Conclusion of ccp

By Willie Hall,2014-08-24 05:00
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Conclusion of ccp


    The proper use of computer communication platform can really help a lot in enhancing the peer relationship among teenagers. It’s mainly because of

    those platform can help to promote communication among them. But over-dependent on computer communication platform may make them indulge in the unreal cyber world, and gradually degenerate their normal social ability.

    However, the use of computer communication platform cannot contribute much on enhancing the relationship between teenagers and their parents. It is generally caused by the different views of parents and teenagers on using the computer communication platform. Some parents tried to understand their children better by learning how to use the computer communication platform. However, not every parent would take this action. Besides, some other troubles, such as discontent of teenagers would be created even the parents tried hard to get along with their children. Also, more time teenagers spend on the computer communication platform, less time they have for communicating with their parents.

    So as to enhance the peer relationship while not to worsen the parent-child relationship, it is suggested for teenagers to make a plan of using the computer communication platform together with their parents. Also, teenagers should not reject parents admonition at once while at the

    same time parents should not try to control every movement of teenagers on using the computer communication platform.

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