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T;Can I help you ?

    C;Yes, I will attend my graduate party next week. Could you please choose the right dress for me?

    T;Of course, my pleasure . What kind of dress would you like? C;Em...I have no idea, but... you know, I'm a senior student, and I am going to another city for further study.

    T;So, you want a good impression on your party, right?

    C;Yeah. Any advice?

    T;Is it a graduation prom?

    C;Yeah. And every girl is expected to be dressed in their best clothes. T;In my opinion, purple is the best choose for parties. It will make you look unique among the crowded.

    C;Really? Could you pick a purple dress for me?

    T;Ok. Let me see. How about this one?

    C;Em...Looks wonderful. May I try it on?

    T;Certainly. You will look perfect in it.

    C;Oh, my god. It's too big for me. Have you got a smaller one? T;I'm so sorry. What about the blue one? This kind of dress looks bright in summer.

    C;All right. I will take blue. Do you have other special types?

    T;I think this short one fits you a lot. Come on, have a try. C;Looks great. I really love this one. Ok. I'll take it.How much is the dress?

    T;200 dollars.

    C;Oh, a little expensive. Can you cut it down?

    T;All right. I will pack it for you. Should we send it to your house? C;Ok. My address is...Thank you.

    T;By the way, we will charge another 5 dollars as postfee. C;No problem.

    T;And could you please give me your telephone number C;123456789

    T;Ok, thanks for your coming. Good luck to your party. C;Thanks for your service. See you.

    T;See you.

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