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By Carol Perez,2014-06-24 13:07
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Word Study u7Word,Study,WORD,STUDY,study,word

Word Study

    1. talk about=discuss


    talk about,think about,think of 2. able a. -----an able student


     enable sb to do sth

    3. be able to =can

    4. planet ,star ----on this planet 5. at a space station

    6. pill ,medicine

    take a pill ,take medicine 7. meal n. three meals a day 8. hope v.n.

    hope to do sth =hope +a sentence I hope to be a teacher =I hope I will be a teacher

    My hope is to ……

    My home is to be a teacher. 9.secret a.n. keep a secret secret ----- secretary n. 10.sign n.v.

     sign your name

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