Unit 3_Key and Transcript

By Travis Cook,2014-06-24 12:31
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Unit 3_Key and Transcript

    Unit 3 Different People, Different Cultures Clip One The 4th of July


    1. Listen for general understanding.

    1) 4th of July.

    2) Picnics, parades, pageantry, fireworks, etc.

    3) Fireworks.

2. Listen for detailed information.

    1) the formal adoption of the “Declaration of Independence” in 1776

    2) cherished document 3)chapter 4)traditions

    5) shut down 6) light up 7) wraps itself in the flag

    8)virtually 9) given 10) 60 percent 11) breath-taking shows


    The 4th of July

    The 4th of July is America’s birthday bash. This summer ritual of picnics, parades and pageantry, celebrates the formal adoption of the “Declaration of Independence” in 1776.The most cherished document in our history, it declared an end to England’s colonial rule and proclaimed

    America an independent nation.

    “That all men are created equal.”

    The 4th of July is all about honoring this chapter in America’s past, acted out in red, white and blue traditions. It’s a day when offices shut down, barbecues light up and the whole country wraps itself in the flag. But if there is one single icon that truly represents the 4th, it’s fireworks. Fireworks have been a traditional part of the 4th for as long as anyone can remember.

    “I think fireworks would be the perfect way to celebrate any if any holidays. Sun has gone down and, and you’re just waiting with anticipation.”

    “Everyone around you literally goes, ah, woo, aha.”

    There are pyrotechnic displays in virtually every corner of the country. In fact, according to the Gallup poll in any given year, more than 60 percent of Americans plan to attend a fireworks display on the holiday. And many of the most breath-taking shows are conceived here.

Clip Two Proud


    1. Listen for general understanding.

    Refer to “Listen for detailed information”.

2. Listen for detailed information.


    Global media centre

    Four world heritage sites


    Discreet and professional security Beautiful park venues

    Friendly and helpful police

    Arts and culture for every taste The finest hotels

    Public transport

    for everyone

    The world’s 4th largest economy and above all

    absolutely passionate about sport make Britain proud