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    1.have lessons/classes 2.get an e-mail from sb. 3.Its fun to do sth. happy to do sth. 5.look like back home 7.write down the violin/piano 9.get out of the bed=get up more question=another one question 11.go for walks=go for a walk 12.something different made of 14.look silly 15.not any more 16.think of 17.a pair of jeans

     18.a girl named/called Mary the other 20.go to movies ready to sth. for sb. the same time 24 invite sb. to do sth. 25 take a picture


    1.I was happy to see your e-mail.

    2.Its fun to get an e-mail from China.

    3.Sweaters are made of wool.

    4.Ms.Liu has lived in Shijiazhuang for two years.

    5.She has been an English teacher for 5 years.

    6.Dont be nervous.

    7.Last Saturday, my mother bought a coat for me.


    I.Phrases: late for two minutes 3.too much homework short for about sb. do sth. help sb. with sth. 7.make sth. 8.turn out/off the light 9.turn on the TV 10.turn up (调大)the radio

    turn down;调小? the radio 11.stop doing(停止正在干的事) stop to

    do sth.(停下来去做) 12.half an hour 13.a row of into 15.on time 16. make a noise 17.give a talk 18.finally=at last 19.learn about 20.last summer 21.Childrens Day 22.Teachers

    Day 23.Womens Day noon 25.have an exam

    26.shelf-shelves 27.leaf-leaves 28.library-librarian II.Sentences:

    1. Dont be late for class.

    2.I am much better at art this year.

    3.Everyone laughed,except the teacher.

    4.The best way to learn English is to use it.

    5.What time is it?=Whats the time?

    6.Everyone was surprised at the news.


    现在完成时的标记是,already(肯定句) yet(否定句)for+一段时

    间?since+过去的时间状语?before 等等.


    1. look for 2.the same as 3.try on 4.something special 5.give sb. a hug=give a hug to sb. early October in late November away from 8.blow out 9.make a birthday card 10.Best wishes to you; fashion 12.not yet 13. send sth. to sb. II.Important sentences:

    1. Can/May I help you? 2.What can I do for you? 2. Is there anything I can do for you

    3. Im looking for a coat.

    I want to buy a coat.= Id like to buy a coat.

    4.What size/colour/kind do you want?

    5.Do you have any other sizes/colours/kinds?

    6.Can I try it on? 7.How much is it?

    8.Are my cousins coming tonight?

    9.Its good to see you. 10.Many thanks for the presents! 11.It fits you very well.



    1. on ones way to 2.turn left/right 3.pass=go/walk across 4.pass=go/walk past 5.a lot of=lots of the top right corner hocky 8. sweep the floor 9.sth. cost sb. some money spends some money on sth. pays some money for sth. 12.It takes sb. some time to do sth. 13.walk straight down the street 14.a piece of paper 15.five minutes later lost 17.walk along 18.go by 19.keep

    doing 20.keep sth./sb.+adj. 21.across from II.Sentences:

    1.I need a big park to play football.

    2.It isnt easy to live in a new neighbourhood.

    3.--Excuse me,where is the post office?

    Excuse me,can you tell me the way to the post office? Excuse me,how can I get to the post office? Excuse me,which is the way to the post office? --Go down this street.Trun right at the second crossing.

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