. Quite exceptional presentation and communication skills required. Generous relocation package available. D IT PROFESSIONAL

    We are a global consulting organization with an outstanding reputation for the provision of audit, tax, and management consultancy services. In order to maintain our leadership position, we need to strengthen our team by appointing two specialists in IT and telecoms security. We are looking for someone with considerable understanding and practical experience of the security and control requirements for telecoms and networked systems. You will be a recognized expert readily acceptable to major organizations who employ the latest technology. In return, we offer you an opportunity to develop your skills by working at a variety of international locations.


    We are a market-leading retail financial services group which has achieved dominance in a number of products, and we have exciting plans for future growth, with a direct effect on our IT requirements. We now need to appoint someone who is capable of carrying out a thorough review of all our IT services and representing the needs of IT to the board. The task of the appointee will be to significantly raise the profile of IT and add real value to the business. Responsibilities will include managing and motivating the IT department, the project management of new technology, and managing the IT budget and relationships with suppliers. Financial services experience, whilst desirable, is not essential.

小技巧~备选句中使用解释性的语言而相应的文章中出现技术性语言或“术语”。 反之亦然。







    Confidentiality; seniority; provision; outsourced; track record; keen; plus; Board; engineering; distribution; relocation package; audit; recognized; dominance; appointee; profile.

Exercise Four (2000.11)

1 This event will help you get the best out of your staff.

    2 You need to be a senior manager to attend this event.

    3 This event offers advice which can be acted on immediately.

    4 You have the opportunity to socialize with the speakers at this event. 5 This event concentrates on the application of new technology in business. 6 You can learn something about the law at this event.

    7 This event will help you to organize working groups more effectively. 8 This event makes complicated ideas easy to understand.


    Thornway Centre, 2 3 April



    This is a very special event indeed, and will cover an important range of business issues that you simply cannot afford to ignore if you are running a company. The matters that affect you high-level decision - making, long - term planning will be discussed by some of the continent‟s

    most forward thinkers. Business Connections is a unique opportunity to access information before anyone else hears it and is restricted to directors and chief executives. You need to book well in advance, as places are limited.


    Unity Conference Centre, 15 March

    Enterprise is a particularly useful event if you‟re involved in personnel, human resources or any other area of managing people and will really benefit you in your daily meetings. It‟s very much a practical session. You will spend the day extending your already considerable range of knowledge and experience. What you will take away are some new insights into the areas you already know a great deal about. The focus will be on teamwork, particularly on how to run teams in order to make the most of their potential. Phone the Centre for further details.


    Conway Hall, 20 22 March

    These could be the three most productive days you will ever spend in your business career. Business Solutions is for anyone in business who wants to use the latest computer software to get ahead of the competition. You will not be overwhelmed with a great weight of theory, but rather be offered a series of hard - hitting solutions to today‟s problems. This clear information can be put

    into practice the very next day in your company. Tickets available in advance or from reception on the first day.


    Exhibition Centre, 4 5 April

    This is the first truly international marketing event to take place in this country. Understanding how markets really function is vital to survival and success in business. Such knowledge can give you the edge in competition. Market Solutions is a very special opportunity to learn form some of the world‟s best market analysts, who are ready to share their expertise with you. Although the issues involved are very complex, the presentations will offer very clear analyses and straightforward information packs. Book early to be sure of a place.


    Grand Hotel, 8 10 April

    Business Masterclass offers an enjoyable and educational three days in the luxurious surroundings of the Grand Hotel. As business becomes increasingly global, it becomes all the more essential to have the right kind of information to stay ahead of the competition. Masterclass will give you that kind of information, with sessions on the most effective advertising techniques, careful analyses of the potential legal problems you may face when dealing at an international level, and some very sound investment advice. There is a full evening program where you can meet the presenters. Phone for further information.





    get the best out of your staff?

    be acted on immediately?

    application of new technology?

    something about the law?

    complicated ideas easy to understand?


    Potential; hard-hitting; edge; expertise; straightforward; Luxurious;

    Exercise Five (2001.5)

    1. You must be prepared to work outside normal working hours.

    2. This advertisement is for a financial position.

    3. This advertisement asks for an ability with foreign languages.

    4. This advertisement asks for examples of previous work.

    5. Your income will depend on your performance in this job.

    6. You will have to go abroad in this job.

    7. This job involves servicing the retail sector.

    8. You are required to do training when you start this job.


    Right now we‟re looking for a copywriter with the talent, ambition and energy it takes to create

    concepts and copy that will sell from Copenhagen to California. You‟ll need to be highly creative, a strong strategic thinker, used to working well in a team and delivering the goods to tight deadlines. And you‟ll have at least two years‟ copywriting experience, backed by a portfolio of past projects that show your ability to create powerful work that can be adapted for use in different countries and markets. You will be expected to take a thorough preparation course to develop company and product awareness.

    B An exciting opportunity exists for an experienced telemarketing specialist. You would be responsible for spearheading a multinational textile company‟s drive to secure new business. The ideal candidate will be confident in projecting a professional image. You‟ll also be adaptable and remain calm under pressure. The position requires a highly motivated and focused approach together with multi-lingual skills. Knowledge of the textile market is desirable but not essential. You will sometimes be required to work unsocial hours but an excellent benefits package is offered.


    Creative Communications is a well-established and fast-expanding group of agencies, specializing in design communication, contract publishing and interactive multimedia. A unique opportunity exists for someone with an accounting qualification, a resourceful and dynamic attitude and experience at a high level. You will be leading an existing team dedicated to one of the biggest blue chip clients. You should have an impressive record of working with prestige companies, together with promotional and marketing skills. You will be seeking a challenge and the scope to utilize your full potential.


    Star trade is looking for a bright confident ambitious sales person who is keen to develop a career with an international media organization and to join the London sales team and work on international markets. The ideal candidate must possess the ability to work independently and be



    confident and comfortable negotiating with more senior management. The position will be based in London, but will require some overseas travel. An excellent basic salary plus sales-related commission is offered. If you have at least five year‟s experience and would enjoy the hectic environment of a weekly newspaper office, fax your c.v. to us.


    We‟re looking for someone to work within the Visual Merchandizing department. This demanding and rewarding role needs an unusual mix of organizational excellence and design ability. You‟ll be responsible for the design and production of merchandising communications and for updating store layout guides. You‟ll also need to manage the printing and production process. It will then be your job to ensure that all stores receive the material on time and to deal tactfully with customer enquiries and complaints. This will involve visiting our stores throughout the country. You‟ll need to have experience with DTP work on a Mac or Pc, and good written skills.

小技巧~备选句中使用解释性的语言而相应的文章中出现技术性语言或“术语”。 反之亦然。


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    Exercise Six (2001.11)

    1. Your working hours will vary.

    2. You need to be good at encouraging colleagues.

    3. You may be involved in moving to new premises.

    4. You will have considerable opportunities for promotion.

    5. You will be directly responsible to senior management.

    6. You need to be capable of motivating yourself.

    7. Your pay will reflect the company‟s performance.

    8. You will be involved with new customers.


    Commercial Operations Manager

    This is an exciting opportunity for a Commercial Operations Manager based at our prestigious premises in the capital. You must bring your successful track record in contract management skills. Strong commercial awareness and communication skills are essential characteristics of your approach, as is the ability to motivate others. You will have considerable expertise with computers and your commitment to customer service will be strong. Relevant professional qualifications are



    a prerequisite for this post.

    B Recruitment Consultant

    Recruitment consultancy represents a varied, stimulating and challenging career which will further develop interpersonal and commercial skills, allowing personal and professional growth. We offer unlimited career prospects within our management team here and overseas. Our individually tailored training scheme is one of the most advanced in the industry. We operate a reward system based on merit and profit-sharing, not commission or overtime. The remuneration package is designed to attract outstanding individuals to make a commitment to a long-term business relationship.


    Production Manager

    We are looking for a Production Manager to play an active role in our fast-growing company. We need a dynamic team player to help drive forward our firm commitment to continuous performance improvement and customer liaison. A background in engineering or processing would be highly advantageous. Working within a fast-changing environment, the ability to manage change effectively is a key requirement. The position is based on a rotating shift system and attracts a highly competitive salary and benefits package.


    Services Manager

    The person recruited to fulfill this new role in our fast expanding company will assume full responsibility for all the building and equipment at our head office. The company is currently considering relocation. You will be responsible for the management of communication systems including reception, co-ordination of secretarial support and management of all service suppliers. Some familiarity with computers is desirable. Personality, drive and the ability to set personal goals and high standards within a demanding working week are the main criteria. A degree and/or business qualification will be advantages.


    Credit Manager

    We are seeking a skilled credit professional with exceptional commercial acumen to play a vital role in our European program. You will deal with trade negotiations, account management and legal proceedings. Reporting directly to the Managing Director, you will develop and maintain our credit policy and take decisions on transactions within assigned authority levels for both existing and first-time client facilities and liaison. Based at our well-situated headquarters, with excellent IT support, you will be prepared to work hard in return for a rewarding remuneration package. 重要词汇和表达~

    Prestigious; track record; expertise; prerequisite; remuneration; familiarity; criteria; acumen; Part Two

    重要语法~篇章构成的技巧;Techniques in Making Texts


    语言的应用提供粘合(cohesion)。取得粘合最常用的方式是返指(referring back)已经提及的事

    项。取得粘合的另一方式就是预指(referring forward)将要说及的事项。


    Exercise One

    Wall Street Thinks Planet Is Set On $4bn Bid For Grape


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