Minutes from the July 6, 2010 Abbotsford City Council meeting held

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Minutes from the July 6, 2010 Abbotsford City Council meeting held

    Minutes from the July 6, 2010 Abbotsford City Council meeting held in the Council Chambers.

Mayor Sossaman called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

    Roll call: Mayor Sossaman, Voss, Horacek, LaSee, Kilty, Faber, Anders, Mediger, and Kattre

Others present: Lopez, Beil, Jon Strand S.E.H., Doug Bauer Abbyland, Glenn Falkowski, Wilma Sossaman,

    Robert Gosse, Jenny Jakel, Jon Austin, Ron Graffunder, Dennis Kramer, Kris O’Leary, Don Medenwaldt, and

    Tracy Hogden, Galen Kulas, and Judy Header.

    Comments by the Public, Mayor requested public comments to be heard at this time and that they be held to five minutes, as there are many items on the agenda.

    Dennis Kramer stated that he sees that there is a sidewalk going in by the school and questioned how the City was funding the project. Mayor Sossaman stated that the dollar amount for project eligible for the Safe Route to School Grant must be in excess of $25,000. Beil stated that he did file an application for the Safe Routes to School grant and has included $17,000 for the flashing light system for along Fourth Avenue and the cost of one block of side walk on Sycamore Street. Beil stated that the packet has been received by WI thDept of Transportation and is now being reviewed. The one block of 4 Avenue is being performed and

    funded by budgeted public works money. Beil stated the difficult part of the project was deciding which side of the road to locate the sidewalk. Beil stated that the Safe Route to School grant can reimburse expenses after the project is completed. K. O’Leary requested adding more signage at the intersection of thSpruce and 4 Avenue and also on N Fourth Street and Cedar Street; as she felt the intersections are dangerous for children. Voss questioned which committee this was discussed at. Beil stated he received ththe Safe Route to School packet on June 4 and he completed the grant with assistance from the School

    Board president and School Administrator. Beil stated that he can make a phone call to determine if he can make an amendment to the original request to request more signage. Mayor Sossaman stated that we could also request an officer to patrol the areas more often. Beil stated the flashing light system is controllable and can be turned on and off. Anders questioned what each set of lights cost. Beil stated that with the wiring it was approximately $17,000 for four sets.

    Resident Ron Graffunder questioned if the council would ever look into cutting the board down to a four member board. Graffunder felt there were many committee meetings being held and felt that reducing the number of council members would reduce the council costs.

    Jakel reminded everyone on the Down Town Summer Fun Night on Thursday evening and encouraged everyone to attend. Jakel stated that a few months ago, she brought up the subject of a City Administrator. She felt that a part time City Administrator would have a positive impact on the community.

    Tracy Hogden introduced herself and informed the council that she has been hired as the Abbotsford Colby Area Chamber of Commerce Office Coordinator. It was stated that the office officially opened today. Hogden stated that her salary is primarily funded through the room tax committee and the goal is to support the area businesses and to also support the hotel industry by placing “heads in beds”.

    Dennis Kramer stated that he was at an Economic Development meeting in Stanley. During this meeting he spent time with the City Administrator from the City of Thorp. From the discussion, it was felt that adding a City Administrator position was a positive move for the City of Thorp. Kramer stated that he would like the City Council to spend some time researching this subject as it appears that hiring this type of professional ultimately saves costs for municipalities. Anders questioned if Kramer wished that a committee be set up to explore the idea. Voss suggested a committee be set up to investigate the subject of a City

    Administrator. Voss and Anders volunteered to sit on the committee. Graffunder stated that he felt it would be a worth while subject to explore. Mayor Sossaman stated that it could be explored and could ultimately go to a public vote.

    Under Mayoral Comments, Mayor Sossaman stated that due to rain, the Fireworks have been rescheduled to Friday, July 9, 2010 at dusk.

Motion Mediger/Anders to waive the reading and approve the minutes from the Council held June 2, 2010 &

    June 9, 2010, 2010 and notes from the June 24, 2010 Public Hearing. Motion carried without negative vote.

Considerations before the Council

    Capital Campaign update was presented by Jenny Jakel. A recognition area is being worked on for the outside of the Public Safety Building. As the plan materializes, it will be shared with the Council.

    Abbyland update was presented by Doug Bauer. Water usage in the plant has been steady, but with the heat the usage will be increasing. Abbyland is working on internal conservation, but the heat causes evaporation. Bauer stated that the waste water plant will be completed at the end of August and there will be some water reclaimed. Bauer felt the maximum water consumption for this week will be about 250,000 gallons per day and next week it will be close to 300,000 gallons per day.

    Ground water update was presented by Jon Strand. Strand stated that there are some Turtle issues that are being worked out with the DNR. The Public Service Commission construction authorization is very close to approval and the Army Corp of Engineers stated there will be approval given this week. The DOT right of way approval has also been received.

2010 Sanitary Water Report was presented by Glenn Falkowski DNR. Every 3 years the City receives a

    Sanitary Survey report from the DNR, which is a more detailed than the normal annual report. The report is split in to three types of deficiencies. Falkowski stated that the final consent order (mandating the water project timeline) has not been received by the City at this time, but stated that the end deadline has not changed. Falkowski stated that the city has some water storage tanks that are in need of inspection. It was stated that the type of inspections is limited; as the City is unable to drain the towers at this time. Some recommendations have been made as the proposed expansion will double the size of our facility. The City will be treating the water at surface water standards. Falkowski stated that employee Todd Medenwaldt has passed the Surface Water Treatment exam and is certified; although Falkowski stressed that the plant must have at least one more certified operator. The course is a three day course and one day for the exam process and to become certified, it is necessary to have performed one year of operator experience. Falkowski stated that another recommendation, which was given in the report, is to continue to monitor the fluoride program. Falkowski stated that new equipment has been purchased and for the last several months the tests have been accurate with the State lab results. The last recommendation was replacing/repairing the vertical turbine pumps. Falkowski expects a written response as to how the City will address these issues on or before July 26, 2010. Falkowski read an excerpt from the survey:

Motion Anders/LaSee to approve Resolution 2010-6 authorizing the borrowing of $1,150,000 G.O. Debt,

    Motion carried without negative vote.

    Under discuss/approve Resolution 2010-7 Resolution Designating Public Depository and Authorizing Withdrawal of City Money’s motion Kilty/Kattre to approve as stated. Motion carried without negative vote.

Under discuss/approve bids for Eau Pleine Well Field - Phase One, Motion Mediger/Kattre to approve Well

    Construction Bid A Sam’s Well Drilling $121,916. Motion carried without negative vote. Motion

    Kattre/Horacek to approve well Construction Bid B Brunner Well Drilling $339,717.87. Motion carried

    without negative vote.

Under discuss Township easement agreements for Eau Pleine well field; Mayor Sossaman stated that she

    attended the Township of Hull town meeting to inform the Township of the City of Abbotsford project. At the time of the meeting, they did not receive the City’s letter. Sossaman requested that the township place any requested stipulations into an agreement that she would bring to the council. Sossaman stated that at this time she has not received an agreement from the township of Hull. Sossaman stated that there is a difference of opinion on the ownership/responsibility of Elderberry Road. The Town of Holton had proposed an agreement that the Mayor felt was unacceptable. The township wished that the City place their thoughts on paper and present that to the Township. Mayor Sossaman stated that she proposed a suggestion, which was shared with Strand and Beil, and reviewed and drafted by the Attorney. The Easement/Agreement was distributed to the council last Friday. Sue requested that the City review the document and let her know any changes they feel necessary. Anders suggested placing this on the next water and sewer agenda.

Under discuss/approve replacement of interior of intermediate clarifiers and repair Hycor system; Beil

    stated that during the last year they have been nearing the end of the life of the current system. Beil stated he was hoping for approval as he expects to have the specifications in hand next week. He feels that he expects the project to cost between $150,000 - $200,000. Horacek stated that the project will not be completed until spring of 2011. Motion Horacek/Anders to approve the replacement of interior of intermediate clarifiers and repair Hector system. Motion carried without negative vote.

Under discuss/approve Preliminary CSM Koppen East, motion Kattre/Kilty to approve as stated. Motion

    carried without negative vote.

Under discuss/approve Preliminary CSM Abbotsford Sec 4 Hull, motion Anders/Horacek to approve as

    stated. Motion carried without negative vote.

Committee Reports

    Licenses and Building presented by Beil.

Building permits were presented:


    22 2010-16 MARY NIKOLAY 306 N THIRD AVE ROOF 6/2/2010 $5,000.00

    23 2010-17 DAN RABEHL 200 BUTTERNUT ST EXCAVATION PERMIT 6/16/2010 $0.00


    25 2010-19 LEA SMART 500 N SECOND AVE ROOFING 6/18/2010 $10,000.00

    26 2010-20 ESTHER RANNOW 219 BUTTERNUT ST ROOFING 6/21/2010 $6,000.00

    Motion Kattre/Mediger to approve the Operator Licenses as stated:

    ; Jenny Jakel Axiom Community Centre

    ; Kayla Meyer Pizza Hut

    ; Amber Armstrong Abbotsford BP

    Motion carried without negative vote.

Motion LaSee/Kilty to approve Temporary Beer license for Axiom Community Centre July 8, 2010 (Down Town

    Motion carried without negative vote. Summer Fun).

Police Commission was presented by Voss.

    Police Minutes June 14, 2010 were presented. Voss questioned if the Council wanted to continue receiving the additional information that is provided to the committee information. The council agreed that they like seeing this information. Motion Voss/Kilty to pay the police bills in amount of $10,403.80. Motion carried

    without negative vote.

Motion Voss/Kattre to allow Colby to permanently keep the financial books for the Police Department and to

    allow the City of Abbotsford to review the books at their discretion. Motion carried without negative vote.

Motion Voss/LaSee to Ordinance Sec. 5-1-1 (6) defining that Colby will be responsible for the Financials for

    the Police Department annually, with changing the proposed wording from leisure to digression. Motion carried without negative vote.

Finance & Personnel was presented by Mediger.

    Minutes from June 28, 2010 was presented.

    Under discuss/approve sharing a telephone line via the voice over IP system to the Abbotsford Colby Area Chamber of Commerce at a cost of $30/month plus actual long distance charges, with noting that the phone will continue to be the property of the City of Abbotsford. Lopez will review the bills and will bring back thoughts on a flat fee. Motion Mediger/Anders to approve as stated. Motion carried without negative vote.

Under discuss/approve issuing a city paid cell phone to the Mayor, Mediger stated that it seemed logical for

    the Mayor to have a phone if there is one available. Motion Mediger/Kattre to approve a city paid cell phone for the Mayor. Voss stated that she feels that this is a 2 year plan for a position that could end in April. Voss requested a poll of other area communities and it showed that many other communities do not pay for the Mayor to have a cell phone. Mediger stated that the council has to pay for this. Mediger felt that all Department Heads should have a City owned phone and felt it was irresponsible for the City to allow the employees to use their own phone for City business. O’Leary stated that her company did have a company

    paid phone, but for ease changed the policy to offer a stipend to the employees for using their personal phones for business purposes. It was stated that the City should look into other carriers. Mayor Sossaman stated that she has done this position for the last 14 months without a cell phone and was not making the request. Sossaman stated that there is a Mayors expense account that could be used to handle these expenditures. Mayor Sossaman clarified that she does many things for the City that she does not submit reimbursement for such as phone calls and mileage. Anders stated that the legality of the issue should be reviewed as to if there are open record issues with private phone records. Motion Anders/to table the issue. Motion died due to lack of a second.

    Kilty questioned what hours the City Crew is now working. Kilty stated that there was a meeting in March and some stipulations were made. Kilty stated that a document was written and he questioned if the document was implemented. Mediger stated that there are two employees working each week day until 4:00 p.m. It was stated that one time per month Beil is in the rotation as there are an odd number of employees. Kilty stated that with Beil’s job it is understandable that his hours vary. Kilty questioned if the crew is taking a half hour unpaid lunch break. There was confusion as to if there was a lunch break in the schedule.

    Mediger received a schedule that showed an hour lunch break. Lopez clarified that that the current schedule does include a short Friday for the eight of the workers. Mayor Sossaman stated that the issue was Friday coverage; she does not see why we need to be so stringent on the unpaid lunch period. It was stated that there were concerns from the public that the employees receive paid lunches and have been seen eating out of Abbotsford at restaurants. Anders stated that he was expecting Beil to bring back information on weekend work for the next Finance meeting. Mayor Sossaman felt that as long as the job is getting done, the rest is inconsequential. Mayor Sossaman felt the council should not be micromanaging down to this level. Beil stated that this new schedule added 10 more hours of coverage a week.

Public Works was presented by Horacek.

    Minutes from June 8, 2010 were presented. It was questioned why LaSee voted no on the adjournment.

    Under discuss/approve installing sidewalk on the East side of the street between Butternut and Business 29 (Spruce St) with a boulevard cushion to be placed in between the street and the sidewalk, Mediger questioned what a cushion was. Beil stated that it was about 18 inches of a grass buffer between the sidewalk and the street. Mayor Sossaman questioned if the committee’s intention was to replace the trees or offer a monetary stipend. It was stated that replacement would be offered. Motion Horacek/Faber to proceed with installing sidewalk on the East side of the street between Butternut and business 29. Motion carried without negative vote.

    Under discuss/approve changing the name of the Red Arrow Park baseball field to the Jim Nikolay Field at Red Arrow Park, Kattre felt it was a wonderful idea and Nikolay is a wonderful man; although she had comments that it creates confusion. Kattre stated that there are many individuals who have spent many donated hours towards the park and she questioned where the recognition ever ends. Beil stated that it is Red Arrow Field, because the Red Arrow Division fought in World War I and II. The park was opened in 1947 right after WWII. It was suggested to add a plaque board that can be added to as needed. Jakel stated that she felt it interesting that everyone knew Jim Nikolay and the council had to be educated on Red Arrow history. Jakel stated that she did not make this request as a perpetual request. Jakel stated she spoke with Soyk and he also felt that this designation is well deserved. It was stated that if others are still working on the field at 80 years old, the park can be renamed. LaSee stated it should be reviewed at the public works committee level. It will be on the next public works meeting. It was stated that it would be nice to have a history of the Red Arrow on display at the park.

Under discuss/approve bids on the one ton truck and the boom truck, Beil stated that the city has no

    obligation to accept any of these bids.

    ; 1997 Chevy One Ton Truck (aprox 75,000 miles): Randy Grambort - $1,122.00 ; 1979 GMC Bucket Truck (37 foot boom): Randy Grambort - $2,112.00, Roger Bunkelman $1,351.00, Kurt Rankl $567.00

    It was agreed to table the bids until August meeting to give time to research vehicle pricing.

Abbotsford Public Library Board was presented by Beil.

    Minutes from June 30, 2010 were presented. Mayor Sossaman commended the mural in the rotunda. Librarian Medenwaldt stated that the Wednesday morning reading program has been bringing in approximately 50 kids. Next week there is a Natures Nitch program for the children.

Water & Sewer was presented by Horacek.

    Minutes from July 1, 2010 were presented. Under discuss/approve proceeding with bidding out Phase 2;

    contingent upon financing, Mayor Sossaman questioned if we should proceed with the bidding out. Sossaman wondered if there was a possibility that we will not get the interim financing. It was stated that a construction period was declared in our consent order with stating the end date as being the last day of 2011. Strand stated that instead of waiting for the next month; he would advise to review this mid month. A table

poll was taken. Voss stated that she had mixed feelings, but doesn’t want to delay the project, but was

    comfortable stipulating a contingency. Horacek stated he didn’t want to delay the project, but felt we

    needed the money. LaSee stated that he felt the contingency was the only option. Kilty felt money is important. Kattre stated that she don’t know, Mediger felt there were not many options, and felt the

    contingency offers some protection. Anders felt the City should talk to Ehlers again. Faber felt uncomfortable proceeding with no money; but knows we must proceed. It was stated that it takes about 3

    4 weeks to advertise for bids; and open bids. Strand suggested changing the bid language to state that the project could allow 120 days for the city to begin. Anders questioned what this portion of the project is estimated to cost. Beil felt this will cost 8 9 million dollars. It was stated that we are not obligated to

    continue after accepting bids. Motion Kattre/Mediger to proceed with bidding out the project contingent upon financing. Motion carried without negative vote.

Abbotsford Fire/Ambulance Department was presented by Mayor Sossaman.

    Minutes from Fire May, 2010 and the Financial Report from Fire June were presented. Minutes from Ambulance June, 2010 and the Financial Report from Ambulance May were presented.

Abbotsford/Colby Area Chamber of Commerce

    Minutes from June 2, 2010 were presented. Lopez stated that the Chamber has had some monumental changes this month with the hiring of a part time employee. A membership campaign is being conducted. The next meeting is on Wednesday at noon at City Hall.

United Communities of Clark County was presented by Mayor Sossaman.

    Minutes from June 23, 2010 were presented. Mayor Sossaman stated the bids will be submitted this month for garbage and will be reviewed at the UCC meeting in July.

PW Report was presented by Beil.

    Beil stated he will go over the action plan for the land fill at the next public works meeting. Beil received the official Right of Way permit from the DOT, and people can view the documents at city hall.

Clerk/Treasurer’s Report

    Lopez reminded the council of the Down Town summer fun date this week.

    Under Treasurer’s Report, Voss questioned if the cost for one test well is $13,000, as that was the amount of the Haupt bill. Beil stated that the original proposal was for $11,000. The discussion detailed that Haupt used City generators and should possible be billed for the use. It was stated that Brunner did not use our generator. Sossaman questioned if we added up the Brunner bills, could we calculate out how much each well cost. It was stated that the cost per well was not split out. Mediger stated that the bill made sense at the committee level. Sossaman stated that if a generator was provided by Haupt, the Haupt bill would have been higher.

Motion Mediger/Kattre to pay the June bills in amount of $324,664.08. Motion carried without negative


Additional committee meetings were set on the calendar.

Motion Anders/Kattre to adjourn at 9:30 p.m. Motion carried without negative vote.

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