Congregational Survey - Age Range 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s

By Valerie Lewis,2014-07-09 20:53
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Congregational Survey - Age Range 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s ...


    1) This is an ANONYMOUS SURVEY. Please do NOT write your name on this survey.

    2) Please take 10 minutes to complete as much of the survey as possible.

    3) Your honest answers to the following questions are greatly appreciated.

    4) Please leave blank ANY questions you are uncomfortable answering OR you don’t understand.

    WHAT “GRADE” WOULD YOU GIVE THE FOLLOWING AREAS IN OUR CHURCH? GRADE: (A=Excellent B=Good C=Average D=Needs Improvement F=Failing N=No opinion) ____ Preaching (Suggestions to improve:________________________________________________________________)

    ____ Blended worship/music style (Suggestions to improve:_______________________________________________)

    ____ Children’s ministry (Suggestions to improve:________________________________________________________)

    ____ Youth ministry (jr/sr high) (Suggestions to improve:___________________________________________________)

    ____ Adult Ministries (SS classes, Bible studies, etc.) (Suggestions to improve:_________________________________) ____ Church leadership (council, committees) (Suggestions to improve:_______________________________________)

    ____ Congregational care (visitation, care, helps, etc.) (Suggestions to improve:_________________________________)


    Current church status: ?Member ?Not a member, but Attend Regularly ?Attend Sometimes ?Visitor ?Male ?Female Your age: ?20’s ?30’s ?40’s ?50’s ?60’s ?70’s ?80’s plus Age range of kids now living in your house: ?No kids in the house ?0-4 ?5-11 ?12-14 ?15-18 ?Over 18 yrs Highest Graduation Level: ?High School ?Associates ?Bachelors ?Masters ?Doctorate ?Other:___________ Number of years at church: ?0-4 yrs (Pastor Brian) ?5-10 yrs (Pastor Greg) ?11-20 yrs (Pastor Don) ?20 plus yrs Marital status: ?Married ?Single, never married ?Widowed ?Divorced ?Separated

    Annual household income: ?$25,000 & under ?$26,000-$50K ?$51,000-$75K ?$76,000-$99K ?$100K & over


    ?I currently attend a SS class

    ?I do not attend, because:_____________________________________________________________________

    ?I tried and stopped, because:__________________________________________________________________

    BIBLE STUDY GROUPS If we offered a 40-Day Spiritual adventure, which included 6-week-long home Bible study groups, what level of interest would you have in participating?: ?DEFINITE Interest ?SOME Interest ?NO Interest

    Check your interest in any of the following WOMEN’S MINISTRIES:

     ?Deborah Monthly Brunch ? Women’s Bible Study ? Annual retreat

    ? Moms In Touch Play Group ? 1-to-1 Mentoring/Discipleship ? White Cross service projects

    Comments or suggestions:______________________________________________________

    Check your interest in any of the following MEN’S MINISTRIES:

    ? (New) Monthly Saturday brkf/speaker ? (New) Team service projects ? (New) 1-to-1 Mentoring/Discipleship

     ? Small group for accountability & study ? (New) Men’s retreat ? Men’s Mission Trips

    Comments or suggestions:______________________________________________________

    Check your interest in ANY of the following ADULT CLASSES, COURSES, SEMINARS OR GROUPS:

    ?How to Study the Bible ?Christianity 101 Basics ?Parenting

     ?Developing a Deeper Prayer Life ?Scripture Memory & Meditation ?Marriage

     ?Sharing Your Faith/Witnessing ?Peacemaking/Conflict Resolution ?Finances

    ?Overview of the Whole Bible ?World Missions ?Wills/Trusts/Estate Planning

    ?Career Guidance & Satisfaction ?Bible Principles for Running a Business

    ?Understanding Your Spiritual Giftedness & Ways to Serve

    ?What does the Evangelical Free Church Believe? (i.e. 12 doctrinal statements)

    ?Gaining a Biblical Worldview (issues of creation/evolution, abortion, humanism, etc.)

    ?Support, recovery or accountability group for the following need:________________________________

    ?Others topics you would suggest:__________________________________


     ?Softball ?Volleyball league ?Four-wheeling ?Open gym basketball ?Basketball league

     ?Biking ?Bowling ?Walking ?Jogging/running ?Hiking 14’teeners

     ?Camping ?Motorcycle touring ?Motorcycle dirt biking ?Hockey league ?Soccer league

     ?Golf ?Rock Climbing ?Craft Night ?Fishing ?X-Country skiing

     ?Aerobics ?Quilting ?Scrapbooking ?Family-friendly skiing ?Table tennis

    ?Foosball ?Weightlifting workout ?Backpacking trips ?Water-skiing ?Other:___________

    Check your interest in any of the following SOCIAL GROUPS:

     ?Friendship groups/Nine to Dine ?Christian Concerts ?Dinner Shows ?Monthly Seniors Luncheon

    ?Couples Valentine Dinner ?Father-Child Events ?Mother-Child Events ?Other:___________

    Attend sporting event with others from church: ?Air Force Football ?Air Force Basketball ?Rodeo

    ?Colorado College Hockey Game ?Sky Sox Baseball Game ?Other:______________


    In the past few years, our congregation has grown by more than 35%. What do you feel will happen in the future?

    ? I feel we will CONTINUE TO GROW. ? I feel we will start DECREASING in attendance.

    ? I feel the growth will stop and we WILL PLATEAU in attendance.

    A task force has been formed to research existing buildings in our area that could provide for expanded parking and

    church facilities. If we were to relocate, please the “TOP 5” items YOU FEEL would be MOST IMPORTANT to have:

    ? Adequate on-site PARKING ? GYMNASIUM for Awana, sports, fellowship & youth

    ? Expanded CHILDREN’S classrooms and larger meeting areas ? More room in SANCTUARY for seating, choir & instruments

    ? Expanded YOUTH facilities ? Located WITHIN 3-4 miles of our existing facilities

    ? More classrooms for ADULT Sunday Schools ? KITCHEN facilities

    ? Facility on 1 LEVEL for easy access for elderly & handicapped ? ONE FACILITY (i.e. everything under one roof vs. 3 bldgs)

    ? OTHER ITEMS:__________________________________

    Have you ever made a multi-year or major financial commitment to a building fund in the past? ?Yes ?No

    Would you be willing to consider financially supporting a relocation to expanded facilities? ?Yes ?Maybe ?No


    I used this year’s One Year Bible reading plan: ?Regularly ?Sometimes ?Started, but then stopped ?Not at all

    I feel next year, our church should: ?Stop using a 1-year reading/sermon plan ?Offer a new 1-year reading/sermon plan

    I personally have a quiet time with God when I read the Scriptures and pray:

    ?5-7 times per week ?3-4 times per week ?1-2 times per week ?0 times per week

    When it comes to how I feel about my going to heaven when I die:

    ?I KNOW I’m going to heaven ?I HOPE I’m going to heaven ?I don’t believe anyone can know this

    When it comes to being able to share my faith and lead someone to a personal faith in Christ, I feel:

    ?Adequately prepared ?Somewhat prepared ?Not prepared at all

    When it comes to giving 10% or more of my income to the Lord’s work, this is something: ?I actively & faithfully do. ?I have never done. ?I use to do, but I stopped. ?I have been thinking about starting to do.

    When it comes to inviting people I know to our church services or church events… ?I have invited others to church ?I am uncomfortable inviting others, because:_________________________________

    How many “friends” do you feel you have within our church congregation (people you talk to on the phone OR that you’ve spent time with socially outside of church): ?0 ?1-4 ?5 or more

    My personal preference for a worship service style is: ?Traditional/Hymns ?Blended ?Contemporary/Praise

    THANK YOU for your participation in this important survey. Your confidential answers will be compiled

with other people’s input to help us discern the Lord’s direction in our church family. Version 9 1free/vision

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