Studying abroad

By Lewis Greene,2014-06-24 11:56
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Studying abroadStud

    Studying Abroad

    Do you know whats the coolest thing around the students Thats

    studying abroad. More and more students choose to study abroad nowadays. As far as I am concerned;there are three main reasons

    in the following. Firstly;students can learn advanced culture and technology from abroad;thus they can improve their own qualities. Besides;students can get foreign universities diplomas;thus they can

    increase their competition advantages to some degree in future employment . Whats more;other students are envy you;thus they

    feel superior than others.

    As the saying goesevery coin has two sides. Studying abroad has advantages and disadvantages similarly. On the one hand;students

    can expand their horizons;improve themselves and increase

    competition edge. On the other hand;it may increase parents

    economic burden undoubtedly. And no one could guarantee every student will have great achievement. There is no lacking of students not only wasting hard-earned money but also wasting their time. In my opinion;nothing superior to earning scholarship of foreign colleges. On the one hand;they have to study very hard in order to earn ones scholarship. On the other hand;it can decrease family

    economic burden to a great degree. Generally speaking;studying

    abroad is beneficial to our education and career. That is better if we

can depend on ourselves.

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