Unit 5 Feeling Happy

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Unit 5 Feeling HappyUnit,Happy,happy,Unit5

    Unit 5 Feeling Happy

    Topic 1 Why all the smiling faces?

    Section A


    Kangkang’s parents ___________Michael’s and Jane’s parents____ _____to the movies. This

    Saturday the children will _______the evening at _________house.Mother will________delicious

    food______them.All the children feel___________, Mr.Lee feels_____________because he

    also likesThe Sound of Music,but when he went to buy the tickets , there was _______ ________.What a ________!


     系动词?形容词 ? 系表结构做谓语

    1. 用适当的系动词填空。?feel become look sound taste be?

    1).The children_______happy,but Mr.Lee________disappointed.

    2).The music in the movie __________sweet!

    3).The Sound of Music _________ a wonderful movie.

    4).The food ____________delicious at Kangkang’s house.

    5).Micheal ___________ active when he runs.

    2. 用适当的形容词动词填空。

     JiGong is poor, but the landlord is____________.

     JiGong is popular,but the landlord is__________.

     JiGong is smart, but the landlord is____________.

     JiGong is happy, but the landlord is_____________.

    ? 双基训练


     help spend invite say thanks to say goodye to

    prepare worried leave practice

    1).All the students are____________for the final exam. 2).Xiaoming has to____________________his parents because they are_______for

    Shanghai tomorrow.

    3).--Where did you ____________your winter holidays?

    --At my hometown.

     4).I want to __________________Maria because she often __________me with my


     5). Kangkang often ________Michael to__________playing basketball.

     6). The mother was_____________about her sick son. 2. 翻译句子。








    Section B


    1. The Sound of Music is Jane’s favorite movie, She thinks it is ____________.

    2. Maria’s favorite movie is Cats. It is _____________.

    3. Kangkang doesn’t like_______ _________ .He thinks it is ______________.

    4. Love Me Once More,Mum. Is Kangkang’s favorite. It is so______________.


    系动词?形容词 ? 系表结构做谓语


    1. surprise surpring surprised

    1) she looked pale after hearing the______________news,. 2) Liu Xiang lost the games.We all felt___________. 3) To our ____________, he didn’t pass the exam.

    2. interest interesting interested

    1) We are all ___________in collecting ___________things. 2) Rui will visit all the places of_________in Beijing in 2008.

    3) To visit ___________places all over the word is my dream. 4) She became ___________in English after watching “The Sound of Music.”

    3. excited exciting

    1) It is___________to hear rock music.

    2) We may feel ___________when we watch an ___________football match.

    4. worry worried

    1) Look at the___________woman, she may be in trouble. Let’s go and help her.

    2) Don’t be ___________about the exam, just study hard from now on . 3) Don’t____________,we will help you with your math .

    5. set the table TV set

    1) Please __________________for three more places, the Green family will come too.

    2) My uncle bought a new _______________before the Spring Festival .

    ? 双基训练

    1. 根据要求填空

    1) Place _________ _________the doctor if you feel terrible.(打电话)

    2) The little boy _______ _______ _______ _______go to school next year.(将能够)

    3) His parents_________ ________ ________ their brave son.(以为荣)

    4) Kangkang________ ________ _________his birthday presents last year.(对感到满意)

    5) We hope _________ _________ ________.?一切都好?

    6) If you__________ __________ ___________,you must see a doctor.(发高烧)




     2? 影片中的音乐听起来很悦耳。





    Section C


    Mr.Von Trapp had a big family in Austria. He had________children,but Mrs.Von

    Trapp_______.The whole family were very________and_________.The father

    became________easily because the noisy children.

    Maria came to_______ ________the seven children. She was active. She taughtthe children to

    sing__________ ________and perform_______,________plays.These cheered __________up.

     The smiling faces of the children__________the father and _________him happy .



    1表状态系动词 ?be?

    He is a soldier.

    I am a teacher.

    2 表延续系动词 ?keep remain stay stand ?

     He always keeps silent at meeting.

     The shop remains open at night.

    3 表像系动词 ?seem appear look ?

     She looks like her mother.

     He seems angry.

    4 感官系动词?feel smell sound taste look ?

     This flower smells sweet.

     This kind of cloth feels soft.

    5 变化系动词?become get turn grow go come ?

     Lucy grew rich in a short time.

     Leaves turn yellow in fall.

     The milk has gone bad. It smells terrible. ? 双基训练


    1?She__________a popular singer last year. A. is B. is becoming C. became D. turned 2?It ___________colder and colder in winter. A. became B. is getting C. gets D. got 3?Don’t eat the fruit,it________bad.

    A. goes B. was getting C. turn D. tastes 4?Classical music_________wonderful.

    A. listens B.hears C. sounds D. looks 5?His wish to be a scientist has_______true. A. go B. feel C. turn D. come

    6 ) Li Hong is not at school___________the flu. A. for B. because C. as D. because of 7) Maria was ________frightened_______she began to cry. A. so…that B. such…that C. too…to D. enough…to

    8) Do you know the boy________Wang Junfeng. A. call B. name C. called D. was


    Section D

    Unit 5 Topic 1 Why all the smiling faces?


    ?单项选择 ?15分?

    1.—What’s Mum cooking in the kitchen?

     --Chicken,I guess.How nice it________!

    A.sounds B.smells C.looks D.feels

    2.You should________Thank youto him when someone helps you. A.speak B.sound C.say

    3.The smile on my father’ face showed that he was________with me.

    A. pleased B. angry C. surprised D. worried 4.We have to ask someone else_______you can’t answer this question.

    A. after B. when C. until D. since

    5.---Titanic is very popular________the film fans.

     ---That’s right. Can you give me a ticket_____the film?

    A. of to B. of with C. with to D. in about 6.---I want to know why they all didn’t come to our party?

     ---Well,________of them was free yesterday. A. none B. nobody C. all D. one

    7.Ann is new in our class. She has______friends, so she feels____now.

    A. a few alone B.few lonely C.many alone D.a few alone 8.---Tom is very_____his new guitar.

     --- Yes,he takes it everywhere to show off(炫耀).

    A. proud of B. famous for C. pleased with D.interested in

    9.Liu Xiang’s success_________all the Chinese people.

    A. wakes up B.cheers up C.makes up D.looks up 10.---I don’t go to the party_________my homework last night.

     ---Oh, ________

    A. because; What a pity! B. because of; I’m sorry to hear that.

    B. because of; What a shame! D. because; What a shame! 11.The boring film on TV makes me________sleep. A. wants B. to want C. wanted D. want to 12.Love Me Once More?Momis so ____that I cry again and again. A. moved B. moving C. moves D. move 13.Don’t worry. There is ______time to go.

    A. a few B. a little C. few D. little 14. ---What’s worng with her?

     ---She lost her purse. She seems______. A. crying B. cry C. to cry D. cried

    15.Our school is No.1 Middle School of Fuzhou_______ about 100 years of history.

    A. of B. with C. for D. in




A.I think I’ll like it.

    B.You mean the famous American Writer?

    C.I hope you’ll like it.

    D.It must be so nice that you can’t stop it.

    E.What book are you reading?

    F.May I have a talk with him?

    G.Can I have a look?

    A?Hi?Alice?I’m back.

    B. Hm…

    A. Alice__16_______

    B.The Adventures of Tom Sawyer(汤姆索亚历险记).