By Elaine Reyes,2014-06-24 11:22
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The second day

     OMG! Today is the second day I return to newspaper office. I come back school 21;00 pm again as the same as yesterday. That is my life recently, busy and fulfilling~~~

     Actually, there isn't almost internships in the morden Life Daily but me. From the morning to the afernoon, all tutor call me or send massages to me for helping or interviewing instead of them. I remember Mr Feng sends a message to me for asking me to inquring sth but I don't receive his message and then I recieve his message about the analogous things but I don't see it again because I am doing a interview in the RuiKang hospital with Mr Liang. OMG~ I reckon the Mr Feng don't wanna to distribute assignments to me later.

     Besides, anther reporter,Mr Liang, is belong the department of the people's livehood but I am belong to the department of current politics and my tutor is Mr Pang. I don't think that it 's so hard and laborious for me to do take account of the two sides of work as long as I can do round consideration. And just I have to finish my work Mr Pang distributes from my department, current politic,before I do the other things .

     Anyway, I become public~~~~~OMG+NNNN~~~

     As a result, I eat my own bitter fruit and sth disgraced and embarrassing happens in the afternoon. I go to the ruikang hospital once more time following my new tutor, Mr Liang. In 3:00 pm, Mr Liang call me to interview following him as soon as I reach the Daily office. At that time ,I hesitate it a while for fearing that Mr Pang call me temporarily. However, Mr Liang says to me, we just go out for half of an hour. OMG, I believe it unexpectedly. Finally, we come back at 5 pm. What' more, Mr Pang is sitting his office. I think that it is over. Whatever, I am not afraid of anything. Fair to midding , Mr Pang says nothing but I still deem that I am so sorry to him. That is so humiliating and embrassing~ Now, I only hope that he don't care this, I believe.

     Abouting the story, the topic is about abandoned baby. Mr Liang does the tyoe of covers several days, so I come to the Ruikang hospital. In total, I visit two persons , one is physician and another is nurse recieving the baby. The nurse tells us the baby was abandoned in March 30, 2012 and he was sent to ICU in April 8 as result of intensive illness. In fact, I don't want to talk about the details. The most important is what I should learn from the interview, that is to get an understanding of how to asking question and what questinon I should ask. However, I am most impressed what Mr Pang says to me when I come back office.------It is vital for you to learn how to writing or writing thought from your tutor but going out to interview with tutor is ok and enough.

     All right, I bear in mind. And I am deternimed to make great efforts to learn from these journalists.

     Tomorrow is another interview in GX Medical University. And I hope everything is going well. At last, and I really wanna say that I am turthly delighted due to find I can write more fastly than before .

     In all, I enjoy what I possess. I have two stories again! Fighting and keep moving~~~~~

    PS: The lack of intern students in the Modern Life Daily is the truth . Welcome to our Daily, come on~boys and girls~~~

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