My homtown1

By Erin Snyder,2014-12-04 10:29
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My homtown1

班级Ba-1 姓名 龚丽红 Gong Li Hong 学号2011304310108

     My homtown, Da tong

    I come from datong.It is the second biggest city of Shangxi province .you may have not get there before ,so I will make a brief introduction about it.I will introduce the food ,casualty life and means of transportation in Datong.I want to introduce the food of Datong,because it is a typical character of my hometown.Then I want to introduce the casualty life,because I think it can reflect how we live in my hometown.Finaly I introduce the transportation of Datong,because I think transportation system is very important to a city.Next I will introduce them in detail.

     I want to introduce three kinds of food in my hometown.I want to discuss silced noodles,boilde dumplings,hemp flowers.Firstly I want to disscus sliced noodels. It is delicious and good for my stomac especially in winter,but it is fairly dangerous to cook it.Secondly I want to discuss the boiled dumplings.It is time consuming and the process is usually complicated but it is delicious.At last I want to discuss hemp flowers.It is goodlooking and delicious,but it contain too much suger so it is bad for healthy.In the three kinds of food I introduced,I like the sliced noodles most because it is good for my stomac.

    I want to introduce the casualty life in my hometown.I want to discuss surch the internet,play cards and travaling.Firstly I want to

    discuss surch the internet.It is a good means to get konwledge and we can relex ourselves,but if we spent to much time sitting beside the computer it will broken our sight.Secondly,I want to discuss play cards with friends at home.It is a good entertainment and good way to enhance our

    friendship,but it is easily to get addictde.At last,I want to discuss travaling.It is good exercise and can broden our horizion,but sometimes it is fairly dangerous.In my opinion,I perfer to travling in my spare time,because it is a good exercise for me.

    I want to introduce the three most important means of transportation in my hometown.I want to discuss the bus,the private cars,the bicycle.First,I want to discuss the bus.It is cheap but it is crowded and slow.Next,I want to discuss the private cars.It is convenience and comfortable but it is always get stuck in the traffic jam.Finaly,I want to discuss the bicycle.It is good exercise and it is good for local environmen but it is dangerous. In my opinion ,the bus is the best choice,because it is cheap.

    I write this eassy to introuduce the food,the casualty life and the

    tasnsportation system of my hometown.At first I introuduce three

    kinds of typical food,sliced noodles,bolied dumplings and hemp

    fiowers.I think the sliced noodels is my favourite food. Then ,I

    introduce three kinds of casualty life,surch the internet,play cards and

    travling.In my opinion,travaling is my best choice to spend my spare

time.Finaly;I introduce three most important means of

transportation,the bus,the prviate car and bicycle.I think the bus is

best way to go out.Thank you for reading my easy.

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